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Nu Fenix
13-04-2009, 01:10
I was wondering, what made you pick the force you have, for either SBG or WOTR, and if they are different for each, why?

Were there some models you saw, and just thought you wanted an army based around them?

Were there scenes from the books or movies that you wanted to recreate, cheering on one of the sides, maybe even wondering if you could have changed things?

Was it the background, and you just liked the idea of being the main defence against Sauron's forces and so wanted to go for Gondor, maybe even a sub-group such as the siege of Minas Tirith, for example?

Was it for the rules, and after reading you felt some seemed better or more interesting mechanically, and the models weren't as important?

Was it the fact you wanted to pick something no-one else locally was using, or not using well, and so could try out something different?

For many people, I can't see just one of the above being the reason for your chosen force.

I know it's a random thing to ask, but I felt that whilst many people are getting into LOTR for WOTR, as well as working out army lists, tactics and rules questions, we could do with something lighter to talk about.

For myself, it is the Fallen Realms, specifically the Easterlings. I loved the models, as they stood out when compared to both the forces of Evil who weren't Human, and the Men from forces of Good who I felt were too bland for me. However, as I've been working on them for the past few weeks, seeing more people getting them as an army, both locally and online, makes me wish I had gone for something more extreme such as Angmar, as it is a less popular list, and I won't look like I am going with the crowd [if there is such a thing yet].

Now hopefully through allies, and the amount of choice within the Fallen Realms I can make my army stand out enough to not blend in with the others.
This will mainly be done by my army not being painted in the same scheme as the models/movie, with dark green cloth and dark red non-metallic armour, and with going more for rules then fluff and theme. Yes I like the look of Easterlings, but I won't ignore a combination I feel is useful for the sake of style. I do that enough in Warhammer already ;)

13-04-2009, 01:43
Being an avid gamer of historical miniature games as well as fantasy games I usually end up with at least one (as you put it) bland type of army. I usually like those armies who are jack of all trades but not really good at anything in particular. So I choose Gondor as my Good army. My second choice was then easy... Mordor who are Gondors nemesis, so I had to select them even though I like the Fallen Realm models better. I will be able to include some Fallen Realm as allies later on.

I mainly pick armies because I like the Theme and/or the models. I will certainly include some Elves and Rohan into my Gondor force as well. But that is all in the future, i have so many unpainted figures right now that i need to focus on that for a while. (Why did I have to choose so many Orcs?!?!).

13-04-2009, 02:02
I have Arnor and Harad being my two forces in both systems, and I chose them purely for their perspective on the world.

I see Arnor being a doomed realm. They are surrounded by evil, and they know that they can't escape it. They know the Witch-King is coming for them, and they know they are going to die. They are filled with despair - and they don't care. They're going to stand and fight, and die, because they can, in a giant metaphorical "Up yours!" to evil before they die. I love the despair about them.

Harad I love in that they, or at least my force, is driven by unending hatred. They hate the lords of Umbar, and the Hasharin, and fight against those, yet the main focus of their loathing is the rulers of Gondor who subjected their people to inhuman occupation for hundreds of years, and they want revenge.

Also, giant elephants. :)

I'd love to do a goblin horde army, because I like the idea of waves of onrushing darkness coming to consume the world from its roots up, but waaay too expensive...

13-04-2009, 03:44
I had more Isengard troops and Captains (etc) than anything else. They were also painted.

Expedience made my decision for me.

I am building an Elven force as well but it will take a while. I have 1000s of points of Isengard models (and some forces for an Angmar army) ready to go already

Rioghan Murchadha
13-04-2009, 03:51
For me, it's Rohirrim. Not because they have loads of readily available plastics (though that helps) or anything like that. Simply because I was putting together a fantasy / ancients celtic army and the models fit the bill damn near perfectly, so I bought a shedload of them. Conveniently enough, now I get to use them in a new and quite fun system. The only annoying thing is that they're all on 20mm square bases, and cav are on 25x50mm. Tonnes of custom movement tray building ahoy! :p

13-04-2009, 05:02
I always liked the concept of dwarves but for some reason the way they play in warhammer didn't float my boat - seeing the LOTR dwarves made me jump! They look so....dwarfish!!!
So the mountain dwellers became my 1st WOTR army!
For evil I went for their nemisis, taking the Misty Mountains led by the gorgeous looking ?Balrog.
I pick the army firstly on their looks, then I take a hard look at their fluff and build a force to represent it (Even if going the fluff way means a weaker army but who cares!)

13-04-2009, 06:13
The opening sequence of the fellowship of the ring movie made me want to recreate the last alliance. The image that sticks in my head is the elves cutting up orcs almost in unison with their glaives..

not to mention elves in wotr are not pansies.

Master Stark
13-04-2009, 07:27
were there scenes from the books or movies that you wanted to recreate?

Now for wrath!

Now for ruin!

And a red dawn!

Forth Eorlingas!

13-04-2009, 09:26
My choice was pretty easy. After watching the Fellowship and seeing the Last Alliance I was totally sold with the idea of Elves. When the Two Towers came out and I saw the Elven reinforcements at Helms Deep I was dumbstruck - not to mention that GW released Haldir's Elves right at the beginning for increased frothiness.

So because of this I have a Lorien force made of both Armoured and Unarmoured elves. Of course, what better opponents to have than the fighting Uruk-hai? Close games every time ><

13-04-2009, 10:19
Elves for me - the 'uber' race of LOTR, beats everything else bar uruk hai which i also collect

13-04-2009, 11:29
I originally wanted to go Elves, because I loved the archery aspect of the game. It was like Elves counted as winning combat on a 3+ and had no chance of getting wounded in the process. Unfortunately both my friends collected Elves so I went for something different.

It was Gondor that got me into the gaming system though. Got given a painting box set for my birthday then went out and bought the RotK box set. Their variety of troops also appealed. At the moment I'm trying to retheme them into a garrison force, something different than the forces of MT.

Logically I needed an evil force to go against them. I chose Goblins (can't remember whether this had anything to do with MoM) as they were IMO the best to counter-act the elves and elite forces of good. FV doesn't matter if they have more anyway. Plus overwhelming archers, cunning shaman and hulking trolls.
Been trying to expand into an Angmar army though for larger points and something different. Again the variety.

Mind you, I don't think one can be content with just one army or two, you have to sample the wide range of forces of Middle Earth. ;)
Next up Khand/Harad and Dwarves!

13-04-2009, 11:55
Now for wrath!

Now for ruin!

And a red dawn!

Forth Eorlingas!

Yes, but which army do you collect? ;)

I chose Gondor as my first army, mostly because some of the sculpts available for that force, Denethor in particular, are fantastic. So really that was my main criteria, i like armies that look good, even if they arent the most effective.
My Moria army i will have to be honest was started for one reason, The Balrog. First game i had with my Gondor army my opponent plonked down a dragon and it ripped my army apart. So my Moria force is ready for the next time, Balrog vs. Dragon.

13-04-2009, 12:00
The Fiefdoms, specifically Dol Amroth.
I'm just starting out now, but I love he look of the Dol Amroth models. The rest of the fief look nice as well, so I'm starting up a Fiefdoms army for War of the Ring. Fiefs supplemented by Gondor stuff to represent the lesser fiefs that are mentioned.
Dol Amroth for Gondor!

13-04-2009, 12:03
Isenguard here. Simple reason as well, I had more. Back many moons ago I bought a lot of random lotr models which ended up being not much of everything. When I heard about wotr i pulled out my old stuff and found I had more Isenguard models so I went out and wasted enough money to buy an army.

If I didn't already have the models I would have probably still got Isenguard or perhaps Gondor. Hmm perhaps I should start on my good army...

13-04-2009, 13:22
Yes, but which army do you collect? ;)

Easterlings i guess:p

I for one was sold on Isengard when i first saw the uruk hai in the first film. I really like the look. But the real reason for me to actually collect them is the fact that Isengard is the only "industrial nation" in middle earth, which makes them really unique and "evil" on a very new level.:evilgrin:
The intrigues of Saruman add to this.

Damien 1427
13-04-2009, 14:24
The Fallen Realms, Easterlings to be precise. I just like the design of the armour, the faceless aspect, and the idea of precise, intelligent and civillised troops in the service of evil.
I may take Umbar Corsairs and Black Númenóreans as the army enlarges, but I think for the first thousand points at least it'll be pure Easterlings.

I like Isengard Uruk-Hai for the same reasons, and I imagine I'll do at least a thousand points of those too somewhere along the line.

13-04-2009, 18:52
Mordor. Chose them cause all the others in my group interested in the game wanted to do Good, and I love the characters from the Mordor list, if not the look of all the models (not really a fan of orc trackers, for one thing). I really wanted to take Castellans- and then was hit with the realization that they were $90 a company. Killed that idea fairly quickly...also, love the feel of the Black Numenoreans. I'll be adding a unit of Morgul Knights as the army grows.

13-04-2009, 19:01
Elves, because LotR elves (as portrayed in the films) are the elves I've always wished I had. Mainly the High Elf style models.

If I'm ever comfortable enough with that army to pick up a second one, it'll probably be Mordor, starting with Sauron.

14-04-2009, 00:44
My wife and I both play the SBG, and have 3 armies between us: Gondor, Easterlings with Dragon, and Haradrim (I also have a WIP Arnor army). Both of us were drawn to the beauty of the human sculpts - and fluff wise there is something much more interesting about playing evil humans who have, at some level, chosen the dark path and built their society around it than orks/Uruks who are just bred for war.

With WOTR upon us we can combine the two evil armies into a substantial fallen realms host without adding too many models (just a few blisters here and there to tweak unit sizes and add some more command groups), although I am tempted to get some Khandish Chariots.

But for the good army I would have to buy a LOT of duplicate metal models to get my formations up to reasonable size (especially the fiefdoms units and citadel guard - I'm not even going to think about warriors of Arnor!). So I am going back to my first love and collecting an elf force based on Rivendell and the Grey Havens - with the new galladhrim models coming in June there has never been a better time to collect pointy ears...

14-04-2009, 03:27
Well, for me it was quite simple. I first began playing SBG for a tournament at 300pts. For Gondor thats one box of W of MT, King of Men and 3 Fountain Court. From then my love for Gondor has only grown.
So when WOTR came out, just continue with the same theme. Although now, I am also starting a Angmar force, mostly because I like the new Warriors of the Dead and Burhdur is a totally awesome model.

14-04-2009, 08:29
For SBG i have to many men as i often just play at home so i need men from all factions. I do however have mainly a Lothlorien army as i loved the elfs and Celeborn kicks ass. I'm also starting a dwarf army as they are like tanks.
For WOTR i would field the dwarfs or Lothlorien but i don't have enought men to make a good sized army and most of the points would be heroes. I have got a Gondor army however of cavalry. 22 knights, Aragorn and Gandalf.

14-04-2009, 19:11
I love the idea of the southern fiefdoms of gondor coming to the aid of their capital. I'm collecting up a steady force of them. That the models for Dol Amroth and Lossnarch are really sweet helped. I'm still converting up bolt thrower crew so I don't have any of that silly banded armour on minas tirith crew.

14-04-2009, 20:00
When I got into LotR I really liked how the Morgul Knights looked. hence I got a 750 point Minas Morgul army. Then I was disappointed to see that the knights and black numenoreans (I have 15 of them) were moved to the fallen realms list, but was happy to see that I could still use them as allies (though I can't take 4 knights and 3 numenorean bases with banners and captains unless I play 2,000 points...)

14-04-2009, 20:49
Kingdom of Rohan. Massed cavalry charges are a beauty to behold, and Rohan has very versatile cavalry. They have some of the most interesting characters in the novels as well.

15-04-2009, 06:56
mordor for me. i just love the pelennor fields, lots of orcs, trolls, gothmog and the witchking on fell beast. added bonus, most of it is in plastic, so its not too punishing to the pocketbook.

on a related note though, getting orc archers is like blood from a stone...i would love to have more but alas, they only come in the plastic mordor orc box, and only 4 at that. getting several companies is ridiculously difficult. if only i could find some old metal blisters...

15-04-2009, 10:00
I chose Isengard. Easy to paint (hello drybrush) and good troops. Balances out my warhammer empire army quite nicely, where I can't drybrush the &^^@! out of 90% :P

16-04-2009, 01:47
I had a few boxed sets of things and the Two Towers box but I only started building an actual force when I bought the Fellowship journey book. Oddly, it wasn't Moria Goblins that hooked me but the Uruk Scouts!

Love Uruk's, I do!

16-04-2009, 07:57
I have a lot of old plastics that I've never painted up.

I like monsters.

I love using "horde" armies.

So Misty Mountains it is!

Also, it means my opponents get to say "They have a cave troll". Which is fun for everyone.

16-04-2009, 10:58
Ever since I read the books many years ago I always thought Boromir was the best character, the tragic hero willing to do anything to save his kingdom. As soon as I saw WOTR coming out I knew I had to have an army led by him and his brother and maybe his Uncle (wish the knights of dol amroth were plastic though)

16-04-2009, 11:35
I am a huge fan of Urak-Hai. To me they are just awesome. A breed of Orcs that is strong and can walk by daylight. A more elite army which also makes it a little easier to attempt painting all of them. Its also great as well since there are alot of plastics out already for Isengard so its a little easier on the wallet :) the crossbowman companies make me cringe at their cost

16-04-2009, 16:15
Well, I got my original SBG force in trade - some orcs and some black numenorians. So I built a Minas Morgul force. That said, there's something about Minas Morgul - the tower of sorcerery, the city of the dead, the domain of the Ringwraiths, ruled by the Witch King, run by Gothmog - that just makes it awesome cool, and I very likely would have gone with it even if I had selected my team from scratch.

Like Emissary, I've been having some difficulty getting a Minas Morgul list out of the WotR allies rules. the Mordor list has the wraiths, orcs (including morgul stalkers), and Gothmog. The Fallen Realms list has the Black Numenorians and Morgul Knights. The Angmar list has the Specters and other ghostly units. All together, it is very difficult to field a Minas Morgul army that blends the three with only 25% to spend on allies.

16-04-2009, 20:39
The Fighting Uruk-Hai!!

Just always loved them since reading the books years ago. Just something brutally efficient about them. the films just made me love them even more. So Isengard it was. have a functioning 1,000 point army (990 anyway) that has narrowly lost a game so far. It just gripped me from beginning to end. WOTR is an excellent game.

17-04-2009, 19:55
Since, I play all cavalry Chaos in Fantasy. I wanted a change with lots of flexibility. So, Gondor was a no brainer.

18-04-2009, 00:12
I choose Easterlings as I loved the models, they have an oriental look to them, which I fought was very nice. I then found out about their background and I was glad I chose them as my force. In the game they also fit into my game style, heavily armoured.

Also they are easy to paint, which always helps, I like to think that I made a very good choice, now to paint all 18 Kataphrakts!