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10-04-2009, 11:23
Im hoping this would be a competative, all commers list. Im fairly new to Empire, so please be gentle.


Kurt Helborg

Battle Wizard - lvl 2; Aldred's Casket of Sorcery;

Warrior Priest - Great Weapon; Armour of Metoric Iron;

Warrior Priest - Heavy Armour; Shield; Doomfire Ring


23x Swordsmen - FC; (Wizard and first Priest here)
[Det] 9x Swordsmen

20x Swordsmen - FC
[Det] 9x Swordsmen

18x Flagellant Warband


5x Knights of the Inner Circle - Champ; Standard; Lance & Shield

5x Pistoliers - Champ; Repeater Pistol

19x Greatswords - FC (Second Priest goes here)
[Det] 9x Swordsmen

Great Cannon


Steam Tank

So any tips? Im after something that looks nice on the table, but yet is still competative. I think I have too many swordsmen at the moment. So something to break this up would be nice. Possible some way of getting a unit of Hunters in or some Handgunners.

10-04-2009, 12:52
Hey, that's not a bad start, but there are a few things you might want to consider.

Aldred's Casket - this is a nice item, but on a M4 wizard it's unlikely to be very useful. Remember it only works on a 4+, so you want to get it within 12" of the enemy ASAP, preferably turn 1.
Your magic generally is fairly weak - 3 bound spells and a level 2 won't get through even the lightest magic defense.

Your core is OK, swordsmen are after all the "best" core state troop. I like to have a couple of 5-strong knight units with just musicians (or if points are tight, without even that) to use as redirectors and anti-support.
If you want fewer swordsmen, then switch to spearmen or halberdiers. They're inferior, but honestly the difference is negligible. All Empire infantry is pretty duff compared to elite infantry and cavalry, so the fractional extra casualties isn't worth worrying about.

Also consider some archer detachments for the blocks - units of 5 archers are hugely useful for war machine/mage hunting, charge redirection, screening, and table-quarter grabbing.

Your specials are, shall we say, non-standard. Inner circle, in my experience, are a waste of a special slot, as are greatswords. 10 points a model for strikes last infantry with a save no better than your core is too much, even if they are stubborn.
The Inner circle are a nice unit for Kurt to accompany, but bear in mind they don't offer any protection against cannonballs (the champion is not rank-and-file when shot at).