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10-04-2009, 23:30
Ok, this is my first attempt at a 1,000 point list, so please, rip it to shreds. I haven't bought anything yet, so this is all just ideas. Also I have never played a games of WHFB in my life, I've watched a few and briefly read over the rules.

-Level 2 Wizard
-Dispel Scroll
-Power Gem
175 pts.

Glade Guard x 10
126 pts.

Glade Guard x 10
126 pts.

Glade Guard x 10
126 pts.

Wardancer Troupe x 10
187 pts.

Tree Kin x 4
260 pts.

Total Points: 1,000
Total Models: 45
Total Power Dice: 5 + Power Gem
Total Dispel Dice: 3 + Dispel Scroll

I am sort of confused on the Power Dice, the way I'm reading the Rules, it says that I get 2 - then the Level 2 Wizard can use 3. So does that mean that ANY Wizard in my Army may tap into the Pool (2), and the only Wizard in my army (Spellsinger) may use up to 3 additional?

And the "Fantasy Army:" isn't rendering properly for some reason, it goes down to "Warriors of Cha," so it doesn't finish WoC and it leaves Wood Elves cut off. I will try to edit it later...

EDIT: I can't see how to change the "Fantasy Army:" but I also wanted to add: If anything on here is illegal, please tell me. I have the Army Book but I might have missed something.

11-04-2009, 01:31
a wizard may use 1 dice more than their power level for each spell they cast, provided you have enough power dice to do that. You start with 2 pool dice that any of your wizards can use, and then each wizard generates 1 dice per their level which only they can use.

So your list generates 4 dice, plus how ever much you get from the power gem (stone?). but he only can use 3 per spell.

Hope that helps.

Also, you could probably get by without the dispell scroll. Theres not a huge amount of magic flying around in friendly 1000pt games. Plus, there's probably a more fun item for those 20 some odd points.

11-04-2009, 05:42
I reread the Rules and actually I think I wouldn't even be allowed to take both Power Gem and Despel Scroll. I think I'll take your advice and just use the Gem.

Then with 25 points, I could split the Wardancers into two units of 5 each with a Musician. I would have enough points for exactly 1 more Wardancer.

I could also leave the Wardancers as they are and buy Magical Arrows for the Spellsinger, but I think I'd be wanting to keep her out of range from enemies and 1 unsavable BS4 S3 hit every turn isn't really worth 25 points in my mind...

11-04-2009, 06:41
you need at least a dryad screen for them wardancers.

replace the treekin and 1 unit of glade guards for at least two units of dryads (size of your choice.

run the glade guards naked. they are throw away infantry.

at the end, you might have enough points to split the wardancers into two units of 6 - 7.

magic at games under 1.5k points are at times negliable.

i'd invest in a combat character like a wardancer lord for more punch.

i used to play woodelves and i essentially ran a near all skirmish list of dryads and wardancers.

i had two units of 10 glade guards as "throwaway and annoy the enemy" with peppering shots.

for bigger games you would eventually need a treeman (or two :p) and BSB (to shadow the treeman so they do not run away)

i totally ignore magic defense for my wood elf army and focused totally on closing the gap and beating the opponent's face in with MSUs.

but this was in 6th edition... 7th edition is rather unkind to woodelves because all the new , better army books that can shrug off the little tricks the WE are capable of.

11-04-2009, 15:28
I wanted the Tree Kin because I am going to be playing Ogres quite often, not soley, but often. It seemed like they were the only thing capable of charging Ogres or recieving a charge without being obliterated.

I do really like Dryads though, and the Wardancer Hero would probably be a better use of points, it'd be cheaper and would help them in CC.

Wood Elf Noble
-Wardancer Kindred
-Blades of Loec
-A Pageant of Shrikes?
165 pts. (140 pts. w/o "A Pageant of Shrikes.")

I might leave it off, it doesn't seem like you'd use it that much, but it could be helpful for getting a wound on a Mage or something..
EDIT: Ok, I revised the list: how does this look?

Wood Elf Hero
-Wardancer Kindred
-Blades of Loec
140 pts.

Glade Guard x 10
120 pts.

Glade Guard x 10
120 pts.

Glade Guard x 10
120 pts.

Dryads x 10
120 pts.

Dryads x 11
136 pts.

Wardancer Troupe x 6
115 pts.

Wardancer Troupe x 7
133 pts.

Total Points: 1,000
Total Models: 65
Total Power Dice: 2 (Useless - but I want to keep the form.)
Total Dispel Dice: 1 (Can I even try to Dispel something of I don't have any Wizards?)

I would have the Hero join the Wardancers of 6, and I'm not sure about the Musician, I mean, they'd be at Ld 9, but I don't want the 255 pt. unit running off the table, that's over a quarter of my Army.

The Red Scourge
11-04-2009, 15:49
but this was in 6th edition... 7th edition is rather unkind to woodelves because all the new , better army books that can shrug off the little tricks the WE are capable of.

Don't believe this one, there aren't any better army books than WE. There might be some with some rather silly combos, but there are no better armies. Mine never leaves the battlefield without celebrating another massacre.

Your army looks fine, a little too shooty for my taste, as the game is usually won in CC. I've got a few pointers though; never let your units pass the 200 pt. mark so take the 4th treekin away.
Dryads are your friends units of 8 at 96 pts thats probably the best unit in the whole game, you can do without, but they're that good.
Vary your units when you field an army and have no duplicate units, your opponent will have a hard time finding a place to focus. WE have no subpar units (i.e. black guards vs executioners etc.). When you field a clearly defined army based on glade guards, your opponent will have an easy time robbing you of one of your weapons. A varied army will of course also reward you with infinitely varied battles, as you'll be able to adapt to any enemy.

Also head over to asrai.org, its a much better place on info on WE :)

11-04-2009, 15:57
Also head over to asrai.org, its a much better place on info on WE :)

Aha, thank you =)

I will do that now, and I've thought about trying to incorporate Glade Riders in because the Battalion is such a good deal and it comes with them...

12-04-2009, 01:03
Dryads can take on Ogres...

3 Ogres = 120mm frontage

5 Dryads =125mm

So you can get 6 Dryads into combat with 3 Ogres. 12 WS4 S4 attacks with To4 and 5+ WS vrs. 9 WS3 S4 attacks with To 4 and rarely any armor save. Ironguts get a 6+ AS and are S6 but otherwise the same.

Because of the ability to pass through terrain Ogres can't and the 360Deg charge from being Skirmishers, Dryads really get the jump on the faster Ogres. Ogres go fast straight ahead. Dryads go pretty fast everywhere.

Keep Dryads away from Characters and Yhettes and you should be fine using them against Ogres.

I play both armies and know who they stack up against each other. I really hate taking on WEs when playing my Ogres.

12-04-2009, 04:43
dude drop tree kin and get x2 5 glade riders
drop wardancers for driads units of 8 and set up gang charges

12-04-2009, 08:24
The only change to your current list I would make is swapping one unit of glade guard for a unit of glade riders. Not so useful against ogres as the lack of rank bonuses limits the role of the unit but would give you more tactical options in the long run and helps vary things up.