View Full Version : 500 pt WoC for escalation league

10-04-2009, 19:15
As the title says, im trying to write a list for an escalation league. Of course im running into the problem of Chaos being so pricey, so im considering writing an all marauder list. We're playing the warband rules with the exception that your hero can be more than 150pts, but can only carry 1 magic item, worth up to 25pts. Heres the list im thinking:

Sorceror, lvl 2, MoT, disc, golden eye - 185pts
Exalted, shield, flail, MoT, disc, golden eye - 174pts

2x15 marauders, MoS, flails, standard, musician - 194pts

5 horsemen, MoS, spears - 90pts

5 hounds - 30pts

ok, with the sorceror that equals 499pts, with the exalted 488, which would let me upgrade the HM with a musician and flails. However, the sorceror will let me have something akin to shooting, which would be nice in an army with no range or armor.


ps: i know this list isnt great, but its only until next week, when we go to 750pts