View Full Version : 2 High Elven lists for Tourney - Which do you prefer

07-04-2009, 23:33
Hey guys, i made 2 HE lists one is CC heavy and one is magic heavy.

The lists are for a Tourny and people will use power builds so im trying to pull off the best army i can.

Teclis - 475

Mage - 135
Mage - 135

Noble - 125
-Reaver Bow

15 Spearmen - 135
15 Spearmen - 135

6 SM - 90
6 SM - 90
6 SM - 90

15 PG ( with banner of sorcery ) - 287

3 Bolt Throwers - 300

Total army cost - 1997


Prince on Star Dragon 616
Halberd, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Gem of Courage

Mage 140
2 Scrolls

BSB (goes with DP) 218
Cav Kit, Battle Banner

2 x 10 LSG 260

2 x 5 Swordmasters 150

8 Dragon Princes 315
Lion Banner, Champ with Enchanted Shield

3 x RBT 300

Total army cost - 1999

So, what do you guys think?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
07-04-2009, 23:50
Both are a little all or none for my taste. The first list the noble is a waste of points. If you are going to cast spells tool up the mages. Units of 5 swordmasters= expensive pin cushions that will be laughed to death before they unsheath their elegant swords. I would turn the seaguard into archers make the swordmasters a unit of 14. drop some dragon princes maybe down to 5-6. I would also drop a bolt thrower or something for either scouts, a bird, more knights (5 generic dragon princes?), or maybe a lion chariot their always fun.
Call me old fashioned but I think that you need white lions in the first list :P . They can make for a solid anvil to perch Teclis in. There are many ways by which the points could be gathered.
Anywho, good luck, have fun, let us know how it goes :D