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09-04-2009, 00:06
Alright so I played fantasy back a few years ago and then turned to 40k. I have decided to return back to fantasy, sporting the new shiny wood elves :p So this is what I slapped together with only past forums/posts in regards to strategic value and what I'll have at hand when I begin. I am a little unsure about the hero slot as I feel any of the characters wouldn't really bring much that the army dosen't already have. I was considering taking a noble on a horse to put in a glade guard unit but I felt it a little out of place, anyways here it is.

Wood Elf Noble: longbow, shield, light armor, additional hand weapon -109

x10 glade guard + musician -126
x10 glade guard + musician -126
x8 glade riders + musician -201
x8 glade riders + musician -201
x8 Dryads -96
x5 scouts -90

Great Eagle -50

I am also unsure on the 5 scouts, I mean their a little expensive for losing their strength 4 at half range bows and such.... Though they would help with the jist of my battle plan which is pretty much advance with the glade riders on the flanks while my glade guard and dryads advance down the middle, any charges will be run from while subsequently bombarding the assailant with strength 4 arrows and such and/or a combined charge. Hopefully the eagle will help with slowing down parts of the enemy army so I can take it in piece meal while also providing some support for the scouts which I imagine id be placing in some woods/terrain in the center or flanks to cause a nusiance or hunt artillery and the like. I would stick the Noble in a glade guard unit in hopes of giving it more backbone/ will probably be an anchor if it comes to it/ could really use some better ideas for 108 points :p

09-04-2009, 16:12
You should really make room to add hail of doom. You could do it by dropping all those musicians.

10-04-2009, 01:41
You should split your glade riders into two units of 5 and one of 6. Smaller units are easier to maneuver and more versatile.

Keep the musicians in the glade rider units. You will be retreating with them, and you want the extra Ld they provide.

I'd also likely ditch the scouts and use the points to get the noble on a horse, with a hail of doom arrow and a helm of the hunt... and maybe a spear instead of two hand weapons. He'd ride around with the glade riders, not with the glade guard, of course.