View Full Version : if I drop my assassin...

09-04-2009, 02:54
so Currently I am fielding 2 assassins in my 2250 pt DE list. I considering that Perhaps I should drop one of my assassins for either

A. a chariot in which the rest of the points can go towards upgrades with my other units, or...

B. a unit of 6 cold one knights with a champ, or...

C. a small unit of shades, or

D. purchase more troops for all my otehr units (witches and black guard) or...

E. none of the above.

here is my current list...

lvl 4 lord with sac dagger, scroll, and pendant.

lvl 2 mage with tome and scroll

hag with cauldron,

assassin with rune of k., lotus and touch of death

assassin with rune of k., manbane

19x spearmen with full command

12x xbows

6 riders with xbow

6 harpies

17 blackguard with full command, asf banner, and crimson death

18 witches with full command, AP banner, and rune of khaine for hag


09-04-2009, 06:12
drop one and run the other in a unit of shades.. they have the possibility of charging on turn add shooting.. and also can charge in any direction.. i brought a unit like that to lonewolf and it was the mvp in my army