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10-04-2009, 08:18
Well I finally used a proxy version of my new army list in a game against my friend's WOC army; although WOC isn't his win-all tournament army that he usually uses, we thought it'd be a good idea to use it so we'd get a good feel for the army I just made. He had never seen my list, only heard me briefly explain it once after I had made it. Here's what happened!

Lizadmen (SiNNiX's army)

1 Slann Mage Priest - 275
-Three Disciplines - 100
-Cupped Hand of the Old Ones - 45
-Power Stone x2 - 20 each / 40
-Bane Head - 15
-Battle Standard - 25
-War Banner - 25
Total: 520

1 Skink Priest - 65
-Level 2 Wizard - 35
-Rod of the Storm - 25
-Dispel Scroll - 25
-Ancient Stegadon with Engine of the Gods - 290
Total: 440

1 Tetto'eko - 255

20x Saurus Warriors - 220
-Spears - 1/model
-Musician - 6, Standard Bearer - 12
Total: 258

15x Skinks - 75

13x Skink Skirmishers - 91

10x Skink Skirmishers - 70

3x Terradons - 90

20x Temple Guard - 320
-Musician - 7, Standard Bearer - 14
-Plaque of Dominion - 50
Total: 391

5x Chameleon Skinks - 60

Warriors of Chaos (David's army)

1 Chaos Lord - 210
-Mark of Khorne - 15
-Juggernaut - 50
-Distendable Maw - 40
-Axe of Khorne - 45
-Chaos Runeshield - 50
-Favour of the Gods - 5
Total: 415

1 Chaos Sorcerer - 85
-Level 2 Wizard - 35
-Mark of Nurgle - 20
-Conjoined Homonculus - 20
-Blood of Tzeentch - 30
Total: 190

1 Chaos Sorcerer - 85
-Level 2 Wizard - 35
-Mark of Nurgle - 20
-Dispel Scroll x2 (25 each)
Total: 190

1 Chaos Sorcerer - 85
-Level 2 Wizard - 35
-Power Familiar - 15
Total: 135

5x Marauder Horsemen - 65
-Flails - +2/model
Total: 75

5x Marauder Horsemen - 65
-Flails - +2/model
Total: 75

5x Marauder Horsemen - 65
-Flails - +2/model
Total: 75

15x Chaos Warriors - 225
-Shields - +1/model
-Additional hand weapons - +1/model
-Mark of Khorne - 30
-Musician - 6, Champion - 12, Standard Bearer - 12
Total: 315

5x Forsaken
Total: 90

5x Forsaken
Total: 90

6x Chaos Knights - 240
-Mark of Nurgle - 30
-Musician - 10, Standard Bearer - 20
-Banner of Rage - 35
Total: 335

1 Chaos Giant - 225
-Mark of Slaanesh - 40
Total: 265

1st Turn - David goes first! Damn... oh well. I was only able to re-deploy my terradons to the other side of the table (rolled a 1 on Tetto'eko's redeployment ability). The turn couldn't have gone more my way, though. :) Movement: He moves all of his forces forward (hiding his Giant and knights behind a forest... damn), moving two units of marauder horsemen towards the left flank (right at my pond that my chameleons are hiding in) and his other unit of marauder horsemen towards my right flank just beyond a forest and in position to charge my terradons or one unit of skink skirmishers next turn. Magic: On the VERY FIRST SPELL he attempts to cast Wind of Death with his Death Lore wizard at my Temple Guard.. and rolls two 1's on 3D6 (LOL!). It gets better... he rolls a 9, wounds himself and ends his magic phase completely.

It is now my turn and it is time to protect my flanks. I reform my Saurus Warriors so that they're not in a position to get flanked by marauders on the right side and I fly my terradons up to the right side of the marauders so they can try to take some out and my skirmishers are already in position to do the same. I also move my chameleons back a little to shoot and set myself for the other marauders' charge next turn. Magic: What a wonderful magic phase this turns out to be! Lucky, but wonderful. I start off by using Tetto'eko's ability successfully. Time to cast some magic; this battle was over before it started! I begin by casting Second Sign of Amul with my skink priest which my opponent lets go off without contest and I am rewarded 3 re-rolls that turn. I move on to Tetto'eko who I use to try and cast Uranon's Thunder Bolt on his unit of Warriors which goes off with Irresistable Force (roll of doubles ftw). I roll a 6 and take out 4 which is much to my liking. This turns the warriors into my new primary target. This leaves 6 PD for my Slann to use, however my opponent has yet to use any DD and still has a full 7 in his pool. I attempt to cast Spirit of the Forge and Distillation of Molten Silver, both getting dispelled (but causing my opponent to use up 6/7 of his DD. My opponent scrolls my Law of Gold for his knights (I know he always takes Banner of Rage with them) and I finally am able to cast Rule of Burning Iron on one of his mages that has already taken a wound. My spell is miscast and I use my Cupped Hands to make that wizard miscast! He rolls a 4 on the chart and is slain. YAY! My chameleons take out 2 of his marauder horsemen on the left side and my terradons/skinks take out a few marauder horsemen on the other side too... can't really remember how many.

2nd Turn - David easily passes his panic tests. My chameleons flee far away from his marauders and with lack of options, he charges my Saurus unit. He realized that charging my skirmishers or terradons would just result in another flee reaction that wouldn't end well for him. He moves his giant and his knights around the right flank behind his marauders to help reinforce. He puts them in charge position for my saurus warriors and out of line of sight of my Slann! He moves his warriors and Forsaken even closer to my lines but out in the open. Absolutely nothing happens in his magic phase so it's on to combat! His marauders score a wound on my Saurus and I completely destroy his horsemen with my spearmen.

On to my turn! I wheel my skinks to get Tetto'eko in line of sight of his knights and fly my terradons over them as well. I attempt to charge them with my Saurus Warriors just in case but they're just an inch short (I kinda figured this but tried anyway). Magic: Another successful Tetto'eko roll and I fail at casting second Sign of Amul. But Tetto'eko helps out with a cast of Uranon's Thunder Bolt to his knights and also making David use some DD. I take out 1. :) WOOHOO! It's on to the Slann who makes me proud. I attempt to cast Rule of Burning Iron on his wizard which I get like an 18 on or something (lol) making him use his last scroll. I move onto casting Distillation of Molten Silver which he fails to dispel and take out 4 more of his warriors! I cast The Spirit of the Forge and take out 3 more Warriors leaving a unit of 4 Warriors left. I use my remaining dice and a power stone to cast Law of Gold on his knights and destroy Banner of Rage. I knew it was in there! Shooting: My chameleons kill the rest of his unit of 3 marauders and my terradons actually take out a knight between the dropped rocks and the javelins. My skirmishers continue to prove their worthlessness!

3rd Turn - Is it finally time for WOC to prove their might?! His knights and his giant charge my saurus Warriors, his last unit of Marauders charge my Temple Guard to the flank, his Forsaken units charge my Temple Guard to the front as well and lastly his 4 remaining Warriors charge my stegadon. Magic: His wizard is lucky enough to cast Fleshy Abundance on his giant giving him Regeneration! Not looking good for the ol' Saurus warriors. Nothing else really happens that magic phase and it's on to Combat! First: The Annihilation. His giant Jumps Up And Down on my unit killing 8 Warriors... :( Then his knights kill 4 more and his Lord kills 2 more. This seals their fate. I flee and he catches me with his Giant as his knights restrain pursuit. Onto the TG combat! His marauders make their attacks first, proving to be absolutely worthless! I used hand weapon + shield obviously. I scored 4 wounds and confirmed kills. His first forsaken unit gets 1 additional attack and the other gets 2. His first unit scores 2 wounds which I save, his second unit scrores 5 wounds and kills 3. I score a wound with my remaining two TG and he fails his armour save. After combat his marauder horsemen flee with no chance of rallying. Forsaken lose their Frenzy. In the last combat, his warriors use additional hand weapons and score 3 wounds on my skink crew and score another on my skink wizard. My stegadon scores 2 wounds on the warriors and the combat result ends up being a tie.

Time for my turn! I charge the Forsaken with my chameleons and my skirmishers (why not!?) and charge the giant with my other skirmishers who pass their terror test on their own leadership! My terradons fly next to the knights and out of their line of sight in an attempt to shoot. I completely turn my skink unit around to give Tetto'eko line of sight of the knights. Magic: My EOTG takes out the warriros in combat with it, a unit of Forsaken in combat with my TG, 2 more Forsaken from that same combat and deals a wound to the Giant. Tetto'eko's ability is successful once again and I cast Uranon's Thunder Bolt on his knights with a double-roll Irresistable Force, killing 3 of them! My Skink Priest then casts Forked Lightning on the knights which gets dispelled. My Slann casts Transmutation of Lead on the remaining Forsaken still in combat with his Temple Guard and making him use up his remaining DD. I finally use Rod of the Storm with my priest on his knights killing the remaining 2 and leaving the Lord by himself. Nothing happens in shooting phase. Combat: His Giant attacks first because of his Mark of slaanesh, rolling the "Yell and Bawl" result. My terradons flee 11" and he fails to restrain pursuit and also fails to catch my terradons; works out perfectly to my advantage. The Forsaken/TG combat goes in my favor as he scores only one wound and I score 2 more to him. His 1 remaining model flees 8" and I chase him falling just a few inches short.

On the start of the next turn, we decide to call the game because it's obvious where it will end up and it's getting extremely late. Even though I will admit that I was often very lucky with my rolls and he was often unlucky, I still think my army did pretty well. Sorry for the ridiculously long post, but I like doing play-by-plays. As much fun as this battle was, this was against one of my friend's weaker WOC armies and I'm honestly a little afraid of going up against a well-made HE, DE, DOC or Orc list. Thanks for reading!!!

10-04-2009, 10:14
Ok, this is brillaint

"finally am able to cast Rule of Burning Iron on one of his mages that has already taken a wound. My spell is miscast and I use my Cupped Hands to make that wizard miscast! He rolls a 4 on the chart and is slain."

But on the other hand, Tetto's ability is once per game, you seemed to use it on more than one turn!

What do you think did very little in the game, and what did loads?

10-04-2009, 18:17

No but seriously, I suck... I always misread the important ****! "may be used at the beginning of any one friendly magic phase". WTF! This is why I hate the lizardmen book. Why couldn't they have just said One Use Only?! Anyway, I'm over it. I guess it wouldn't have gone so smoothly if I hadn't been doing that every turn and my friend definately didn't know any better either lol.

But anyway, I think magic would've gone really well either way for me because Dave would've been dispelling more of my skink's and Tetto'eko's spells instead of them going off with IF, which would've given my Slann plenty of free room to cast spells without contest. That actually would've been better...

The Skirmishers were nearly pointless but that's just because of his army's setup; I know that in most games I can use them as brilliant flank protectors. Their shooting is pretty terrible still, just like it was in 6ED. Oh well, chameleons did alright and I especially like how I set them up in the water feature to be hidden. I can often use this against frenzy units: Just pop out and say hello on first turn, get charged and flee from it back towards my frontlines and making him run through water and in sight of my wizards.

I really need to come up with something to contest Giants, much less monsters in general. That giant utterly destroyed my Saurus Warrior unit by himself basically. No good! The terradons did alright for what I needed them for and I have to say that I'm very impressed with my Slann's TG unit. They really got their CR bonuses in there. +2 for both standards and +1 for War Banner, +3 for ranks and +1 for outnumbering. And if a large unit charges me, I have my skinks right there to countercharge so I'll outleast outnumber them again next turn.

I actually really like just sitting there with my EOTG and not even moving. The enemy comes to me which gives me a few turns to cast w/e I want, and then when he charges me the stegadon doesn't do too bad, they have to pass a terror test which is even better I'm guessing if I use Lore of Death, and then my skinks have 2+ armour saves. Finally, Burning Alignment goes off at the beginning of my Magic Phase and usually kills something. I find it's very sexy against knights with 2+ armour saves and whatnot.

Anyway, I really like the army so far (even though I screwed up Tetto'eko's ability, now I think it's even better because I'll make them use up their DD before I move onto my Slann) although I am a little scared of say a HE magic defense army. Not sure how that would play out. I want to try and come up with the perfect formation for my army at the beginning of the game; something that will give me room to cast all of my spells and still be a little defensive and make it hard for the enemy. I set up on a straight line in my deployment zone that game and I really never like doing that.