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08-04-2009, 15:20
Good Day Warseer,

Right, I've been taking stuff out of the loft, clearing thouse out, and what do I uncover, but a big box of lizardmen, my very first army indeed!

Now then, I played with my lizards a bit in 3rd edition, and then a lot in 5th and 6th editions with the Southlands list. However, I'd stopped playing fantasy since 7th edition to concentrate on my 40k armies.

But now i'd like to get back into it all. So without further delay, I'll present my first army list using the new rulebook based solely on the models I have available to me (mostly old plastic saurus and skinks!)

Lizardmen 2000pts


Saurus Oldblood 258pts
Great Weapon
Horned One
Hide of the Cold Ones


Saurus Scar Veteran 143pts
Battle Standard – Huanchi’s Blessed Totem
Light Armour

Skink Priest 165pts
Diadem of Power
Dispel Scroll

Skink Chief 124pts
Light Armour
Piranha Blade

20 Saurus Warriors 250pts
Full Command

20 Saurus Warriors 270pts
Full Command

15 Skinks 97pts
Full Command

15 Skink Skirmishers 111pts

15 Skink Skirmishers 105pts

15 Skink Skirmishers 105pts

10 Skink Skirmishers 70pts


4 Kroxigor 220pts


Salamander 80pts
4 Handlers


Right, other models I have available are more skinks and saurus, a slann or two, various heroes, although none carnosaur or stegadon mounted sadly. I can also probably rummage up a unit of 5 cold one riders.

Right, things I'd like to know are prett much:

1) Do I stand a chance of winning with the models I have available?

2) What am I, inevitably, doing wrong with my magic item selection?

3) Am I going to get creamed by magic users?

4) Is this list legal? Have I made any major blunders?

That aside, any and all criticism is very greatfully received, and yes I am willign to purchase extra models in order to make this list work, although, obviously, utilising my current models is a bonus!

EDIT: Whoops, points costs on the saurus.

Changes Made: Dropped the swarms, a unit of skinks, ancient and Dragonfly (I assumed skinks still scouted!), gave the skink chief a terradon and piranha blade, and the old blood a horned one (I can do that, right?). Also added a 4th kroxigor.

08-04-2009, 15:43
Well for starters, whats the point in the dragonfly of quicksilver? You have no scouting models.

Swarms are now a bit useless, because they crumble in combat. I would never take them unlesss i was taking the unbreakable special character. Even then...

Im not convinced that your saurus lord will do anything. M4 makes him nice and easy to avoid. you would be better off with a slann to put pressure on the enemy, or a carnosdaur to take the fight to them.

Simmilarly, im not convinced your skink chief will achieve anything. 100 points for 3 S4 attacks seems a bit silly. Get him on a terradon, give him killing blow, the bane head or the piranah blade and get him mage killing! Also, a character may not benefit from using a spear, even if fighting in the second rank. Unless they are mounted, in which case they get +1 strength on the charge.

Where in the sam hill are all the stegadons?!?!?! you need at least one, they are absolutely awsome. an engine of the gods if you can, but a regular steg will do the job.

Kroxigor work better in 4's, lose the champion and find 35 points to get those extra 2 attacks, 3 wounds and 3 US.

Edit: 20 saurus warriors is 220 points, then the full command is 250, then the spears total 270.

your points are slightly off.