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09-04-2009, 12:23
I'm trying to tweak a balanced list of Dark Elves representing all the various elements of the army I most enjoy at 2000 points. Not meant to be optimal, but I do want it work well, I'd appreciate advice on ways I could pack some extra functionality in there. I have feeling I could make a more interesting Master for the points, for example.

I don't want to use the Ring of Hotek because I don't feel it's fairly priced, though I felt all right about taking the Pendant on a lowly Master. But I'm open to other item suggestions for him.

Sorceress Level 2 w/tome of furion, seal of ghrond 180
Sorceress Level 2 w/dark star cloak, dispel scroll 185
Master w/pendant of khaleth, steed, shield, SDC, HA 141

20x Spearmen CMS 155
10x Repeater Crossbowmn with shields 110
10x Repeater Crossbowmn with shields 110
6x Harpies 66

14x Witch Elves with w/Banner of Murders SM 180
8x Shades with great weapons 144
15x Blackguard MS w/banner of Hag Graef 251
6x Cold One Knights MS 186

Hydra 175
Boltthrower 100
1983 points

I figure one of the sorceresses will go in the spearmen, and another with a unit of repeater crossbows; the noble will float around where he is needed to challenge enemy heroes.

I have some points to spare, and I can see a few things I could trim if necessary. I had hoped to fit in Dark Riders as well as harpies, but not enough space; I could barely pay for a minimum unit with spears, but I always figured crossbows were the big draw. Should I consider switching in riders instead of harpies despite that?

09-04-2009, 16:10
Hard to say anything because you want to keep it balanced and avoid power builds...

All I can say is that it's a good mix and should be fairly competitive.