View Full Version : Kislev: Still Relevant?

07-04-2009, 21:31
So after a brief stint of inspiration, I dragged out my Kislev figs and the WD mini book that came with it. With an edition past and new army books having eclipsed it with power creep, are Kislev Allied Contingents still properly costed and powerful enough to run alongside of the new forces? True the points of cav have come down in recent times, but a panic test is still a darn good thing to make when getting charged.

Has anyone had any recent battles with the KAC?

I've been considering placing them alongside my winter dwarf army with a little bit of Bugman in there to show off that these dwarfs are rangers.

08-04-2009, 00:44
i play them a bit for fun but they really arent that good. they are fine of friendly games, but if you played a hard deamons army you would be stuffed.

08-04-2009, 01:54
You can use them, but I would strongly suggest taking them as allies for either Empire or Dogs of War to get a little extra oomph. Kislev has no magic (unless you take the Ice Queen) and only have a handful of units to choose from. They are great and have fantastic fluff, but would not be very competitive as a stand alone army.

With Dogs of War or Empire you could take some Wizards for magical support, fill in the army with mainly Kislev units, then take a few regular units from which ever army you choose to round it out.

Dogs of War could have Pay Master, 2 lvl 2, Kislev Boyar, some Duelists, Cannon, then a bunch of Kislev cavalry and Kossars without being out of fluff. Just be sure to convert your units for a unified look!

The Anarchist
08-04-2009, 02:28
i ahve recently played aganst the kislev force, first thing that struck me is that i wasn't sure what the danger units where and their capabilities. this did throw me a little and can make things akward for an opponet if nothing else.

i would say with the recent upgrade in killy-ness of most armies that Kislev in combat don't pack enough punch anymore. however the advantage of boyars (stubborn) shooting infantry, the kislev can stick there and will hold and fight the majority of the time. furthermore the advantage of gryphoon cavalry are brilliant if used like msot people use light cavalry as they do ahve the speed for it. however they hit harder than light cavalry, but not as hard as most newer armies heavy cavalry.

overall i would say aganst uber-competitive armies and builds Kislev will get somewhat over matched. however in friendly games and more relaxed places kislev can be a fun army.

10-04-2009, 14:46
I'm just thinking about making half of my dwarf army Kislev, so I can support my big blocks and grudge throwers with a bit of fast cav and a unit of griffon legion.

Understandably so they suck on their own, but I'm intending on using 500-ish points to bolster my current force. Stubborn griffon legion ftw thanks to the boyar.