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Phoenix Blaze
11-04-2009, 19:12
Right, the Ring of Barahir, given to Barahir by Finrod (I think, memory's a bit hazy), and passed down to Beren and from him through the Numenoreans and finally to Aragorn, but, well how?

When Beren and Luthien finally died a second death, it had been a while since anyone had seen them, so was the ring given to Dior when he went back to Doriath?

I'm sure this is all mentioned in the Silmarillion or Lost Tales or something, but I haven't the mind to go through them looking for such information.

Eventually it will have been something that the Edain took to Numenor and then Elendil and his sons took to Middle Earth, but there just seems to be some bits missing. It's all very neat and tidy.

11-04-2009, 19:55
Hmm thats a good question, IIRC Dior gave to his daughter Elwing and she to Elros. Then Tar-Elendil gave it to his daughter Silmariën who gave it to her son Valandil, first Lord of Andúnië. It was then handed down to Elendil. Can't remember where I read about it though.

12-04-2009, 13:42
It is mentioned in Appendix A (iii) when Arvedui gives it to the Snowmen of Lossoth. In a curious footnote it says "In this way the ring of the House of Isildur was saved; for it was afterwards ransomed by the Dunedain. It is said that it was none other than the ring which Felagund of Nargothrond gave to Barahir, and Beren recovered at great peril."

When Elendil leaves Numenor, Tolkien mentions especially the Palantirs and the tree later planted in Minas Tirith, but not the ring.


Phoenix Blaze
12-04-2009, 19:55
It could be included in treasures that Elendil brought. When the Edain left Middle Earth, they took things like Huor's (or was it Tuor's) axe or some such weapon along with other artifacts. The ring of Barahir was surely among them, but I'd like to know how he got it from Numenor to Middle Earth as it was bound to be guarded, or be something the King would wear, meaning Ar-Pharazon would have it, but then again, maybe not as he was all about his own legend rather than falling in line with the greats of the past.

13-04-2009, 08:56
As you say, it must have been among the treasures brought to Middle Earth by Elendil and his sons. There is mentioned a story where Isildur sneaks into Ar-Pharazon's court to steal a fruit from Nimloth and almost getting killed, but no mention of the ring.

In my view, it is most likely that an heirloom that so clearly symbolized friendship with the Elves would have fallen out of grace long before Ar-Pharazon, but keep its worth among the Elf-friends. Perhaps the ring was carried by Isildur's line for a long time before the Fall. If it was still a royal heirloom at that time, Miriel (Ar-Pharazon's wife) would have been likely to keep it.

Besides, Numenor hoarded vast amounts of treasures during its two thousand years. Kings were more than likely to add to the royal heirlooms, and it is also mentioned that they were buried with great treasures.


13-04-2009, 14:46
How did the Ring of Barahir end up in Middle-earth following the Downfall?

The King's sword was indeed Aranrúth, the sword of Elu Thingol of Doriath in Beleriand, that had descended to Elros from Elwing his mother. Other heirlooms there were beside: the Ring of Barahir; the great Axe of Tuor, father of Eärendil; and the Bow of Bregor of the House of Bëor. Only the Ring of Barahir father of Beren One-hand survived the Downfall; for it was given by Tar-Elendil to his daughter Silmarien and was preserved in the House of the Lords if Andunië, of whom the last was Elendil the Faithful who fled from the wrack of Númenor to Middle-earth. Quote taken from Unfinished Tales Part 2 Chapter I Description of the Island of Númenor.

Then from Elendil Isildúr inherited the Ring of Barahir and it became an heirloom for the northern line. I presume Isildúr wore it at Gladden Fields and gave it to Ohtar when he entrusted the shards of Narsil to his esquire.

When the Northern Kingdom ended. the Ring of Barahir along with the shards of Narsil, the star of Elendil, and the sceptre of Annúminas were kept in Rivendell.

The Ring of Barahir was indeed given to the chief of the Lossoth by Arvedui:

He thanked him, and at parting gave him his ring, saying: "This is a thing of worth beyond your reckoning. For its ancientry alone. It has no power, save the esteem in which those hold it who love my house. It will not help you, but if ever you are in need, my kin will ransom it with great store of all that you desire.

The ring was subsequently ransomed by the Dúnedain.

Elrond gave the Ring of Barahir to Aragorn when he was 20 after 'great deeds in the company of the sons of Elrond' .

In TA 2980 Aragorn gave the ring to Arwen: Aragorn gives her the ring of Barahir. and they plight their troth upon the hill of Cerin Amroth.

Quotes taken from LOTR Appendix A.

Phoenix Blaze
13-04-2009, 18:14
Thanks for the references Brandir, it was something that had just bugged me for some time.

(another bugging thing is that Aragorn and Arwen are related!).

23-04-2009, 21:43
It may no longer have been considered a royal heirloom, since it passed to the Lords of the Andúnië, therefore there wouldn't have been a need to recover it from Ar Pharazon.

23-04-2009, 21:50
It was probably no longer seen as a royal heirloom by the later kings of Númenor as it was a gift from an Elf; possibly it was even seen as a tainted item.

But the Lords of Andúnië probably revered it, especially after the Downfall.