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10-04-2009, 17:32
Well, I've posted a number of battle reports on warseer so far, and they are spread out all over the place. So, for now on they will just be posted in this thread.

Starting off, a quick report. I've brought out my Empire troops for the first time. In the first game, they were in a five person game where I felt doomed to lose from the get go. Why?

Death in the Rain

Special Rules: Weather! Varying degrees of limited visibility.
5 Players: I set up between a WoC and BoC army, both of which (if they had visibility) are in close combat on turn 1. On the other side were an elf only wood elf army and a skink horde lizardmen list. To win, you had to capture (and can carry two objectives (magic items that your army can use for the rest of the week in the store).

My empire list: 1 lvl 2 wizard, 1 warrior priest (van horstman's speculum), 19 swordsmen with crossbow and swordsmen detachments, 20 spearmen with 2 freecompany detachments, 1 cannon, 5 vanilla knights.

The Story
Wolfgang marched in pace with the drummer, his spear against his shoulder. Three days ago his regiment had been sent to reinforce the fort along the Grimminhafen road. The count had sent them because the last caravan had been ambushed and destroyed, a caravan that was carrying the dowry for the count's eldest daughter. After the embarrassment of losing the small fortune, the count had decided that his roads needed more road wardens and that the border fort finally needed to be brought up to full strength. To Wolfgang it didn't matter much, but the constant rain did bother him. Suddenly the order was called to stop and to form ranks. Wolfgang looked around nervously, and only then did he notice the shapes in the heavy rain. Heavily armored and far too large, and they were coming right towards them.

The game The chaos forces can't see for the first turn charge. My warrior priest charges the beasts of chaos. He has 3 units, one in reserve. My warrior priest kills his hero, which he informs me means that his reserve unit now cannot come on. However, his unit of dragon ogres flank the swordsmen and break them (and run them down). The beasts of chaos then eat the swordsmen detachment.

My cannon fails to shoot for 2 turns due to weather, then hits the chaos chariot and fails to wound. The chariot kills the cannon. The chaos knights destroy the empire knights and marauder cavalry see off the free company. What I have left is sandwiched between two angry chaos forces, and I concede the game so I can get a second one in.

Thoughts Well, the Empire forces were massacred. By the end of the game the chaos forces tore each other apart. The wood elves and lizardmen each got an objective and thus jointly won the game. It wasn't really a fun game, as I felt as if though there was not much that I could do. In hindsight I should have sent everything straight at the beasts of chaos, but I really didn't have the deployment space to do that. And even if I did survive the chaos onslaught, there was no way I could catch elven skirmishers or skinks to get one of the objectives.

Game 1 Empire Massacred

All was chaos. The swordsmen had all been massacred, and the free company were busy fighting for their lives. The cannon crew were lost, and so were all of the knights. Wolfgang ducked as one of the bronze knights rode past, cutting down Karl as he did so. Everyone scattered, spears discarded and shields dropped, and as they did so they were slaughtered. Whooping marauders chased down the men, axes descending and blood falling. Through the torrential downpour it was hard to see where anyone was if they were not a few feet in front of you, and by then it was often too late. Wolfgang ran until a shape came out of the rain, a warhorse from one of the dead knights. He had never ridden a horse before, but that did not stop him from grabbed the reigns and pulling himself into the saddle. The horse panicked and bolted, carrying the spearman along with it. Before he knew what was happening Wolfgang was into the woods and away from the massacre. Tree branches passed overhead and pieces of foliage whipped him, leaving cuts along his cheeks. He didn't care, for as long as the horse ran he would be taken away from the beasts and the bronze warriors. He had heard of them from the survivors of the other massacres, the warriors of chaos who were destroying the lands. It was then that he felt a blow hit him in his back, a blow that left him feeling numb. Wolfgang died without ever fully understanding what had happened to him or who had killed him.

Game 2 Empire vs. High Elves 1000 points

Fleeing that table, I got a game in against a high elf player. Knowing that I am new to things such as magic, when he heard that I was going for heavens and life, he suggested shadow instead of life for me for the movement spells. I took his advice and I thank him for being a gentleman enough to help out an opponent.

Captain Holsten marched out of the fortress, his attendants following him. Earlier a horse had bolted up to the fort, a dead soldier of the count still sitting in the saddle. He had been summoned immediately to see it. He quickly sent word to the count that the elves had claimed the lives of more of his subjects and requested aid in rooting them out of the region. He included the elven arrow with the letter as proof of his claims. Several days later word came back, not from the count but from his scouts. A force of elves were marching towards the border fort. Captain Holsten immediately marshaled his forces to meet his foes.

The elven prince Aelorn landed his dragon to consult with his lieutenant. He had been sent from Ulthuan on the behest of his lord and teacher within the Tower of Sapphrey. His lord had divined that it was essential to destroy a champion of chaos pillaging the lands of the Empire before he could reach daemonhood. Aelorn looked contemptuously at the assembled Empire army. After giving the orders to scatter them he took to the air on his dragon, confident that the day would be his and annoyed that his inferiors even thought to delay him on his quest.

High Elves

* Dragon Mage (I think he had a sword of battle, and something that let him get a free power die for every spell he cast). His spells were burning head, the sword spell and conflagration of doom.
* 5 units of 10 archers, each with a champion


* Captain: Full Plate, Shield
* lvl 2 mage: Shadow-both movement spells (one for a unit, one for a single character), orb of thunder
* lvl 2 mage: Heavens (Comet of Cassendora, Urons Thunderbolt), Ring of Volans (Urons Thunderbolt)
* 22 Spearmen: shields, FC
* 19 Swordsmen: FC
* 2 great cannons
* 5 vanilla knights

Terrain and Deployment
In the high elf deployment zone, on the right hand side was a hill. All five archer units surrounded it (2 on the hill, 3 in front). To the left was a forest that the dragon sheltered behind. The empire side had no terrain.

Empire form of march: Spearmen (captain and shadow mage), Cannon, Spearmen (and heavens mage), Cannon, Knights

Opening Turns

The high elves got the first turn. The dragon flew up along the left hand side and got his sword spell off. The archers let loose and killed all of the crew for one of the great cannons.

The empire responded by moving up. The infantry moved up along the left, sheltered by the forest from archer fire by heading towards the dragon. The knights charged towards the archers. A combination of magic and shooting left the dragon with one wound left and the spearmen very close to the dragon. The orb of thunder also grounded the dragon.

The fate of the dragon

The dragon moved around the spearmen and killed two of them with its breath weapon. The mage miscasted and let me cast a spell for free. The comet went off, and he used the rest of his power die to dispel it. His dragon was then shot out from underneath him and the mage was wounded. The mage, on foot now tried to run away, but miscasted a second time. The miscast killed the mage and dispelled all remain in play spells. The mage was dead and the comet was gone.

The charge of the heavy brigade

50 archers let loose at the knights, killing only 2. However, the knights panicked and fled. They rallied, moved up again, and eventually through a hail of arrows (and passed armor saves) made it into combat with only 2 knights left. As they hit, Urons thunderbolt killed four archers on the far right and panicked them off the table. Just before a second comet was cast, the knights broke the archers they were fighting and chased them off the table.

At this point, there were 30 archers against my army and a comet counter between them. Their massed fire panicked my spearmen, who rallied just before the comet hit. All 3 units were hit, leaving only 4-5 archers left in each unit. At this point the knights came back on, and overran a second unit. The Empire Captain was flown into combat with one of the units of archers by the shadow mage. He reduced the unit to just the champion, who never broke. It was with that the game ended. The high elves had a total of 3 archers left divided between two units.

Thoughts That game went better and truth be told I think that I won due to three things: 1) Many, many passed armor saves on my knights 2) His miscasts giving me control of the magic phase 3) The shadow mage allowing me so many free moves after his mage died.

Throughout it all my opponent was a real gentleman, and I thank him for giving me the game after I got massacred so badly. That's all the time I have for now, hopefully I can flesh this out more later.

11-04-2009, 21:28
That was a pretty silly high elve list. I'm glad you smashed it.