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11-04-2009, 02:43
Lords and Heroes

Lord of Change (450)
- Level 4 (85)
- Tzeentch’s Will (70)
- Spell Breaker (25)

Total = 630

Herald of Nurgle (115)
- Staff of Nurgle (50)
- BSB (25)
- Great Standard of Sundering (50)

Total = 240

Herald of Nurgle (115)
- Staff of Nurgle (50)

Total = 165

Herald of Khorne (100)
- Firestorm Blade (25)
- Armor of Khorne (15)
- Juggernaut (50)

Total = 190


Plaguebearers of Nurgle x14 (168)
- Musician (6)
- Plagueridden (12)

Total = 186

Plaguebearers of Nurgle x14 (168)
- Plagueridden (12)
- Musician (6)

Total = 180

Chaos Furies x6 (72)

Chaos Furies x5 (60)

Horrors of Tzeentch x10 (120)

Horrors of Tzeentch x10 (120)


Flamers of Tzeentch x4 (140)

Bloodcrushers of Khorne x2 (140)

Overall Total = 2249


There's an RT at my local game store tomorrow, and I'll be bringing my demons to a tourney for the first time.

Magic is the main part of the list with the two units of Horrors, Greater Chicken, and two Staffs of Nurgle. The Flamers are the obvious auto-include for shooting. The two blocks of Plaguebearers would like to get in combat, but they're really more for points denial and shields for the staff-wielding Heralds. I put the Bloodcrushers and Herald of Khorne to show that I'm being "nice" (I'd rather not have my comp more than Very Tough), and hopefully they'll ram through some enemy cavalry. The Furies go for the warmachines.

My concern is that I don't have enough magic defense. I have 6 dispel dice until my Horrors get shot up, and only one scroll. The Standard of Sundering should help, but I was thinking about changing it to the Banner of Hellfire so that I can eliminate enemy skirmishers/fast cav trying to march block my Plaguebearers.

I'd really appreciate comments and advice. Thanks in advance. :)

11-04-2009, 03:30
6DD, scroll and Sundering not enough? What are you expecting to be facing that your Daemons cannot smash through?

11-04-2009, 04:35
Heavy magic High Elf lists and Vampire Counts. I guess I'm too used to playing very heavy magic lists...