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10-04-2009, 20:39
Hey all, this is my sort of themed WoC chaos list optimised to take advantage of some of the many cool rules of the different marks now available. It used to be a slaanesh only list but I've found the other marks/items way to good to leave at home. However, all the units "look" slaaneshi and all the units are taken in multiples of 6 (slaanesh's sacred #) so you can't blame a guy for trying to make a reasonably effective list, can you? Anyway, what do you all think? Any glaring weaknesses?

Sorc - lvl2, MoS, enchanted shield, infernal puppet (joins warriors)

Sorc - lvl2 , MoT, power familiar, book of secrets
Disc (this is actually my old daemon prince model but I love it so much and since GW made the daemon prince totally worthless, I felt it was fine to use as a sorc on a disc and I haven't had many complaints from my opponents)

Sorc - MoN (or MoT...can't quite decide...both have excellent default spells which is what this guy is going to be casting), black tongue (joins marauders)

Exalted Hero - MoT, sword of might, shield, collar of khorne, favour of gods, BSB
Demonic Mount (joins knights)

18 Warriors - MoS, halberds, shields, full command
24 Maruaders - MoS, light armour, shields, standard, musician
6 Horsemen - MoS, light armour, throwing axes, musician
6 Horsemen - MoS, light armour, flails, throwing axes, musician
6 Warhounds

6 Knights - MoS, full command, war banner
Chariot - MoS

Spawn - MoS
Warshrine - MoS

PD: 9
DD: 5
# of models: 73
Total Points: 2247

A bit lacking in the magic defence department I'm aware, but hoepfully my black tongue/infernal puppet combo can at least slow down the enemies magic phase or stop one entirely. I'm generally biggero n the magic offence anyways and I think in this list it could definitely do some damage. The thing that I've found is that warriors are really slow but if they make it into combat, they'll generally trash whatever they contact. My knights have done excellent every game, absorbing lot's of magic and shooting. The only big weakness I can see is it's really slow and terrible for warmachine hunting. All I've really got is the sorc on disc (who I don't want to expose to too much shooting as he is fairly frail), the horsemen (who evaporate to any shooting/magic thrown their way) and the warhounds (which I generally use to redirect scary things away from my warriors/knights). Any thoughts or suggestions? The spawn is mostly there to stop people from march blocking with scouts and skirmishers...that's the only real reason I have him there...if he can tie up a unit of knights for a while, that is also a good thing.