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Roast Ice
07-04-2009, 09:22

Throgg contemplated what to do next.....He had just sworn his oath to the dark gods and had asempled an army of death and destuctoin only the everchosen could compare. In his dreams father Nurgle said he should strike at the wood elves and send a 100 plauges to their forests. While Khorne has said the empire is ripe for the pickings.

A lone agonising cry bought Throgg back from his thoughts.The cry was a dwarfs and he was screaming while Father Nurgle's warriors pulled open the dwarfs ribcage and stabbed the dwarf repeatedly with his own ribs. Throgg smiled at the thought,it had given him an idea.

He walked slowly and purposely to the middle of the camp were the dwarf was being killed and said in a slow rasping voice "March for the mountains, March for Glory, March for Death,"""March for the mountains, March for Glory, March for Death,"the cry was taken up by everyone present in a quick tempo When the cry had died down Throgg shouted"Today we strike for Kark-Karaka" .There was cheering from the marauders most of which had never been to the mountains. Suddenly a young marauder of nurgle shouted "Burn the ironbreaker, Kill the runesmith,Purge the clean" again this cry was taken up and the camp quickly bursted into a flury of activitiy. Throgg was happy,the dark gods blessed his choice with a mutation,a gaping hole in his stormoch that spat poison at anyone who came to close.

A week later in the Far of keep of Kark-karaka Thorgrim the Stubbon looked at his personal gyrocopter flying to the stone hanger. The dwarf who piloted the gyrocopter, Grimbeard the short rushed from the hanger to the great hall as fast as his fat little legs could carry him. As he entered the hall Thorgim the Stubbon looked up from his dinner and said in a low booming voice "What is it Grimbeard?" Grimbeard said in a low treambleing voice "Chaos is coming,The troll king throgg is marching on this very keep!!He leads an army that streches as far as the eye can see!" Thorgrim looked sad as he whispered "A great many dwarfs will die in the upcoming months,but we wil PUSH THEM BACK TO THE HOLE THEY CRAWLED OUT OF! ASEMBLE THE ARMY!"

ok that is my first fluff and i know its crap but hey it was fun to right.

it is a khorne/nurgle list that is going to face many dwarves so any advice on what i should get.

1000pt - 2250pt? thanks

Roast Ice
07-04-2009, 09:59
here is 1000pt

Throgg 175pt

1 chariot

12 warrors mon shield

20 marrauders MON light armour shield

5 knights mok lance

don't have the book infront of me now so i don't know how many pts


Roast Ice
07-04-2009, 09:59
if i have spare points mabye some more marauders?
i had something like this list and it performed well and i am trying to expand but don't know what to get

07-04-2009, 10:36
The whole advantage of Throgg is that you can take Trolls as core, you don't seem to be exploiting that advantage too much.