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10-04-2009, 20:07
Lords and Heros

Grom The Paunch of Misty Mountain- 255

Orc Big Boss- 136
-Spiteful Sheild
Ulags Akrit Axe

Goblin Shaman 117 Pts.
- Lvl. 1
- Staff of Sneaky Stealin'
- Wolf
Core Choices

20 Night Goblins 135 Pts.
-2 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins 135 Pts.
-2 Fanatics

25 Orc Boys 165 pts.
- musician
- bearer

25 Orc Boys 165 pts.
- musician
- bearer

5 spider riders 70 pts.

5 spider Riders 70 pts.

Special Choices

18 Black Orcs 252 Pts.

6 squig hoppers- 90

2 Rock lobber-140 pts.

2 Spear Chukkas 80

Rare Choices

5 Trolls 200

Total Points- 2010

11-04-2009, 18:36
May i ask if you are trying to follow his army or just a list for krumping stuff?

11-04-2009, 18:59
First thing that springs to mind is that you have one too many Special Choices - Rock Lobbers aren't a 2 for 1 choice.

Other than that, I reckon 5 trolls may be a little unwieldy... and I'd like to see more mobs of boyz... or even gobbos. I'd personally drop a couple of trolls, and the 2nd (illegal) Lobber and get another 20-25 Gobbos.

You also seem a little light on Magic. Is that deliberate? (Oh and what does the shaman do in the game - does he go along with another unit, or just sit around trying to keep out the way :))

I am a fan of Grom though - nice to see him being used.

12-04-2009, 05:42
Nets on an otherwise naked unit of 20 NGs strikes me as odd. -1S won't be enough to save them in combat without the benefit of a full command and 30-35 guys. I'd throw away the nets on one to add full command and 10 guys to the other.