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09-04-2009, 17:31
For example, Guitar solos. Hot twins. Hydras.

Birthday is coming up, and so once again I must spend inordinate amounts of money on small toy soldiers Smile .

This time the bloodlust has taken over and i've decided to try a Khaine theme at 2000pts. I drafted a few lists and passed them around the locals and this one seemed to be popular, so I submit it unto most holy of shrines for your perusal.

- 2 x Death Hags with cauldrons.
- Master on peggy, with the ring and the 1+ armor of darkness.
- A death hag BSB with the rune, ASF banner.

- 2 x 10 crossbowmen.
- 5 DR with crossbow.
- 2 x 5 harpies.

- 13 Executioners, with a champion and the AP banner.
- 14 Executioners, with a champ and a battle banner.

- War Hydra.
- 2 x Bolt throwers.

Well, the general idea was to have an army that was less "I'm going to go over to you and use my speed" and more "You come to me and get slapped." In general it's a static-ish army with some good warmachine hunting capability. Of course, it lacks serious Magic def but it does have terror, troops and shooting. The execs will make up the centre, the crossbowmen will protect the flanks and the cauldrons, and the Hydra will generally be around to so terror and fire among the enemy. (I.e. If they are shooting at the Hydra, they aren't shooting at my expensive executioner units.)

So, your thoughts? Feel free to bash this list as hard as you want.

Peace (and war),

09-04-2009, 17:37
Your entire fighting force is 2 very small units of executioners. I dont think its got anythingt hatsa threat. as hard as the units are, it should be relativly easy to shoot down the master and then magic you to death.

Just seems like there isnt a lot in the army that will do anything. If 5 executioners gte shot from each unit, they wont survive in combat long enough.

I dont know much about dark elves, but i dont see this threatening me, sorry.

09-04-2009, 19:01
Even with only two combat units, they are ones that will have (thanks to the cauldrons) 2 attacks each, one with ASF and 5+ wards against shooting if I need to spare it. Really I only need the first rank to reach combat to do damage. Also, the cauldron can do some funky things to the other units, like give them killing blow or extra attacks, which is sure to help the warmachine hunt.

09-04-2009, 19:26
In a T4 army, you can't have that few units. The only reason DOC and WOC can pull stuff like this off is because they have plenty of stats, bonuses, ward saves and can murder anything in CC. Your opponent's magic (or shooting) will make quick work of your xbowmen, DR and harpies. The hydra and 2x RBT is good; normally I'd say lose the RBT's but in your case and your lack of magic, you'll need some sort of decent range. The most effective DE armies are magic-based ones. Very, very scary in the right hands. No offense at all to you bro, but most armies would slaughter this list in only several turns. It's a neat idea that maybe you can keep building off of but you need more troops and for God's sakes - GET SOME MAGIC! PLEASE! It's always painful for me to go up against DE players that think they've got decent lists without taking caster characters. 9 times out of 10, it always ends up in a Massacre Victory for me.

I'm just trying to help btw. If I came across as a dick then I apologize.

09-04-2009, 19:27
Also, most tournaments you'll play in these days are now 2,250 instead of 2,000 - so that's something to consider if you want to play in tournaments and also give your army another 250pts to play with.

Ultimo ninja
09-04-2009, 21:35
This list is very weak. It will get slaughtered.

No magic, not enough troops.

Your ogt some decent movement and shooting, but that wont be enough to hold the line.

09-04-2009, 22:12
Ok then i ask you this. How are you going to counter 2 stegadons?

you can fit 6 into 2000 points so 2 is not unreasonable, they will have a 5+ ward save vs your bolt throwers (EOTG), if the bolt throwers do hit, theres a 1/3 chance they hit crew and are useless, then only a 1/2 chance of actually wounding, THEN they have to get past the ward save.

Impact hits go before ASF, if you lose 5 models from its d6+1 impact hits, 3/4 attacks, 5 skink crew attacks, then your unit will be outnumbered by a fear causer and run away.

I know it's just one army, but my 2k lizard list has 2 stegs and a slan, ive got plenty of ways to kill a pegasus lord (s4, no armour save burning alignment comes to mind) and your units will not stand up to the stegs.

I honestly do not see an army with 2 tiny combat units, regardless of how elite, winning a game.

On top of that, if you do not get turn one then my slann has 6 power dice and 4 power stones that is going to blast something to bits. even if you do get turn one, getting close enough and staying close enough to a slann that can cast all of it's magic missiles from a skink priest is gonig to be hard.

Not trying to be nasty, only critical, sorry if im not coming across very nice! I do want you to do well lol.

11-04-2009, 09:30
Okies, fair enough with the critisism, it was only experimental list, not much in the way of helpfull tips though. How exactly should I go about making a list work? From a personal point of view, I want it to have the cauldron/exec/hag BSB setup in it, because purely I love exec models. Other then that I'm open to how the list should be built. What would you all personally reccomend? I just wanted to do a more infantry based army opposed to the one I do now, which is all fast Cav and monsters. (Which i'll add, works absolutley fine with no magic :) )

11-04-2009, 18:20
OK, I'll give it a shot.
Sticking with the theme that some things are better in twos...
Maybe a pair of cauldron hags is excessive (and 400 points to boot), but what about a twin strike force of peggy masters with mundane equipment? Something like this...

Hag w/ cauldron -200
Master on peggy, HA, SDC, Shield, Lance - 144
Master on peggy, HA, SDC, Shield, Lance - 144
total = 488

vesrus the 580 you are currently spending.

You just saved 92 points and gained an active offensive unit at the expense of a redundant passive buff unit. Plus, those flyers combined with your harpies make a cool theme. You are no longer just waiting for them to come to you to get slapped, you can harass/hurt them more as they are coming to you.

Now, what to do with 92 pts? With a few tweaks, you could pump up your executioner units to a more scary and survivable 18 men a piece.

Or, 92pts is just shy of enough to buy you a cold One Chariot. Sure, it is mounted, but would move on pace with your execs and provide a nice counter-charge/ high str threat to your list.

Finally, I question the value of just a single DR unit with Xbs. You would already have a mobile strike force with the set-up I've suggested, so maybe swap them for another 10 man RXB unit. It would add more bulk to your army and now you have a serious shooting threat of 30 repeater XBs and two bolt throwers. The combined withering hail of bolts would certainly help give your opponent a reason to advance to you and soften them up for when they do arrive.

That should be enough. Hope it helps, and good luck with the army.