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09-04-2009, 18:09
Greetings all,

I, like most everyone else, am a total newcomer to the game, but my son and I have decided to put together two 1500 pt. armies to play against each other and take to the LGS.

The theme of this Rohan band is loosely based on the ride to Gondor, but it could represent any mounted strike force on the plains of Rohan. The allies are quite specific to Rohan, and contain a little bit of "what if" (e.g. What if Quickbeam had gone with the Theoden after breaking Isengard, What if the Woses had taken a more active role in helping the Riders).

No Theoden in this list, though putting him in a formation of Royal Knights, or with Hama and Gamling seems like the next step for moving to 2000 pts...

As you can see- the theme is speed- everything moves quickly. Eomers Eored has Steeds of Pure Blood (incredible 14" move) and the rest have 12". The Woses, of course, lie in ambush and I am considering that the Sons of Eorl might be held in reserve to rush in when they are needed most.

Here is the list:

Eomer (Common + Epic Hero)
6 Companies with Banner and Horn

Elfhelms Riders (Legend)
6 Companies with Banner and Horn

Outriders of Rohan (Common)
3 Companies, Hornblower

Outriders of Rohan (Common)
3 Companies, Hornblower

Sons of Eorl (Rare)
3 Companies, Marshall, Banner

Quickbeam the Ent (Legendary)

Woses Warband (Legendary)
2 Companies

1500 exactly

I know that all Cavalry lists are a risky thing to work with, since it all depends on getting the charge and managing the potential for counter-charges, but I was imagining the emphasis on speed might give some edges in that regard, and that the allies would help in this.

Any opinions welcome! I have most of the figures already- just need to convert an Elfhelm from a Royal Guard and wait for the Sons of Eorl to be released. I am trying to make the army mostly from Plastic figs, so the banner bearers and hornblowers are to be converted and the Outriders are made by using the Horsebowmen from the plastic set without shields. I was considering giving them a distinctive horsetail crest on their helms, but haven;t figured that one out completely yet.

A few lingering questions that I had when putting it all together- I gave the outriders a horn and no banner, figuring I wanted to keep them out of charges and battles and to focus on shooting. Is this the right instinct?

Any other thoughts??

thanks all

Nu Fenix
09-04-2009, 19:22
Heroic Charges I think would be the best way to make sure you get the charge off. Now, you have Heroes in all of your combat units, to pull this off. However, that could get costly in Might.

What do you think about upgrading one of your banners to an Army Banner with the Banner of the Free Peoples Fate? Declare a Heroic Advance, and all of your Formations with a Banner within 12" can also charge in, saving you Might points for other uses instead.

In regards to the Hornblowers on the Outriders, I'm not sure if those 30 points couldn't be better used towards paying for another company. Is +1 Movement on a unit that will shoot be value for points?

What units is Eomer with, as it says Common, but doesn't say if they are Riders of Rohan or Royal Knights? I'm hoping Royal Knights, for the extra power they have in combat due to having lances.

Finally, whats made you pick Woses? It just seems quite bizarre personally. The thing I dislike about them is the low range of a Blowpipe, although this can be mitigated by them being Ambushers. However Orcbane and their high Shoot is good.

Avatar of the Eldar
09-04-2009, 20:05
I really like your list (mine is VERY similar) and especially your theme. I've played all of one game but it was with a list much like this one. My thoughts:

- I think 6 company Eoreds is a good way to go. I was going to suggest getting the Sons of Eorl up to a 4 company minimum, which my one game experience taught me is a the way to go. But this is only a 1500 pt list so it might have to stay there for now. However, you might think about moving Eomer to it, reducing that first Eored to increase the SoE. Or, keep it near Eomer in case you want to move him over for an extra hard unit.

- I have mixed feelings about the Ent. I used one in my game to great effect. And I do appreciate that you chose Quickbeam as the most likely to make the jog down to Gondor. My reservations is a little about an Ent travelling that far from Fanghorn, but more about the fact that you need more infantry to hold objectives. You could trade that Ent for 4 companies of Gondorian Rangers (the Red Arrow messengers) or, by the same logic as Quickbeam, Lothlorien archers. Just some alternatives. My Ent held up a 4-company formation of Uruk phalanx and turned their flank for a reduced formation of 2 company Eored to charge. It was brilliant.) Play him in the middle and double time him to a flank to shore up or have him bowl through the center of the enemy line with big Eoreds closing in on either side.

- Well done to include the Woses! I have no idea how they play, but for me the color of the game is equally or slightly more important than optimizing army lists. Good on you!!:D

- 2 units of Outriders with horn only is a good move. (Or, should I say, I've made the same choice. We'll see how smart we are.) But in 1500 pts you might try to get away with 2 companies each. You're keeping them out of combat anyway unless they get a flank or rear charge and then even two companies can make a huge contribution reducing the opponent's dice. I assume you'll throw them out on the flanks and force them to give you a flank charge somewhere. This tactic worked great for me against Uruk Hai pikes using just bog standard Eoreds. Points from 2 companies could help fund that needed infantry mentioned above. (As an aside, I don't advocate for Rohirrim Oathsworn only because Rohirrim shoudl be mounted and on account of your theme.)

- Try alternating Steeds of Pure Blood on Elfhlem's unit as it is Master Pathfinder and it will become an ueber-mobile unit. It will go anywhere you need it except in a building. (Not sure if the Hornblower puts it up to 15" move, but if so, that's a 30" double time that can still shoot or charge!!!! That's more than flying creatures in WFB!)

- Totally agree with the Theoden + Royal Guard at 2000. (Although to squeeze points you might just use the common formation and save the legendary formation (Epic Heroes and Army Banner) for 2500 if you're pinched on points, but want to keep the theme.

- Try it different ways and report back.

*** Again, big gold star for the Woses. I think I'll have to borrow that idea.

Have fun gaming!

11-04-2009, 05:04
Thanks to both for the thoughtful and useful replies.
Avatar of the Eldar- I appreciate your support around the Woses. I loved them in the book and thought they totally fit the theme of the list.

Tactically speaking, I thought that since they were the only infantry in the list that their ability to Ambush would help for honing in on an objective. I liked the idea of Ghan-Buri-ghan and his men emerging from a wood and moving at the double to perform a heroic shoot

I like your idea about the Rangers, and I could fit a few companies in by reducing the size of the outriders. I see the sense of keeping them (the outriders) small and peripheral, with the possibility of an opportunistic charge if it presents itself.

Two or three companies of rangers, on the other hand, could contribute a great deal of shooting, and I might be able to move things around to get in a captain as well. 3 companies with a captain is 10 points less than Quickbeam, so thats another possibility to switch around.

In any case, as you say, its best to simply try it out and get used to it, and to have a few variables on hand in the allies list to learn more about the way the game works.

I will report back soon!

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