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04-05-2005, 19:15
If this has been done before or in the recent couple of days then I apologise for re-incarnating old stuff. :confused:

But Howdy!

I was just wondering what everyones top 5 armies would be, just to see what is near the top and what doesn't appear at all.

Well for me it would be:

1)Lizardmen, I just love those dinos.
2)Orcs & Goblins, They are a great laugh and look real good.
3)Wood Elves, Are we we are, are we we are, the waiting.
4)Dark Elves, They look great.
5)Tomb Kings, Always loved the mummty films.

Okey, it would be cool if peeps could post their favourites up.

Cheers to all those who reply.

Major Defense
04-05-2005, 19:49
Cheers back at ya, Quetzl.

1) High Elves - shooty, strong magic, potent customization
2) Lizardmen - uber magic, uber skirmish, cold blooded
3) Chaos - three different armies, stylish like nothing else
4) Bretonnians - crazy lance charges, few weaknesses
5) Empire - detachment tactics, potent gun lines

04-05-2005, 19:55
My top 5 would have to be:

I love the fluff and the feel of this army of hoardy secretive rat-men

You've gotta give a giant handicapped (physically) toad credit for being the best magic user in the game. Not to mention he has cool underlings.

Vampire Counts
I love the feel of being almost dead (or redead) in a game and just raising up another batch of soldiers. and vamps are cool too.

Dog of War
Just an entire army consisting of rag-tag "we'll do anything for money" troops is great.

Gotta respect the honor and faith

Those would have to be my top 5, not neccisarioly for game rules but mostly for look, feel, and fluff of them.

04-05-2005, 20:14
1. Wood Elves. Love the look, the paint schemes and the background. Shame about the last version of the army.
2. Beastmen. Same as above really. Love the minis.
3. Khemri. Good minis, good background. Love the potential moral ambiguity.
4. Dwarfs. Slayers, Ironbreakers. Nuff sed!!!
5. Dark Elves. Quality minis for the most part. Great background just pips High Elves to this position because of the minis.

04-05-2005, 21:41
1. lizardmen. they've got everything
2. Orcs and Goblins. Good fun
3. Tomb Kings. The feel of the army and the background
4. Dark elves. Fast, but fragile, and I like the story behing DE and HE
5. Empire. Because they are so soft and die easily when I hit them

04-05-2005, 22:20
1) Lizards. I love the bright colours, the dinosaurs, and that there's no flesh colours in sight.
2) Wood Elves. Simple enough.
3) Brets. I LOVE how they play, and the simplicity. It makes for a great lazy afternoon game.
4) Chaos Undecided -> Mortals. I love the whole Jim Henson feel to a lot of the models, especially the 5th ed chaos warriors
5) Khorne Daemons. I love red spiky things.

Dirty Fingers
04-05-2005, 22:37
1)Lizardmen: nice colours, dinosaur theme, rock-solid infantry, annoying skirmishers, big beasties, badass characters, and solid psychology. They've got it all.

2)Skaven: Hilarious, great personality, and they can arguably the beardiest army in the game, or the most fun army in the game. That's diversity.

3)Empire: I don't know, they just seem like the army that you always want to root for. They've also got really cool guns and i like their cavalry and fluff.

4)Orcs and Gobbos: Just flat out funny to play and to read about. That and there's something strangely appealing about using a horde of green.

5)Dwarfs: Absolutely solid. Everything is tough. Sure they can be a little boring, but hey, you know what you're getting, and it doesn't suck.

Runner-up: Brettonians. Really close between these guys and dwarfs for me (although the two armies couldn't be more different). I just love the image of an army of hard-ass knights riding across the field, even if they ARE a bitch to paint.

Notice that there are no elves anywhere to be seen in my list. Man i hate those pansies.

04-05-2005, 23:45
My top 5 Warhammer armies... (kinda)

1) Orcs and Goblins.
The only army I have played as in about 8 years in this hobby. I love the character and feel of this army, and they way that it is always a laugh to both play with and against.

However, at the moment, I am plannign to put the greenies aside and start on something new.

2) Dark Elves
I love the background and character of this army, and the new models are some of the best I have ever seen. I've thought about a theme for a Dark Elf army - the only reason I haven't got an army is that a regular opponent fields Dark Elves. Damn it!

3) Vampire Counts
Their Undead and tough as nails. What isn't to like? (apart from the actual Vampire models)

4) Dwarfs
I second Dirty Fingers on this one. Also, my love of Dwarfs harks back to my roleplay days, where I always played a Dwarf character.

5) I dont really have a choice that I am interested in enough to concieve getting an army for. However, standouts include a pure Beastmen army and a Bretonnian army out of the rest.


04-05-2005, 23:59
I've got BoC (usually Slaanesh) which can be good but the no shooting thing can hurt. But the magic makes up for it a bit. They are great in CC. I 've also got dwarves. I must admit the dwarves don't do so well, but that could be my crap generalship...

05-05-2005, 00:41
1) Dwarfs - love the fluff and the 'dependability' factor in-game

2) Dark Elves - Evil and the colour schemes go so well

3) Empire - Shadow of the Horned Rat won me over for some reason

4) Orcs n Goblins - Black Orcs and Fanatics were/are firm faves

05-05-2005, 07:06
1) Lizards. Something about the combination of units in their army just feels right for me. I also rather like their background as the servants of the old ones.
2) Wood Elves. Gotta love Guerrilla armies.
3) Bretonnians: Knights, horses, charge. Nice and simple.
4) Night Goblins: Always good for a laugh
5) [this space for rent] Ok. I can't come up with a 5th army I'd want to commit to over any other army. :o

Gorog Irongut
05-05-2005, 09:29
1. Dwarfs (but you wouldn't be able to tell that just from the fact that I have over 20,000 pts of them.)

2. Wood Elves (my second army ever. They taught me how to play 40K).

3. Vampire Counts (starting first with my Lahmians and never ever doing Necrarchs).

4. Brettonians (although they as a whole are no longer the shining knights of chivalry, that doesn't stop you from fielding yours as if they were. Throw in the ties with the Wood Elves and there you go.)

5. Orcs and Goblins (the only army that I don't actually own on this list. Very cool background and playing style, just a bugger to convert. And to REALLY play them properly they need converting.)

Popular mentions for Skaven and the Dragon Prince High Elf army.

05-05-2005, 09:55
1) Skaven - They were my first army and I just love their life philosophy "I'm the only one that matters and some day I will rule the world", they are nazies and have lazercannons.

2) Beasts of Chaos - They are the true children of chaos and just as crueless as the Skavens.

3) Lizardmen - Most because thier rules and models but they are also of course the true children of something.

4) Dwarfs - They are... I don't know how to say it in English... just, dwarves... Short but big things of just muscles and stubborness.

4) (Orcs and) goblins - Because they're so funny. :D

The boyz
05-05-2005, 10:07
1) Dwarves, I just like their stubborness and and there binge drinking nature. :D

2)Empire, mainly because they where one of the first armies I collected.

3)Lizardmen because I like their minatures range.

4)Skaven mainly because I like their fluff.

5) Dark Elves because they hate High Elves just as much as the Dwarves.

05-05-2005, 12:50
Top five armies

1. Southlands, because skinks are cool
2. Eshin, because ninjas are cool
3. Orc and Goblins, because snotlings are cool
4. Woodelves, because treemen are cool
5. Daemon Horde, because daemonettes are ho..er...cool

Ok ok, so i didn't give real reasons. Southlands because skinks ave always been my favorite troop type. Eshin because i love the fluff and ninjas are undeniably cool. O&G because it was my first ever army, woodelves because i love the whole mythology behind elves and forests and Daemon horde, because i love the models (not in that way :p )

05-05-2005, 13:56
My top five..

1) Ogre Kingdoms - A whole army of fat, well armoured ogres is cool. Especially when you factor in the unusual troops like Yetis, Scraplaunchers, and gorgers. Plus the Maneaters are some of the best models around.
2) Skaven - The army with the best background by a mile. I like the whole make up of the Skaven society from the Grey Seers to the four major clans.
3) Dogs of War - Again a army with nice background, a go-anywhere and kill anything for money attitude really suits the Warhammer World.
4) Wood Elves - They were my first army in 5th and loved the background of the army.
5) Ummmm........

05-05-2005, 21:34

Cheers for helping me and my friends out with our survey, especially on the GW forum itself and just as much on here. Over the past 24hrs we have had quite a nice reponse abd It has given some trends that I wouldn't have forseen if I was a complete outsider. For example I can't believe how many people really like Dark Elves, its quite surprising.

So anyways of thats I shall cut to the statistics so you all can use them as you wish.. Erghuum!

Beasts of Chaos: 15
Basically 1 in 4 people think Beasts of Chaos are great, which is kinda what I would expect seeing as their models are unfortuanetly bad.

Brettonians: 19
Well about 1 in 3 people think that Brettonia are a cool force, and this is respectable as it kind of shows their interest.

Chaos Dwarfs: 3
1 in 20 people like these chaps... Well what can I say... Bigger hats please!

Dark Elves: 21
7 in 20 people like these Dark Elf lads, honestly this surprises me as I would have thought they would have less interest.

Dogs of War: 6
1 in 10 people like Dogs of War, which is pretty good going I would think, so live on randomness.

Dwarfs: 21
7 in 20 just like the Dark Elves, but this is way more understandable.

Empire: 21
7 in 20 people like the Empire which is quite higher than I would have thought.

High Elves: 21
7 in 20 people like the High Elves, probably because of their models and the way they play. **This 7 in 20 values getting old**

Hordes of Chaos: 21
7 in 20 people love the chaos hordes, note this copes for all the gods and daemon armies and of course Undivided **Yeah its a curse the 7 in 20**

Kislev: 3
1 in 10 people like the viking like armies of the Kislevites, but what can I say except it quite chilly up north.

Lizardmen: 30
Exactly half of everyone likes the Lizardmen, this is incredible and I still can't believe it. I've always loved those Dinos?

Ogre Kingdoms: 14
7 out of 30 people like the Ogre Kingdoms, I would have expected more hype about these fatty lads, but obviously gut plates don't turn many people on.

Orcs & Goblins: 29
Near about half of people love the Orcs & Gobbos? Good for all you dudes and dudesses out there who love a good old gree tide.

Skaven: 24
2 out of 5 people like the fury hordes of rat people that pour from underground holes.

Tomb Kings: 14
7 out of 30 people like the Tomb Kings, I definately expected way more.... Come on Egyptians?

Vampire Counts: 12
1 in 5 people have Vampire Counts which is pretty good seeing as their model quality really holds them down.

Wood Elves: 23
2 out of 5 people like the Woodies.... Yeah if I'd asked this question a year ago it would be really low? But I like the woodies too so lets go tree lovers?

Well there ya go, as you can tell the average favourite army is the Lizardmen and Orcs & Goblins, make from it what you will.... I'm off to eat some Cookie poppets and have are real strong coffee.

Cheers to all who gave the info.

Crazy Harborc
06-05-2005, 00:23
Well, I don't push the Lizzies or Chaos Demons. I have 2500 to 5000(plus) points of:
3.Orcs and Goblins
4.High Elves
5.Dark Elves........Five was the limit so there you go.

Then, there's WAB, 40K, War Machine, Starship Troopers (just started it)

06-05-2005, 00:33
1)Dark Elves; sexy miniatures, nasty magic, fast and hard hitting but punishing if you get it wrong. Also, the new armybook makes their history very ambiguous. What were truths about them in the previous edition may only be propaganda by their enemies in this edition.

2)Hordes of chaos; Heavy armour and fur, the imagery of dark fantasy for the last 20 years (the conan movies, frazetta art etc)

3)Skaven; Orks of fantasy (funny, completely unreliable but very powerful), a parody of Nazis in many ways. Too bad there are a few power-gamey elements to the list.

4)Beasts of chaos; Awesome armybook (most characterful), very different playstyle and models that are unique to warhammer.

5)Dwarves; Don't like the models but love the fluff (especially the army book) and character of the army. If the plastics were better I would probably bump these guys up to about 2nd.

06-05-2005, 03:19
Chaos: all forms

Chaos Dwarves: Really cool concept, crap models/list. But I love 'em anyway

Empire: Versatile

DoW: More versatility, especially when added to to Empire ;)

High Elves: Only because I like dragons.

06-05-2005, 11:28
1) Lizardmen - only army I collect. Love the models (dinosaurs are cute! *hugs a carnosaur* :) ) I love the idea of how when alive, Kroak (funny name) was the uber being in the world. It just makes his fluff seem very...mystical. The characters are vicious, and skinks are funny :) Dinosaurs just rock :)

2) Tomb Kings - mummys rock. The casket of souls---ark of the covenent..it rules. Settra...WOW....I would love to have an army just to try and use him. I wish I was a better tactical player since TK may be a bit too much for me though.

3) Skaven - what's there not to love about psychotic ratmen with guns?

4) Daemon Legion - ok..Be'lakor is prob the best or 2nd best fantasy model (not including FW)...Kroq-Gar being a possible better one...so just to use him would rock :)

5) Chaos - the variety, oh the variety!!!



06-05-2005, 11:52
1. Vampire Counts. My first fantasy love. What's not to like about an army of skeletons behaving just the way you want them too all the time?

2. Dark Elves. My other army. Great models, nice background, and a really challenging fighting style on the table.

3. Tomb Kings. What can I say? I just like undead armies. Tough I don't own this army yet, an army of only skeletons and mummies is hard to resist.

4. Wood Elves. This is a bit variable place, but with the sneak peaks of WEs, the place goes to them. They got nice background, are very maneuverable, and are elves...

5. Tough one. There are several other armies I like (well, I like several aspects in most armies), but at the moment I'd go for Lizzardmen.

Surpirising that so many people like Lizzardmen. I wouldn't have thought that...

06-05-2005, 12:02
1. Vampire Counts. My first ever army, I've always loved them and always will!

2. Pure Night Goblins. The comedy! 40 Nigh Goblins = 80pts. The look on an opponents face when you thrash his army with a group of little green Goblins = priceless :p

3. Chaos Dwarfs. They really need to rerelease the cool old models....

4. Tomb Kings. Love Egyptian theming, and the models are so cool.

5. Dark Elves. Cruel, callous murderers.

Da GoBBo
06-05-2005, 12:15
1. Orcs and gobbo's, kind of love at first sight

2. Skaven, don't have anything of that yet, but i'm definitly gonna gather a clan pestilence army when da plastic plague monks are released

3. Undead necromancer zombie horde, can't help it, I like horde armies

4. Dark elves, teriffic models

5. Ogre kingdoms, big brutal orcs, strategicly quite difficult, Subtle magic. I like it

07-05-2005, 20:39
High Elves: Got to love them, honourable, proud, fighting for the evequeen, Ultuan shall never fall!!!

Lizardmen: A very strong second place, very fun, and you got to love the Slann.

Empire: Not a favourite but a respectable allie. They are cheap with lots of numbers.

Orcs and gobos: Just everytime I play them something funny happens, fanatics killing war bosses, was the funnyiest.

Tomb Kings: Always wanted to play them, but haven't got round to it.

Crazy Harborc
07-05-2005, 23:46
The TK archers and their 5 plus to hit with normal moving and or long range. It's a step up when shooting at skirmishers.

IF i were to pick a favorite unit of any WHFB army I push, it would be Bret. Grail Knights, at least while/if they are charging.

08-05-2005, 04:39
1. Dwarfs a) love not having to really mess with the magic phase. I just can't be bothered with all that spell stuff. b) I really like Ironbreakers-the models and the fluff c) the model I use for my general. Its the first model I saw and I just loved it d) the 5th edition flame cannon model; the idea of a flame spouting barrel is just appealing and e) the last reason I'll list- I really like holding grudges

2. Goblins My dwarfs like to hate 'em and its just a riot to see a huge green horde out on the table

3. Empire Defenders of Middenheim- White Wolves=Oversized dwarfs on horses and the Teutogen Guards=oversized hammerers (oh that I could shrink them downand replace the horrible models the darfs have)

4. Dark Elves My brother started an army and I really like the idea of the witch elves.

5. Wood Elves Had trouble picking a 5th so I just went with this because of all the anticipation in the air (and my future wife is starting a wood elf army as soon as they come out)

Crazy Harborc
09-05-2005, 02:06
I do have to admit that my"favorite army" changes every couple of months, sometimes less time than that. Heck, I'm the same when using other systems/rules/armies, I like to change then too. Part of the great thing about wargaming can be choice. Variety is part of tjhe lure of wargaming.....at least for me.

Avatar of Jack
09-05-2005, 02:35
I choose my favourite armies purely on their personality (which is to say their background, story, and models)

1. Empire (and all the armies of man). Being the proud human being that I am, I get a massive kick out of seeing the armies of men beat the paste out of all of the hostile, powerful forces in the world. The empire are a massive power on this world as well, not just the pinky fodder for every other army!. You could say I identify best with the empire ;)

2. High Elves. I associate High Elves with historic Japanese culture, which I love. Dedication, finesse, skill, discipline. It is just so fulfilling to see immaculately crafted and designed high elf armies on the field.

3. Dark Elves. For the exact same reasons as the High Elves. They are a tie for second.

4. Orcs. Because they are the traditional and infinite enemy of the empire, and they bring out the tribal nature of the empire of man. They are a powerful foe, and I absolutely love seeing Orcs kick the crap out of Chaos, Skaven and Undead armies. And they cack me up.

5. All of Chaos. Because I have such a burning need to see them all die. They are the eternal enemy of the good, peace loving nations of the world, and they need to be slain mercilessly because of it!

I don't hate the chaos armies or the fluff or anything, I love it because it makes the Warhammer story exciting and give the world purpose.

09-05-2005, 02:54
#1 Ogre Kingdoms: I just love the look of those big brutes. The tought of an Ogre Lord trashing a giant in combat just sounds like the coolest thing to me. Gnoblars are cool too and they give some variety to the army. Oh and have I mentionned that they actually have ninjas too?

#2 Lizardmen: I kinda regret getting rid of my lizardmen. They were really cool looking with the right mixture of 5th and 6th edition minis. It is also one of the most powerfull list in the game.

#3 Tomb Kings: I like the fluff, the minis and the way they play. I always liked the Egyptian theme and these guys pull it off without looking dorky.

#4 Vampire Counts: My first army! I always liked the dark, gothic feel of the undead. I really enjoyed sending my lord against stuff twice as big, knowing he could easily handle them.

#5 Orcs and Goblins: I really like the barbarian style of the orcs. But truly, I'm a huge goblin fan. I really love how the new goblins look and I wish I had the patience to build an army of them.

01-12-2006, 16:24
My top 5 iz dese

#1 Orcs and Gobbos
#2 Lizarmen
#3 Vampire Counts
#4 Night Elves
#5 Ogers

01-12-2006, 16:24
1: Beasts of Chaos
2: Orcs and Goblins
3: Ogre Kingdom
4: Wood Elves
5: Chaos Dwarfs

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
01-12-2006, 16:39
1) Lizardmen

I've always loved Lizards and reptiles my whole life, so they'll always
take my #1 position in fantasy :D

2) Tomb Kings

I love evil skeleton warriors and egyptian imagery, put the two together
and you get an army I love.

3) Orcs & Goblins

Who doesnt like em ? :) especially love the squigs though :D

4) Chaos Dwarfs

I love that whole babylonian/sumerian (?) look.

5) Wood Elves

Since im a bit of a naturist (dont call me a hippy :P) I like these guys, I especially love Dryads and Tree-men alot.

01-12-2006, 16:44
Would have to be the five that I own

1) VC - as soon as I saw the Black Coach I was smitten.

2) Lizardmen - You cant beat the big beasty dino's.

3) WE - the new minis and the new harder edge to them swung it for me after decades of detesting the arrow chucking pointy ears. :angel:

4) Skaven - My first ever army and currently at 5K, in retirement at the mo, till they sort out 7Th's nerfing of the guns.

5) TK - I have a 3K army, have always loved Egypt, but sadly this army is still in box as I have more tha enough VC to paint, but their time will come! :skull:

Rune of Death
01-12-2006, 17:02
#1.) Dwarves. because they are hard as nails,and very reliable. i used to play against guy's who went spellcaster heavy with their list, i hated it. so dwarves seemed like the army for me.
#2.) orcs and gobblins. just a fun army. sometimes the army play's you.
#3.) bretonnians. love the classic look of the knight's. the fluff is cool.
#4.) chaos. love the mini's.
#5.) empire. love the empire's fight againts chaos. love all the mini's except the new flame wizard.

01-12-2006, 18:52
Ok, so my Top 5 would be

1- Orcs & Goblins - because green is best
2- Wood Elves - I like green armies :D
3- Dwarfs - got to love those little stunties, besides I really like drawing them
4- Chaos (Mortals) - these guys just rock
5 - Ogre Kingdoms - I realy like the plastics ogres and the gnoblars (made a blood bowl team out of them)

god octo
01-12-2006, 19:15
1. Wood elves-My first intorduction to warhammer was the 5th ed WE
2. Dogs of war
3.Vampire counts
4.Beasts of chaos

01-12-2006, 20:49
1. Vampire Counts, love vampires.
2. High Elves, noble protectors of all that is good
3. Orcs and Goblins, for random Waaagh's
4. Lizardmen, some of the coolest models
5. Chaos, got to love the evil guys

01-12-2006, 20:53
1. Empire. To me thay are the main characters in the warhammer world. They also got the richest background.

2. Hordes of chaos. They are what makes warhammer warhammer. This is the most important element in the warhammer world.

3. Skaven. True children of warhammer.

4. Vampire counts. They fit well with the dark background of the warhammer world.

5. Beasts of chaos. What would the forests of the empire be without the beastmen?

01-12-2006, 21:03
1. Bretonnia, I just love knights; oh, and my first fantasy army :)
2. Orks&Goblins, lot conversion possibilities
3. Chaos, only way to bring "vikings" in play was Chaos mortal list
4. High Elves, some best models in game
5. Dwarfs, I once own an army, not any more :cries:

01-12-2006, 21:24
1.Empire- Starting army and shadow of the horned rat really put me in
2.Brets- My runner up starting army consideration
3.Dwarfs- I liked the models themsleves
4. Lizardmen- my dad likes these guys because they make him laugh
5.Cathay- Ok not really an army but I want one to exist

01-12-2006, 21:30
1)Dark Elves:- The models are fantastic, they have, arguably, the best missile troops and fast cavalry in the game. Even before the update they had some of the best infantry and there is so much variety in the nember of themed armies you can play with. They are also very very evil which always helps.

2)High Elves:- High Elf Spearmen are my favourite core unit in the game. Again there is enough variety in the army list that with a bit of patience and practice you can have a lot of fun and a lot of success with myriad army compositions.
Magic is a definite plus and Dragon Princes are the best Heavy cav option in the game (that 18" charge is a killer). It's a shame that there are so many wasted opportunities with some of the elite units and a few of the models need an update.

3)Empire:- You can create a winning army from just your core units and a couple of characters, you don't even have to buy any metal miniatures.
There is also a vast amount you can do to theme your army although I am quite disappointed that Ulric hasn't made it into the new army book. A variant priest and variant 'Great swords/teutogen guard' would have been nice indeed. I'll just have to get by with a proxied army.

4)Chaos Dwarfs:-They're Dwarfs and they're evil but with access to some extremely nasty weaponry and some rather helpful light cavalry.
It's a shame about the terrible hats they seemed to sprout around 4th editiion but that was also the period where the boar centaurs became the much more impressive Bull centaurs so I suppose it balances out.

4)Dwarfs:- Here purely for their fluff and character of models. I don't mind playing with them from time to time but I like a vey mobile army and Dwarfs just aren't. In my heart though I'm a Dwarf through and through and one day I may warm to their style of play.

01-12-2006, 23:31
1) Wood Elves
Been a fan of them for years. The latest incarnation is the best, in my opinion.

2) Empire
Love the background, and the gunpowder in fantasy

3) Dwarfs
Again for the gunpowder aspect, but I also like their runic magic items and the models.

4) Goblins
No orcs, just goblins. Just a fun list!

5) Skaven
The thought of a horder of rat-men pouring up through the ground to attack anywher ein the world...

andy demoe
01-12-2006, 23:56
2.tomb kings
3.dogs of war

02-12-2006, 00:33
1. Chaos mortals /daemons - The archetypal bad guys, but that's what makes them fun. Big armored troops and twisted daemons make for great mini's. the variety helps to keep them frsh, although you do start to miss that shooting phase after a while.

2. Chaos Dwarves - Evil dwarves who create diabolical machines, what's not to like? If they had an updated army book, I'd be playing them right now...

3. Empire - Eagerly awaiting my first steps with this army once the army deal arrives. Their 'jack of all trades, master of none' style of play will be very refreshing after playing Chaos, the new models look great, and I love both the zealous religious side and the steampunk side of the army.

4. Wood Elves - I like the idea of a fast, mobile elite army, and they do have some gorgeous models. If the treemen/kin mini's werent so damn ugly, I'd possibly be playing them instead of Empire.

5 Orcs and gobbos - Was another serious contender for my next army, because of their raw, chaotic nature, but the new models just didn't do anything for me. Love the background, though.

5 least favourite armies ('best' to worst): Bretonnia (too limited in playing style), Lizardmen (not a bad army, but the dino theme just doesn't do anything for me), Ogre Kingdoms (again, not my thing), High Elves (phallus-hat flamers unite!) and my least favourite og all: pure Beasts of Chaos (don't like the models, the theme, or the style of play...)

02-12-2006, 00:45
My top five would have to be.....

1. Wood Elves.... Just love the models...

2. Lizardmen..... Always loved the concept of reptilian warriors:D

3. Brentonia..... Also just love the models....

4. Beastmen/Chaos.... They just plain cool.....

5. Skaven..... Rats, whats not to like....?

Alfginnar Oakenshield
02-12-2006, 08:01
Well... I've got one top army and thats unarguably dwarfs (!). I love the character that runs through the entire army, the background and I also love the challenge they represent.
They are very geared towards a static, (boring) defensive style and I like to prove that they can do well otherwise and be enjoyable to play.

Other than that my preferences change week by week.

Number 2 would be Empire. Because of their versatility both in background and gameplay. I also like human wizards.

Number 3 is Ogres. I love the convertability of the models, and the fact that you can do your best on each model and still get an army on the table.

4 and 5 is a real mixed cauldron. If truth is to be told, there no armies in WHFB that I don't like - and I could see myself collecting and playing them all. Elves (of either kind - depending on mood) would probably reside around here as would Vampire Counts. But ask me again next week and the answer is different.


02-12-2006, 14:06
Here's my top 5:

1) Chaos Khorne
2) Dark Elves
3) High Elves
4) Orcs and Goblins
5) Tomb Kings

03-12-2006, 00:17
This is easy:
#1. Ogre Kingdoms: Who wouldn't like a big, fat, angry man trying to eat you? Now imagine an entire room filled with them. Some of them have really big sticks, some have cannons. Some even have fur and play in the woods.

#2. Bretonnians. Yeah, you just got beat by a guy who wears puffy pants. Not that you can tell they're puffy as he gallops at you ontop of a purebred warhorse, in full plate armor, with a lance. Knights+Pegasus+Chivalry=cool.

#3. Tomb Kings. I absolutely love the egyptian-esque feel. I always FEEL undead when I play with Tomb Kings, they just have such a visual and play attraction that it's hard to keep them out of the top 5.

#4. Beasts of Chaos. HOLY CRAP batman! Those new models are COOL! I was origionally drawn to Warhammer by the Bretonnians and the Beastmen. Both had excellent models, and incredibly different styles of play. That, and the idea of a goat-man eating some screaming child just makes me happy.

#5. Orcs. Screw the goblins, I want more insane fungoid meat-eaters. Anything from Black Orcs to savage orcs, I love them all. They're an incredibly varied(and now, very infantry slanted) aggressive army, something different. And green.


03-12-2006, 01:12
1)Night Goblins - I love all the Night Goblin minis

2)Ogre Kingdoms - Huge fat and angry caveman Ogres...what not to like?

3)Chaos - I like Chaos in all its forms.

4)Wood Elves - I love all the forest dwelling elves.

5)Skaven - Secretive ratmen. The army just has a special place in my heart;)

03-12-2006, 03:16
1) Ogre Kingdoms- I love the look and convertability of the models, and I seem to be drawn to savage, bestial armies. But I get my **** handed to me 98% of the time I play with them.

2) Orcs and Goblins- Once again I seem to be drawn to savage, bestial armies, plus i really enjoy the complete chaos, in fact i'd say that they are much more chaotic than chaos.

3) Chaos Beastmen- Ya ya, savage bla, bla. They have beautiful models(though alot of the special choices could use updates). And they seem to exemplify chaos much better than the other chaos armies (but not as well as O&G's)

4) Brettonians- The models are great, and I like the more historical medival feel that they have. To me fantasy is about swords and lances, not rockets and robo horses.

5) Tomb Kings- Once again, the look gets me, plus the truly unique style of play is really cool.

Asrai Wraith
03-12-2006, 09:39
1) Wood Elves (Love the models)
2) Dark Elves (Like the Repeater Crossbows)
3) Orcs (Love the Doom Diver)
4) Empire (Nice models)
5) Dwarfs (Like the character models)

03-12-2006, 09:44
1) Daemonic Legion - Tzeentch -horrors are the archetypal daemon
2) Tomb Kings - wonderful egyptian theme and the army with the least chance element
3) Daemonic Legions - Undivided - super strong
4) Wood Elves - well themed
5) Skaven - I'm rodentphobic, so I've got to play them

03-12-2006, 09:48
Heres mine;

1) Chaos - the Archetupal enemy and my first and only Warhammer army
2) Vampire Counts - ther potential is limitless and I loved Hammer Horror
3) Dark Elves - so perverted and twisted that it made me smile
4) Bretonnians - nothing beats a wall of steel
5) Tomb Kings - Mummies, chariots and living statues - what more is there to say?

03-12-2006, 16:26
1. Dark Elves - Wonderful models and background. They were my first army.
2. Vampire Counts - I love gothic horror, braaains.
3. High Elves - Noble and pure, pah.
4. Empire - So flexible and great potential
5. Slaaneshi Chaos - Well

03-12-2006, 17:00
1) Skaven...y just love tose rat man xD. And how they pursuit the cavrly for all the table xD

2) Dwarf... they are strong... they are fat ...they have beard xD what more they needxD

3) Chaos Nurgle.... I like a lot the fluf of nurgle xD

4) dog of war ... They have everiting :P and they know he true power of the money xD

5) Vampire Count: I`m a big fan of George Romero and the zombies movies xD

03-12-2006, 17:07
1) Orcs and Goblins. Current army, easy to make a themed army list, and the models look great.
2) Tomb Kings. Starting army, nice fluff, I love Egypt, but all those bones!
3) Dwarfs. Never forget a grudge, and the models are nice too.
4) Wood Elves. Protect the forest, I like archers!
5) Dark Elves. Pretty Gothic, cool fluff, nice spiky things:angel:

03-12-2006, 17:30
1) Empire - my first army, verital and a nice gunline.
2) Vampire Counts - Great diversity, great magic.
3) Ogre Kingdoms - Superb in close combat, cool models, strong units although very few in numbers.
4)Dark elves - Spiky elven death, sadistic, revarding if played correct whit.
5) Wood Elves - death from afar...need i say more?!

03-12-2006, 22:08
High Elves
Vampire Counts
Chaos (Khorne)

In that order. :)

03-12-2006, 22:39
1. VC, best winning percentage.
2. DoW second best winning percentage.
3. Daemons, hard to play but fun!
4. Ogre Kingdoms, I like the army concept.
5. Tomb Kings, they're undead!

04-12-2006, 02:25
Chaos Dwarfs
Dogs of War
Tomb Kings
Dark Elfs
Wood elfs

04-12-2006, 02:40
1. Bretonnians: They may have gotten a bad rep in terms of "cheesiness" but nothing beats the glorious sight of Knights charging down the battlefield to smite the evil enemy.

2. Tomb Kings: Second most stylish army in the game, and downright impressive if used properly.

3. Lizardmen: Awesome models and fluff. Plus the Aztec stylings are a whiff of originality.

4. Chaos: Customizability and power. And the Warrior models are pretty...

5. Vampire Counts: Hordes of undead backed by mighty Vampires make for very vivid imagery. Their rules aren't bad either.

04-12-2006, 08:17
1. Chaos Undivided
2. Chaos Slaanesh
3. Chaos Tzeentch
4. Chaos Khorne
5. Chaos Nurgle


Bingo the Fun Monkey
05-12-2006, 08:12
1) Orcs and Goblins: minis, character, play style, variety...they have it all (except dicipline but who needs that?). A staple of any good campaign :-p.

2) High Elves: they were my first army. I don't own any anymore, but gosh, read the 5th ed book. Wow, that'll stick in anyone's hear forever.

3) Skaven: I think these guys are another take on what is behind the greenskins: the fun horde army...they just have a sicker, darker twist. The 4th ed army book's complete history is almost as captivating as its high elven counterpart. I also loved both book's descriptions of their domains (still a lot more detail than those Dwarf Holds). I do not collect them, however, as most of the important (core) plastics are pants...and whats a skaven army without its clanrats and slaves? The night runners are the same.

4) Dwarfs: the psychology, the imagery and the models make these guys very close to my heart (the only other army i own besides O/G). However, their play-style is not to my bloodthirsty taste (why shoot when you can hack? why recieve a charge when you can dish one out?).

5) This is a tough one... I'm no elf-fanboy, but the dark elves are nice. Their counterstory to the High Elven tale is captivating. These guys are lean and mean. The whole cold steel cruelty thing is nifty...they are more genuinely evil than Chaos or Undead. The models are second to none (I hate to admit I like their models even more than my orcs!). I always felt their playstyle is intersting. I especially like the beastmasters (unfortunately the Karond Kar...or was it Klar Karond... portion of the army is the weakest link in the model range). I'd do a monster army if I could.

06-12-2006, 03:14
1. Orcs and Goblins - Highly entertaining rules and models, and they're cheap and varied enough to do pretty much anything you want with them. Win or lose, every game is a riot with these guys.

2. Dark Elves - Models are fun, but I like them mainly for their background and very mobile playstyle.

3. Vampire Counts - Purely for the Zombie Goodness. :D

4. Chaos Dwarfs - Slaves and Demon-powered war machines/industry for the win! Pity about the lack of models or army book though. :(

5. Wood Elves - Guerilla Warfare and massed bowfire is a playstyle that really appeals to me. The models are also pretty ace.

Unsurprisingly, I already have armies of various sizes for the top three.

Armies I don't like would be Bretonnians (very limited play style and too many colours!), Chaos Mortals/Demons (once again a relatively limited playstyle, plus I don't really like their background) and Lizardmen (good at everything, but just don't seem to have any personality).

06-12-2006, 04:23
1)Tree Spirits
-there is nothing quite like the forest comming alive and laying waste to its enemies

-both the fighting style and fluff of the Asria is good times.

3)Beasts of Chaos
-has some of the savage nature feel that the Asrai are missing. I am a really big fan of the dragon ogre fluff, to bad the models are so poor.

-I have a hard time figuring out why i like the lizards, they are just really cool. Im glad that at least one army in the game has a First Nations theme (stfu about the Asrai being First Nations, thats nonsense). I think I just have a nerdrection for camo-skinks.

5)Chaos Mortals
-I have this desire to build a Le Tene Celtic army and I am thinking chaos mortals would be my best bet (though I could be wrong and suggestions are appreciated). Sadly its still a really sucky fit and there are lots of things I would like that would be hard to represent in a chaos army...actually wait...i could use beasts as the normal infantry...with maurader type models to represent them...hmmm

Anyways that is my top 5 at the moment.

07-12-2006, 06:34
1) Dwarfs
- Just the best, cant beat a static army that can outshoot ant other army

2) Empire
- Like dwarfs but with cavalry :), i like having lots and lots of infantry as well

3) Lizardmen
- look really cool :) - love carnosuar rules + model, saurus are good as well

4) Brettonia

5) High elves
- Very nice models, reasonable fluff and i love phoenix guard :)

07-12-2006, 07:02
... for all the reasons other have posted for these armies: figures, playing style, background ...

1. Dark Elves
2. Skaven
3. Dwarfs
4. Orcs & Goblins
5. ... up for grabs ...

12-12-2006, 19:20
I like

1)Orcs and Goblins: 1st and only army
2)Empire: I love the human protagonists
3)Ogre Kingdoms: I like them on their own though they could use another unit or two and also like em cause I can add em to my army as DOW.
4)Beastmen: I like beasts of chaos cause their playing style is so unique.
5)Like Brets: Love the honor and heraldry etc. Knight vs Dragon potential

I have to say however all the armies have their charm for me. Others are not far behind and I go through my stages so my feelings change. Only O&G stays ontop for me prob for all time. I would love Vampire Counts if they got some shooting back and better models.

13-12-2006, 11:05
My top five would have to be:

1. Hordes of Chaos - This is my current army, and I just love the mortal models, and all the choices available.

2. Orcs and Goblins - The first army book I bought, but they never really got started. The book just sat, and gather dust before I moved to Chaos.

3. Ogre Kingdoms - A nice idea, and I hope to use some of the great models for making chaos ogres.

4. Empire - Would be the most next army after I finish off my chaos horde. I like the models, and want to go with a "good" side army after going with the "bad."

5. Beasts of Chaos - I like the models (:wtf: ), and they look pretty neat.

Those are my choices, and I would have put Zombie Pirates WOOT! WOOT!, but thought it wasn't really one of the core armies. ;)

13-12-2006, 20:17
vampire counts
tomb kings
chaos dwarfs
high elves

14-12-2006, 05:35
1. Lizardmen: My most recent army - I started them only in September while taking a graduate liberal credit at university on pre-columbian mesoamerican civilizations, and I have fallen madly in love with them. Huanchi's Blessed totem is, imo, the best magic item in the game; on a unit of COR, I can march them around a terrain feature to face a unit's flank, then finish the "charge" with the banner. Beautiful.

2. Dwarves: My very first army - started playing them in the summer of 1990, and even though I rarely field them anymore, I love each and every one from the new Thorgrim on the top shelf to the 70 spearmen on the bottom shelf collecting dust.

3. Skaven: My 'Best General' army - I've gotten many a "Top 3" finish with these guys, and my friends refuse to play against them. Five ratling guns and two cannons isn't cheap, its Skaven! Seriously though, I've always been in love with the idea of plague and rats in fantasy (which leads me to #5 below) and the new clan Pestilence figs are amazing, and I really loved painting them too.

4. Empire: My personal army - which goes against my grain of fantasy thought. See, I'm a firm believer that fantasy should stay away from RL, in that I hate WWII themed IG armies, Crusades themed Brets and, most of all, Napoleonic themed Empire ... but a while ago I did some research on my heritage and ended up painted an empire army slightly off-Averlander (the black was really a deep blue) to represent the distance back to which my family can be traced ( 16th century Silesia and, to a lesser extent, Bohemia ). I also find them extremely fun to field, especially against other Empire armies, as I feel those games always involve a lot more strategic thought.

5. Nurgle: My most converted army - and the best use of my massive bits collection. Back in high school, when I was a lowly 'Red Shirt' (although for a time we had these cool blue shirts with beige collars) I made a massive bits order of old figs that got horribly botched. I was looking for old undead metals for my VC army, but ended up with a huge lot of beast of nurgle bits; mostly the cool tentacles, not enough to make any complete beasts of course. I was upset at first, but then said "what the hell, chop 'em up!" and my first nurgle daemon prince was born soon after. The army is a mix of everything; from Daemonic legions plagueriders to pestigors, its always fun to field.

Vampire Counts just missed the cut, as I'm none too fond them on the field of battle anymore. There was a time when Undead would top my list without a question (I'm a HUGE horror film buff) but as it stands, I'm just waiting until the new list and figs come out. I know they're working on doing away with the bloodlines, but I sure hope they make some sweet Strigoi figs. As it stands, I don't believe GW ever made Strigoi figs, did they? Anyone? I don't recall ... :rolleyes:


14-12-2006, 06:21
1.) Orcs & Goblins - There is something that is just great about being mean and green:D

2.) High Elf - Great fluff, awesome cav, army looks like an army, powerful magic

3.) Chaos - What don't they have? So many options, crazy models, converter's dream

4.) Chaos Dwarf - Why must they torture me?:cries: I played Chaos Dwarves for about 5 years before 2000 rulebook. I still have my army and ain't givin' it up.:evilgrin:

5.) Ogre Kingdoms - A bunch of fat guys that want to beat everyone up and eat non-stop. Sounds most gamers to me.:D Excellent plastic kits. I can't wait to start painting my army.

14-12-2006, 07:50
Dwarves - warriors
Vampire Counts - summonners
High Elves - Cavalry
Wood Elves - Firepower
Chaos - Expensive but effective

ogre kingdoms - super tough, but low model count made it miss the cut
empire - probably the most balanced. low-cost infantry with lots of artillary, but not speciallised enough and easy to pick apart piece by piece when you know how

Danger Rat
14-12-2006, 13:09
1. Dwarfs - my first wfb army and still my favourite, I just love the background and everything to do with stunties

2. Skaven - great background and great fun to play. very pinky and the brain

3. Dark Elves - because they aren't tree huggers or pointy eared nancy boys

4. Tomb Kings - Dead egyptians!!

5. Vampire Counts - Zombies!!!

14-12-2006, 13:49
1) Chaos (including beasts). So much versatility and strength, a general's dream.
2) Wood elves. My lord the new line of models look good.
3) Lizardmen. Great style and backstory. Great models too, Carnosaur rocks.
4) All the rest except:
15) Orcs. A bit too silly for me.

14-12-2006, 14:01
Chaos (all 3) - so many troops, such power, so much character, I also believe they are balanced better than many other armies, their almost complete lack of firepower helps to justify the inclusion of such powerful characters and units

Dark Elves - The best miniature range in the game (bar none) I hope they dont tinker too much with them with the new army book release, They are a thinker's army, and as such are the least 'point and click' army in the game. (they're also the most satisfying to win with too)

Ogre Kingdoms - They have some great miniatures (maneaters and the hunter are particularly incredible) and they dont play like most other armies. They're not overpowered, which means when you win, you won fair and square.

Greenskins - Mainly goblins, I just love the idea of a horde of gibbering goblins poking all kinds of monsters around with sticks, drugging their mates to become psycho fanatics, and shamans high on magic mushrooms!

Wood Elves - They again have a great miniature range, I love the idea of neutrality that they have, the forest spirits are cool, and the inbuilt animosity between drycha and the treemen and the elves is pretty cool. They also have some great magic items.