View Full Version : Khornate Daemons of Chaos- 1000pt List

Colonel Cleric
07-04-2009, 10:20
Hello all, I just recently bought the daemons army book along with 10 Bloodletters and made some lists to plan out what i need to buy to complete them.
This is my 1000 point list and i will post up my 2k list a little later, i would just like any feedback on how you expect this sort of army to compete with others.

What i plan to do is have 3 ranks of 6 in each Bletter unit with a herald in each and the Flesh hounds flanking where i need to.

I went for Obsidian armour over the Armour of Khorne/Sword combo as i need him alive as long as i can, using his banner to reduce my opponents magic casting as well as being hard as nails on the jugger.

The other reason i didnt put the other herald on a jugger is based on being effective. :chrome:

Heroes 2/3

Herald of Khorne, Obsidian Armour, Jugger, BsB,
Standard of Sundering

Herald of Khorne, Armour oK

Core 2/2+

Bloodletters x14, Bloodreaper, Standard, Musician

Bloodletters x17, Bloodreaper, Standard, Musician

Special 1/3

Flesh Hounds x5




07-04-2009, 10:42
Good list, I'd just surgest you drop the musicians and add an extra 'letter