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12-04-2009, 14:45
Attention to any long time White Dwarf collectors out there. I have a question in regards to an article that apeared in that issue.
PM me if you happen to have this one.


12-04-2009, 15:10
OK I KNOW I'm going to regret this - but - wouldnt it be simpler to post the question?

12-04-2009, 15:40
OK I KNOW I'm going to regret this - but - wouldnt it be simpler to post the question?


There is a copy up on Ebay right now. I'll probably have to resort to bidding on it.


12-04-2009, 16:05
I have that issue. What do you want to know?

12-04-2009, 16:10
PM sent.


12-04-2009, 17:59
That was one of the first WDs I bought. Ah, the waves of nostalgy washing all over the place...

Templar Ben
12-04-2009, 18:52
I have an issue 152 that has Salamanders on the cover before they had black skin. It cam with a transfer sheet and has rules for using Yarrick and Ghazghkull in 40K games as well.

I only post that in case there is a difference in US and UK issues.

13-04-2009, 15:18
Now I really want to know what this is about, would PM but we haven't been formally introduced yet...

13-04-2009, 15:46
I agree; Trench Raider is being wonderfully mysterious. :)

I think I've still got that transfer sheet lying around somewhere. :)

13-04-2009, 22:12
That issue also had an article about building woods and hills (topic that has been oft revisited since then), first appearance of Empire outriders, an article about dwarf holds (most of which made it to the Dwarf army book next year) and the first part of a Gotrek and Felix story (completed in the next issue, and later appearing in the Skavenslayer book).