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08-04-2009, 16:17
After a minor revilation playing a TK player who said he only took 2 magic items on his 4 characters (scroll and cloak), I decided to try my hand at a fully rounded 2k list again (and not max out the characters that always seemed too expensive)


Tomb king - chariot, light armour, enchanted shield, flail of skulls - 273

Liche priest - hieratic jar, claok of the dune - 160

Liche priest - scroll, steed - 148

Liche priest - scroll - 140

20 archers - 160

10 archers - 80

3 chariots - banner, icon of the sacred eye - 190

4 chariots - banner - 180

Tomb scorpion - 85

Tomb scorpion - 85

21 tomb guard - full command, banner of the undying legion - 307

4 carrion - 96

Screamin skull catapult - 90

My usual oponents are HEs an WEs so the list is slightly tailored to them (t3, no str 7) but this is mostly a take all list.

The basic intention is to have one side of the board with my SSC, archers and TG fairly well bunkered in to form a prety solid line of troops. On the other side will be the carrion, chariots and possibly the scorps to sweep round and clean up that side of the field fairly quickly, at which point it should be a simple flank run. the steed priest will occasionally leave the archer unit he's in to aid the chariots and co from a safe distance.

A couple of questions: who should carry the hiratic jar, the steed priest to help the chariots, or the hierophant because he goes last?

Also, should one of the priests be with the SSC, leaving one of the archer units free to be used as a screan for the other two (who will hopefully be on hills), or is this too much of a risky place to be?

and of course normal C+C please


08-04-2009, 16:55
I almost always have the jar on the heirophant - firstly as he goes last and secondly as he can fly it makes it more likely for him to be get into that all important position to get his incant off when you need it the most.

Must say ive never been that keen on the single SSC - i find that since most armies have pretty mean magical defense these days you need to keep them all in range of whatever you're trying to magic to make sure the important stuff comes off, and an SSC does just encourage you to end up either holding back or splitting the priests.

Overall an interesting list, although never really thought much to the spear of antarak, as the unit tends to be unscathed when it goes into combat, and since the whole point in the unit is to break the enemy on the charge it rarely gets to a point where it needs it. Blade of Mourning can be interesting, but just waaay too many units IPTS or suchlike these days for it to be all that in a multipurpose army, which is a shame really. For me theres nothing that really tops the flail of skulls.

Oh, and id try to get that extra carrion if you can - then it can if needed just sit behind enemy lines and mop up fleeing units :D

08-04-2009, 17:21
The SSC intention is basicly just to give the opponent something to fear at range. The archers probably won't be doing too much damage, so a small something to give the shooting phase some umph is always a good thing IMO. That, and after OnGs I've gotten prety good at guess ranges (and my opponent know it :P).

Having it there also gives the priests near it a reason to be dispelled. If I'm casting the shooting incant on 10 archers, my opponent will let it pass and save dice for the game deciding side charges. If Those ten archers sudenly become a catapult, then theres a whole different story, as it has SOO much more potential to do damage (and can equally be game deciding if an important unit gets a hefty kill count or flees)

The intention was to primerily hold back with that flank anyway, so it being static doesn't bother me too much

the spear is mostly because its a nice cheep magic weapon that can keep my most damaging unit fully killy for that bit longer. Also, if my opponent knows I have it, then there is less insentive to shoot them with pitter patter fire as the likelihood is i'll get a couple back on the charge (and possibly I could get a chariot back in the magic phase, allowing it to fight in the combat phase, which is always fun)

I'v never seen the point of the flail (or any multi wound weapon) unless you know your playing a treeman, giant or ogres etc. str 7 is prety fun, but overall doens't have many uses, and the two wound effect will VERY rarely have any use (as I hardly ever have character vs character duels, champions get in the way too often)

Ya, the carrion isn't there just because of points, but I'll see after some shuffling

08-04-2009, 17:42
Ive never known much about tomb kings, but ive alwyas found they work better with the higher level mage character, more mages, and a prince.

With tomb kings it really seems to be that you can never have enough of a magic phase.

Maybe its just me.

08-04-2009, 17:58
The main reason for the king is I like my special slots, and if he wasn't there then I'd have to drop two, which wouldn't be a fun choice (as I'm already annoyed I can't get 2 units of 3 carrion as I'd origionally planned)

08-04-2009, 18:44
I'v never seen the point of the flail (or any multi wound weapon) unless you know your playing a treeman, giant or ogres etc. str 7 is prety fun, but overall doens't have many uses, and the two wound effect will VERY rarely have any use (as I hardly ever have character vs character duels, champions get in the way too often)

I love my flail of skulls. If the champion accepts, I get massive combat resolution from overkill. If a hero accepts, I murder them. If they refuse, their beefy character accomplishes nothing. Win-Win-Win. I also like the Str7, but it is better against armies with Toughness 5 characters. Did I tell you guys about the time I killed Archaon?

I'm also kinda strange, in that I take the urn on my other Liche. When I pop it, my opponenet knows I have more magic after this. Do they dispel this critical incantation, or do they go for the next critical incantation?

As you can tell, I love making my opponenet make tough decisions.

08-04-2009, 19:42
Yep, flail is the best. Theres plenty of multi-wound stuff kicking around these days, and as pointed out its awesome in challenges for the super overkill potential. I tend to put a champ in the unit as well, so that as long as i align properly the King can get a specific character, even if the enemy attempts to deflect with a champ challenge.

Also, with the flail the only thing the unit has to worry about in CC is the likes of Bloodthirsters and Star Dragons - pretty much everything else is fair game.

08-04-2009, 20:43
Hmm, I spose I could drop one of the ablative wounds on the TG for it...

also, I recon I'm going to change two of the 10 archers into one block of 20 for the sake of it makes my magic better, and when the opponent gets close I then have a second bigish block unit and a redirect/hold up unit to boot