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13-04-2009, 14:56
hey there fellas and girlies...

i have had them on the shelves for some time...i wanted to finish another project first....and as my orcs are getting close to being done...and it being a bit boring to do 30 of about the same orcs all the time...i figured i could restart my chaos project...it has around about 50 models...so that is very doable...
they are also blue like my orcs...because the whole army is based tzeentch...

i havent yet got me all the models but i do have some allready...
what i can show you allready are some old work in progress pictures...
i'm well aware of several mold lines and that the bases look awfull....that is also something that is allready settled just that i do not have any pictures of that yet...

i must say i have been greatly inspired by Corai, and Kaos here on warseer
so you might recognize at least some of Corai's ideas back into my army...
i hope they dont mind though...
i always wanted to do a chaos army with a somewhat blue and gold colour scheme....i saw it online and drew my own plan out of it...

the painting of my models that are painted right now will still be enhanced because i learned a lot in the mean time and yes these are old pictures....but will show you guys what i have been brewing

anyway enough talking and time for some pictures....
here goes

here is my lord on disc...yet nameless

his sidekick sorcerer

here is one picture of my marauder horsemen...they have been changed by tzeentch and now walk the earth as threatening centaurs

and some chaos ogres have joined the club aswell
there you can see the mold lines that have been removed....
and the little guy is there in every unit....he is some kind of blood finder for chaos....they have them with them to guide them into battle...in return he gets to eat off the corpses....(Corai had these on his models aswell..on his warhounds...it gave me this awesome aphex twins feeling..haha...and well i figured that this would be their function so) the ogres have this magical armour because of the signs on their body....those are actually from one of the most awesome bad guys in one of my favourite comics ever...
they sadly had to stop it....but its from brass demur from the battle chasers series....
comments and critics are very welcome...

13-04-2009, 15:05
wow great conversions dude especially the marauder centuars.

get those chars painted they will look awesome

13-04-2009, 15:28
Conversions look great, especially the lord. I want to see him painted. Now! :p

13-04-2009, 15:40
Nice Disc man!

I like both sorcerers, they look awesome. I love especially those Centaurs, I want to see them painted. ogre skin needs something, maybe little washing?

13-04-2009, 15:43
That lord is great ! I like the use of the shields as disc !
Oh and what are you going to do about the saddles of the marauder horses ?
Maybe you could strap some extra weapons to them, or add something to make them look like armour !

Oh and beware the mold lines ;)

keep up the good work ! :)

El Aartos
13-04-2009, 19:57
Good job on the painting dude. Wish I could convert like you do :)

13-04-2009, 20:39
i think the lord is brilliant, the discs work so well. whats planned next for the army?

just starting a daemon army for nurgle so im looking at all the loverly chaos units around! your conversions give me a spark of geius! :skull:

13-04-2009, 21:20
woah thanks guys....had no idea my stuff would be that cool haha... i guess you always have some strange look on your own models...
anyway....to answer some questions...

@ Talo:
i'm going to cut the saddles shorter....they will get a little guy on the back....just one per unit...it will still somewhat look like a saddle...but it can also go as some hard leather plate....would make up for the light armour.... its really hard to else get rid of it...the weapons aren't a bad idea...will think about that one

@ Cragum:

i am planning to still make 2 units of female warriors and female knights....there is also a wizard on horse coming....and some warhounds....
i allready have some stuff done but it needs some fine tuning before i would want to post it...

thanks once again for the comments

15-04-2009, 05:57
did not have that many time and this guy still needs some finetuning but here is a quick picture of him

Elazar The Glorified
15-04-2009, 06:35
Wow, you have some great looking conversions here very impressive. The centaurs, ogres and sorcerer are great but that lord on disc is legendary! The perfect figurehead for an army and it looks like the painting is coming along nicely, can't wait to see him finished!

Rabid Bunny 666
15-04-2009, 07:06
You seem to have captured the weird and wonderful world of Tzeentch alright :D. The Sorcerer on the Disc is cool, i saw the unpainted pics and didn't think it would work, but after seeing it painted, it really pulls the parts together. Keep up the good work.

Lord Azoth
15-04-2009, 08:50
like a lot your conversions..specially the 2 lords..
maybe your painting is a bit rough but the final result looks ok

15-04-2009, 10:37
The converions are really great! Keep working and painting! Let us see more!

static grass
15-04-2009, 14:10
Very nice conversions and well painted. Good luck with the Plog.

15-04-2009, 14:50
superb really good dude

15-04-2009, 20:12
Looking good so far! Any chance of a side shot of the centaurs? Often the problem with centaurs is making the horse body and human torso look like they belong together, which can be difficult due to the horse body being too big...

16-04-2009, 00:06
hey there guys...today i finished something again...
and i actually have a small funny story to tell with that...haha...
me and my crazy head got really motivated to continue the army and work out some ideas....well sadly some have been canceled but some new things have come in that place as well...
because of all your nice comments...that i appreciate so much....(thank you once more) i went out to buy the remaining boxes to complete the army...i got me 2 boxes of warriors since i have 2 units of 15....
ah i see some of you allready thinking...well happy as i was with the new stuff i went home and unwrapped the plastic cover over the box and turned it around to see how many actually were in there....hmmm twel.....aargh...
yeh that was my problem....i bought those boxes for the other reason that after this army i will build up all that i have laying around...that is a big bunch...but i was not intending to buy another box to finish the units...

hope you can still follow
to sum up...breaz got happy...breaz bought boxes ...breaz came home...looked and saw he was 6 warriors short...

so my engine in the skull got working again and i came up with a cool idea to make nice unit fillers..
well since the female warriors wasnt going to work i wanted to try that anyway....in the fillers....i managed to build me some nice female warriors....they are one head smaller than the actual warriors but hell who cares....
they take the spot of 3 normal warriors and are holding a war hound on a chain..that is trying to bite all close enough...
i made 2 of these....one to go on the left side of one unit and the other....yep on the right side of the other...
im very happy with the result...i also build up the rest of one unit allready...
and even painted the champion and ofcourse the first filler...

i will soon have pictures of those...
what i do have is a picture of the marauder horsemen...and this should be the style and colours that i will use on the rest of the army...
i have him allready based but better pictures made when that wasnt the case yet...

so soon the warriors coming up for you....all very tzeentchy looking...but for now a marauder...and a tired breaz that is gonna call it a day...
comments and crittics are very welcome...



and here is one with the base poops on it

16-04-2009, 00:13
These guys are great! I assume they have blue skin due to some sort of tzeentchian corruption... Heres a name for your lord : Arek Daemonclaw...

16-04-2009, 00:15
hey there bob...thanks a bunch...i like the name a lot...will write it down...haha any more suggestions would be great...
about the marauder..yeh its indeed a spell...i figured with the blue ogres i had to do him blue too...its just one guy btw...he is just caught from different angles...
he's mainly for testing...and for you peeps to let your comments fly on

16-04-2009, 21:47
You have some really cool stuff going on here, the colours are great and conversions kicks ass. :) would want some more depth in the painting tho with some ink or wash as i usually say hehe. THink it would do miracles. And wouldīnt it be really cool with some form of lightnings or such on the lord, on the blue colors on the shields and his hand and so? Or maybe some kind of fire. f you just higlighted the hand on the sorcerer with brighter blue so it looked as if it glowed you would get a pretty cool look on him too.

I could go on forever with ideas hehe.. thats whats so cool with warriors of chaos!

Any plans on further units/monsters/characters?


16-04-2009, 21:53
Silly question but if he's a centaur why does he have a saddle?
That always struck me as the achilles heel of most centaur conversions, they have saddles which ruins the whole thing usually.

16-04-2009, 21:56
Leave the centaur alone he might have a human brother who he takes for rides on saturdays what did he ever do to you. :(

16-04-2009, 21:57
By the way awesommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee conversion always liked centaurs. As you can guess from my last post.

Nephilim of Sin
16-04-2009, 22:23
The one thing I enjoy the most, and my favorite part of the hobby in general, is a good conversion, and I have to say I was really impressed with the Tzeentch Lord on disc. That is really creative, and a great use of bitz.

As for the second sorcerer, I never thought about combining the DE and Dark Eldar bitz to make a magic-user, but it really seems to work in this case. Perfect for Chaos!

The painting is looking like it is shaping up well, and you have a real solid color scheme theming the army. The Lord (again), is looking good, and the only thing I could think to 'fine-tune' it would be a wash or two.

Things are looking great, and I can't wait to see the new conversion you have going for your unit fillers. Keep us updated, because these are some cool conversions you have going on!

Silly question but if he's a centaur why does he have a saddle?

Because it is cold in the Wastes? :D

16-04-2009, 22:51
Because it is cold in the Wastes?:D

Its almost as if he thought about it

17-04-2009, 07:57
wow thanks guys...
i hope i can treat your eyes with my next update hihi...
as i said last time i have the warriors done and will post some pictures for you...with the filler ofcourse (stupid 12 warrior boxes...grmbl)

yeh i know the washes...am most certainly using those on the new stuff.....the lord was actually allready painted before i posted him here...but i was just sharing some WIP...
actually my army is getting the quality of the centaur
the eldar parts indeed....i have so much 40k stuff laying around that i never use...so when i needed a body i looked at those....
you might even find some more parts

@ kaos
thanks a lot for the comments....
about the lighting hand....i'm very very scared i will ruin what i allready have....im still not as a wonderfull painter as you are...
one day i will surpass you...but for now....i think not...
but to show you i took your advice i will post some pictures to prove it...

well the many questions about the centaurs saddle....its really hard to come up with a replacement for that....i cutt it off rather far...but i think if i go much further i will ruin the guy....i will still come up with a cool replacement or a use with that for sure...and if not...that will just have to be a flaw....im still pretty proud of the result....seeing i did not even use any putty to correct anything...

i am proud to present to you
the warriors:

here a better view of the scarry lady with the hound
i allready finished her by now....she looks really cool...she blends out a little bit now...but i think that will be better when the unit is painted

here is also a closer view of the warrior

and some of the wizard on foot

C&C are very welcome

17-04-2009, 13:18
Great work on the wizard on foot... what is the dog supposed to represent in that unit?

17-04-2009, 14:17
its a unit filler...the box of warriors had 12 of them and my units are 15 so i made this to suggest the 15 warriors...it takes the spot of 3 and will represent 3 as well...
both units will get one...it will look cool when the unit is painted

The Occult
17-04-2009, 17:12
perhaps you should move the command all over one and put the warhound farther in the unit - it just sticks out a bit much as it is, but could probably be really cool if it were more part of the unit instead of just seemingly randomly next to the warriors?
something like
U = Warrior
W = Warhound
C = Command


I don't know, just a thought.

17-04-2009, 17:25
that is still an option indeed....i ca still move her inside the unit....
i will see what looks best....so far when its painted it doesnt blend out that much anymore...and it seems like a flank protection...
i think it has to do with the green base there...i'll make sure i have this unit painted so you can see what it looks like too

17-04-2009, 17:26
The Occult has a point there the warhound looks out of place it is maybe place it in the middle and model an injured warrior next to it being guarded by its puppy, just an idea i dont know nice idea for a unit filler thougth.

El Aartos
19-04-2009, 21:26
Darn, I looked at the pics and totally forgot to comment >.>;;
I think the unit filler is a splendid idea. At the flank it does look very well, you can get a nice view of the model at least. When it's in the unit it's more like there's a dog pointing out.
I really want to see that woman painted!! Chaos women ftw!!

19-04-2009, 21:41
Very cool!! Love the theme. The centaurs are very creative. I like the ogres a lot - just one piece of advice - trim the mold lines!

I am currently building my Chaos Ogres, and you've definitely given me some ideas. Great work.

Nephilim of Sin
20-04-2009, 20:41
I really like the conversion with the Warrior Unit (even if it is funny that Chaos Warrior Women are wearing skirts....:p). At first I too thought the Warhound was out of place, but looking at it a few more times, you can see that it does indeed work well. Is that what you will be doing for the other unit as well?

I like the paint-scheme, also. Nice to have something different yet recognizable as Tzeentch. Keep up the good work!

20-04-2009, 21:13
Silly question but if he's a centaur why does he have a saddle?

I imagine, now that he's mutated he can't get it off. Seriously, look at the physics of the thing. That saddle is staying right where it is until he can find a Marauder trustworthy enough to take it off for him without taking the centaur for a joyride round the wastes and putting a video of it on Youtube.

OP; Tzeentch army with actual mutations? At last!

20-04-2009, 22:22
@ nephillim:

yep one of those comming up....actually its allready build...but im kinda keeping you in excitement...
i actually have the whole army standing allready...and tonight i finished working on a unit marauders.....in case my army would not work as it is..

that was actually rather funny...because i bought the marauders for using their bits several months back...lets say almost a year...
so i had to gather 20 marauders out of all 4 corners of the dusty cave called my room...i actually managed and im rather pleased....i do have to add that at the moment they look like a bunch of messy carnaval freaks because of all the half painted bits i used..
but the unit looks good...also has mutations so spetswalshe can be happy about that..

i've been rather busy....the knights have become female too....i call them my spice girls...dont ask me why...its just funny...
no concrete changes or painting will go anyhow into that direction though..haha

my second unit of warriors has got this very ellegant look....also with several females in it...even though they are bigger than the little lady with the hound it will still just look good...the woman with the hound will just count as expendable...in case the hound would see some bones flying (which i surely intend to reach on the battlefield) she will be dragged after it and they won't lose a good warrior like the other girls there

my last ogre got himself a little girlfriend...
yeh you'll see..all in good time...its not that big of an army sadly...but on the other hand...they will only be done faster...
after painting the whole orc bunch i disserve a break from all that

but this way i might be able to field a more static army once...
anyway i hope i answered the question...

@ spetswalshe:
haha thanks..
yeh the centaur is still a pain....i cut it down pretty far actually....but think i will just leave it on....and your explanation is actually pretty good...

what can you expect soon
well i will soon have holidays...so i'm guessing i will have a lot of time to finish some stuff..
till then keep posting what you think and i'll keep motivated

22-04-2009, 16:28
Hey mate!

Really gotta love those conversions! Even though I'm not a special fan of chaos (above all not when I have to fight them ^^) I can say that you raised my interest for the models there again.

I find the idea of your unit filler amusing, for not to say slightly mean :evilgrin:

And I'm very curious about seeing pictures of the knights and the ogre with gf..

So let us see pictures soon.. And if possible paint paint paint cause I really want to see how your ideas will turn out when painted once :D

23-04-2009, 12:26
that is actually a really cool compliment
i am busy painting with a lot of the army and i will soon come up with some decent pictures

26-04-2009, 16:10
hey there warseers,

i have been working on the army quite a lot past days, next to that my good mate El Aartos took it for a test drive...turned out it needed some more reinforcements on the CC so thats what i did...which means you wont get to see my wizard on horse....didnt like him anyway...
what i did finish was the ogres and i have a scratchbuild exalted here...(i promised myself i would not buy anything...plus that i would convert pretty much everything in my chaos army so i did)

well enough chit chat...
here are the pics
they arent really that great but i will give you some better pictures next update...


and here is my exalted...he's not flawless...but then again...this was one of the few times i used greenstuff...for a bunch of bits i think i did allright..


well you can soon expect my first unit warriors....(the second is still a suprice..muhaw) and after that i have no clue what i will do...probably cavalry since those are only 5...
well C&C are welcome...

26-04-2009, 18:05
Hey, nice work on the ogres. I really like the details you added and I think the daemonette looks cool at that spot. :D

Also nothing to complain about your exalted, i think for scratchbuilt he's rather fine, even though I do think that the blue you used on the ogres looks a bit better than the blue you used for his armour. And somehow I'm not too happy with the fact that the shield doesn't differ that much from the rest of the guy. Somehow it blends in too much for me.. :rolleyes:

But anyways, keep going, am still looking forward to the unit filler lady ;)

26-04-2009, 18:08
he looks good, but whats with the legs?

26-04-2009, 19:53
Cool army, I should follow this.

26-04-2009, 23:40
@ Bob:
the legs are like so many things in the army changed by our horrifying god tzeentch changer of ways....they have been turned into hoofs....

@ wild berry:
7 more warriors to go and you will see the lady painted up and filling as she should..
i think i will do the warhounds in between as well...they are only 2 left and the others need some extra care but not that much....the lord on disc is the same story so just some care and the base needs to be finished...so i bet you can expect him too upcoming week

after that i'm thinking the knights to keep you all awake here...muhaw
till soon and thanks for the comments

El Aartos
27-04-2009, 11:02
I really like the exalted, especially now I know what he's made of. I agree with Wildberry on the shield. Maybe you can give the edges a bit of a brush with a very light color to make it more stand out. But I love the conversions as always and keep going ^^

27-04-2009, 20:02
will try that aartos...but the thing is im too scared of destroying the nice blending he gets when he is within the warriors...he now just blends in and his shields indicates he is a hero...and you can see because he is bigger....
i will still make pictures where you can see the colours a bit more decent...
in fact i will do that right now

27-04-2009, 20:31
well first up the ogres again...i have no clue if you should consider this a better picture...i think it shows the real colours a lot better....since the colours on the previous pictures were more purple....
well just have a look yourself


and here is my scratchbuild hero again


28-04-2009, 01:00
hey there people...
well i basicly went of the path i wanted to tred and saw my knights champion standing there half done...so i figured i'd finish her...that way i can post what i am pretty proud of....so i didnt really stop painting untill she was finished...i noticed it is actually pretty late over here right now...
but for warhammer i am willing to stay up haha...(i have holidays so its fine)

well here she is...my very own champ spice girl..
Geri Halliwell!!




will post better pics when i have more...and when its not so late

28-04-2009, 16:55
God why didn't I think of using Deamonette-heads before? :O Great, great idea.

28-04-2009, 17:25
The legs are great on that scratchbuild hero, nice simple conversion I think I might steal at some point! Saying that, the whole army is full of nice, simple conversions which looks good. Nice ideas.

28-04-2009, 17:56
Nice looking stuff Breazer. The knight champ looks good and the hero on foot is great!

28-04-2009, 20:22
great stuff dude keep it up, how abut an army shot?

29-04-2009, 15:26
Woah I really really like the idea of using daemonette heads on the knights. That looks rather original to me and gives the knights a totally new idea :D

But it's sad that your pic quality isn't that great.. :rolleyes:

04-05-2009, 15:23
Wow! Nice idea; never thought using the demonettes heads!

very cool! ;)

El Aartos
05-05-2009, 18:48
@Wildberry: But we have the privilege to watch these models in real life :P

Cool work with the knights dude, I know that the marks are way better visible than the pic shows us and uhm.. I want everybody to know that :3

05-05-2009, 22:00
hey there warseers
first of thanks for all the comments...
it really keeps me motivated...

i have been really busy today to finally finish my warriors first unit...
an army shot will come as soon as i am playing again...that will be somewhere this week still....so no worries...

well here they are...my warriors





i can still shove the filler around
further C&C are welcome...

El Aartos
05-05-2009, 22:03
Aaah I love the sight of swinging Chaos capes. Fully painted this unit looks really good and the lack of horns on the helms gives a bit of rest to the eye.
Now I want to see your knights painted!

05-05-2009, 22:12
Awesome looking conversions and painting so far! People are so creative on this forum which is great to see. :)

Personally I'd stick the filler inside the unit, unless that looks like total crap ofc. With the 12 ranked up together the filler seems to break off from the unit since it looks so different. It's just my two cents though.

Either way, keep up the good work!


06-05-2009, 16:06
I also think that altogether it does look better with the unit filler within the unit. Nevertheless with the colours it blends in nice in either way. :D
But what about the Tzeentch mark on the banner? Are you still going to work on that to make it's edges more clear?

06-05-2009, 20:07
the mark looks quite allright in real life.....
also the capes and the flag look more dynamic...now you cant see all the colours on it somehow...
and yes the filler will go one row to the left from now on...
the other unit will have it similar but on the other side...so one right of the banner...

06-05-2009, 21:43
well here she is...my very own champ spice girl..
Geri Halliwell!!

Gory Hellwell? :p

06-05-2009, 22:11
Good job there Breazer! will be interesting to see what comes out next. I like the unit filler alot, cool one.


09-05-2009, 11:11
Gory Hellwell? :p

hahahaha i will most certainly keep that up...thanks!!!

@ kaos...hope to amaze you when my chosen get their debute...

28-05-2009, 07:51
i know i havent updated in a while but i have been busy with my orcs
since that will always be my true love haha...
i do have wulfrik for you....i absolutely love this guy...and he will function as my exalted

here he is


i hope the colours are clear enough....still find it difficult to take decent pictures

28-05-2009, 11:06
I think he'll match your army perfectly :)

And I'm still amazed that the superglue makes the shieldarm stick still :p

28-05-2009, 12:07
I think he'll match your army perfectly :)

And I'm still amazed that the superglue makes the shieldarm stick still :p

Green stuff is the answer to all your problems my friend...

28-05-2009, 12:33
Green stuff is the answer to all your problems my friend...

i actually tried that...but it came clean off...
usually it works...but im still gonna get me some of that 2 components glue..or whatever it may be called in english..

29-05-2009, 10:27
Green stuff is the answer to all your problems my friend...

I cant say greenstuff has really been working for me in the past..
Where on the other hand that GW glue really has convinced me nowadays as it just sticks the stuff together firmly.. Above all if you have small metal parts to glue.

29-05-2009, 18:20
yet i dare to bet that if i drop wulfrik his shield will come off

29-05-2009, 20:49
then you better not dare to :P

29-05-2009, 22:05
is that dark eldar torso and dark elf legs for the sorceror? i love that look, i may have to steal that idea, if you wouldnt mind? though for an entire regiment... (or army?!?!) id have to work out arms//heads though, but that shouldnt be too hard...

29-05-2009, 23:27
yeh it is a dark eldar torso..and dark elf warrior legs
both i had laying around and mainly it is good for building new things of

19-06-2009, 15:44
small picture update

here is wulfrik in a unit of warriors

and a sneak peak at some marauders
in action non the less

hope you enjoyed
C&C is welcome

07-07-2009, 21:39
another small update
took me some time...am still working on all kinds of other stuff...but i really took my time for this one...
i just am a bit sad because it doesnt seem to show that well on the picture

but i finished another chaos knight
not sure who she can represent...i think victoria though...haha as before..name change suggestions are welcome

here she is:




C&C is welcome as usual

07-07-2009, 21:51
Weow.. I already had a sneaky preview on this lady but seeing her painted finally is going over my imaginations really.. Must say I'm quite stunned and surprised how she turned out.. Even though the pics are sadly a bit blurry and still keep me curious for the model irl..
And humm as the gurlz have 5 members im looking forward for more to come ;)

El Aartos
07-07-2009, 21:52
I think this knight looks great, especially the banner on it :D
I'm looking forward to see the whole unit painted this great ^^

07-07-2009, 21:57
am just a bit wondering about what to colour the actuall banner....but i think i will stick with red...i think the contrast is making them look as brutal as the chaos knights should be....and still tzeentchy

08-07-2009, 14:41
tried to make some better pictures
at least some more details become visable....
hope you enjoy



and 2 with gory hellwell



15-07-2009, 06:22
Loved victoria, specially the banner!!

15-07-2009, 12:18
Cool knights! Those are some strong girls :3 The daemonette heads look great on those.
I like tha pale blue colour of your chaos army. it's shadow grey right?

I think Wulfrik's head should be painted a non-blue colour though. It blends in a bit with the armour.

16-07-2009, 17:34
thanks guys...
as of today i have holidays...tomorrow i am going to stock on some bits...and after that i can put my teeth in the rest of the army again..

@ anardakil
in fact wulfrik really needs another look at...but i will surely take up your advice...
he will probably get a pink face too..

and yes it is mainly shadow grey :p

Nephilim of Sin
19-07-2009, 02:48
Plenty of great updates since I have last visited! I agree with Andarkil about the color on Wulfrik's head. Perhaps just a bit of flesh to break things up, and then some 'facepaint' of the blue? That way there is not too much to be reworked?

Still, the unit filler looks even better now when you have Wulfrik in there, so that is a job well done.

I also love the Daemonette head on the 'Chaos Knight'. It doesn't look out of place at all, and actually helps to define the miniature really well. Great job, and can't wait to see more!

19-07-2009, 18:13
hey cool neph you're back....
well i can tell you that you are lucky...im having holidays and a lot of spare time...and chaos is the army i want to get finished..
i hope i can keep you happy there..haha

19-07-2009, 18:50
All looks good, especially the chaos knights. Interesting how a headswap can change the whole look of a model like that.

24-07-2009, 18:39
Hey there warseers,

i have another update for you and it is quite the big one

my army is nearing completion but yet i have some other stuff for chaos i surely wish to do...since i really like the models and the posibilities it leaves for converting. things that are definitly on the wish list still are a chariot, a hell canon, a deamon prince, chosen and some extra heroes.
2 of which are partially already in progress
and there is this awesome amount of bits...loads of deamonette stuff..that i want to use for a unit...yet i dont know where to aply them...will brainstorm some more on that
i dont know if i will be doing something other than tzeentch though..but we shall see..

but most of you will probably not read this anyway
so on to the pictures

first is the lord...
he broke off...which was very much to be expected
he has been fixed for quite some time but when making pictures i got time for him too and thought it would be nice to show what i did to enforce him
and here you can see what i enforced the disc with...it is supposed to be some energylike thing ofcourse touched by tzeentch
hence the faces

next up something that is not actually in my original armylist but nevertheless useful
here are 10 marauders


and last for this post i finally got round to do the last warhound
i converted some of the horns so no unit in my army is left untouched

hehe you can see some of my ostermarker bastards in the back..

24-07-2009, 18:41
yes double post..
i cant post more pictures in one post..
but i finished the horsemen as well
and here they are




C&C is always welcome

24-07-2009, 18:51
Nice stuff :)
Those centaurs are really good, it's a shame about the saddles but they're so hard to take off :( The marauders and the hounds look really nice as well, I like the use of helmet horns on the hounds.
Can we see an army shot?

24-07-2009, 22:24
Nice work. Do you play the centaurs with throwing axes only?

25-07-2009, 16:15
I can tell you they are a real pain with their throwing axes already :p

I must say that I really like the pictures, and I want to see them all done really *nods*

Btw I just had this idea. When thinking about the saddles. I do now know if other races have horses without saddles on but I doubt it. But at least the wood elf horses have only very thin saddles that you could scrape off a bit or so (if you are going to do another unit of marauder horsemen once that is).
Just that the woodie horses are less broad and hairy than the ones of the marauders..

25-07-2009, 18:52
thank you... and i will soon give an army shot
after my last battle i will make a few minor adjustments...basicly just characters...so only the cool stuff...for you at least
@ mrtn: yes pretty much..they are my diversion unit..they last a bit longer than the warhounds...but then again i havent played much with chaos so im still trying out set ups...i was very pleased about my last one

25-07-2009, 22:07
Instead of removing the saddles maybe you could pile equipment over them to cover them up? Extra weapons, saddle bags. Little demons riding on them.

26-07-2009, 18:30
Instead of removing the saddles maybe you could pile equipment over them to cover them up? Extra weapons, saddle bags. Little demons riding on them.

That or model some plasticard/green stuff over them to look like armour plating.

27-07-2009, 10:17
i will see...i suppose i will finish the rest of the army first and after that i will have another look at it

27-07-2009, 20:34
wow, just wow! Perhaps we could have a match someday. I live in Cologne, thats not to far away! Would love to the this tzeentch-madness in reality :-).

28-07-2009, 21:08
sounds cool mercutius....my girlfriend lives in bavaria so i pass it each time i go there...
but before i'd do that i would surely like to play with it more...
but thanks for the comment :D

Nephilim of Sin
30-07-2009, 07:22
I think the Centaurs/Horsemen are looking great. And as for the saddles, well, Centaurs need to keep warm too, right?:D

I had just wrote a huge thing about the blue skin on the Marauders looking out of place, until I saw the hooves on their feet! That makes sense, and works well.

El Aartos
30-07-2009, 12:15
Good to see your army finished dude! :D Then it's time to unleash our bound Chaos forces to this mortal world.
How did you do the faces on the disc? They look really awesome and you could put them even more down to the ground.

01-08-2009, 14:42
@ neph...wonder what you would have said about them then?
because i do not really get your point...

later today i will update some pictures of the new sorc and exalted i made

01-08-2009, 21:11
as promised..i put a sorcerer on horse and here he is
i am rather proud of him...i tried about 5 different colours on the armour...that drove me completely nuts..i put a lot of hours in that guy and eventually this was still different and it matches the army..




Nephilim of Sin
01-08-2009, 23:16
@ neph...wonder what you would have said about them then?
because i do not really get your point...

That the blue skin seemed more deserving for things like the centaurs and such, and perhaps flesh would have been better on the Marauders. Then I saw their hooved feet, and everything just fell into place. Basically, blue was the best choice for them...:)

The mounted Sorc. is looking good, although I would suggest a bit of a Sepia Wash, perhaps, to the light cloth and book pages (both books). It would help make them appear 'old and worn', and perhaps give him the feel of age/wisdom without detracting from the model.

02-08-2009, 15:37
the picture looks so very crysty sadly...but there is a sepia wash on there allready :P

02-08-2009, 21:46
small update and the promised army shot..

so first up i'd like you to meet my exalted...
i used wulfrik before but he doesnt really go well in the units...he squishes the other guys around too much..
and wulfrik will still get his own unit once...when my wallet allowes it..


and here is the army shot

as you can see not much left grey so soon this project will be complete
i will be so happy when that day arrives..haha...
anyway no worries there will still come expansions...but this is just the main army..
hope you enjoyed and see you next update

02-08-2009, 22:44
Great army shot. Some very effective conversions you have in there.

04-08-2009, 01:53
thank you
sadly so far it has only lost on the field...that might be because it only fought wood elves

07-08-2009, 17:09
No worries I always lose too. If you wanted to win you could always figure out how to powergame on the forums, but i figure its better collecting the models you like anyway.

07-08-2009, 17:16
might also be because i have been playing vs a very cheesy wood elf list all the time..and my army is more cut out for CC not running around..
i am curently going to renew the ogres...i am no longer that pleased with them....as they are supposed to wear heavy armour...
but yeh no worries it will look great after these are done..
i hope..

09-08-2009, 11:15
Hi there, love your conversions - they are just great! Your use of the demonettes.. that's an idea I will most definitely think about stealing for a later project :D

Some constructive input: Personally, I think your blue-grey colour on the models should have some more depth, so an idea might be to just give them a watered-down blue wash (asurmen blue) and then redo the highlight with the original highlight colour or maybe use space wolves grey (or even mixing in some ice blue).

But hey, it is your army, and it already looks good :)

09-08-2009, 16:23
thanks Endor..
always nice to hear
the thing is mainly that the picture kills most of the highlights...they are added subtle..
so sadly you cant see much of that..
irl it is looking a lot better

12-08-2009, 17:37
small update..
here is another knight...the banner carrier.
i think he looks rather handsome with the dangling human...or well whats left of him...
it is really an eye catcher in the army...
but as usual the picture kills most highlights..
still hope you enjoy..




15-08-2009, 11:24
well the army is finished...
pictures will soon follow to show the last round...
thanks for all the compliments and sorts...
really kept me going

26-08-2009, 00:25
i still have to make pictures of the whole army now it is done...
but it is all stored nicely so you will get a raincheck on that..

i have been working on some chosen and i have a small work in progress picture update
they will only be ten but i suppose that is more than enough for them

i am thinking of painting them so that i can use some of them as exalteds...they look cool enough though...
im a fan of the chubby looking one...without the helmet

here goes




26-08-2009, 01:41
They're looking cool, but I'm not convinced by the rabbit ears on the left guy...

26-08-2009, 10:03
i actually got them out of a drawing in the chaos book..
i thought that by moving them to the side of his head he would look good...to me it does anyway

Elazar The Glorified
26-08-2009, 10:11
I know the drawing you're referring to. Would look a bit better if they were decorated in some way, maybe if you're feeling brave enough for some freehand? :) I like that they're all individual which I think is how the Chosen should look. After all they're for all intents and purposes a unit of what used to be our Aspiring Champions back in the day!
Oh, I like the use of the Bloodletter Champ Horns on the one on the far right :) I used them for my Knight unit champion and an Exalted Hero I'm building to represent my general in a campaign (he's been promoted from the Knight Champion see). Anyway, I'm rambling. Good unit, get some paint on them! :D

El Aartos
26-08-2009, 11:54
Yo dude, nice chosen you have got there. I really like the champ, even though it isn't that much converted but it got a way better head at least.
I agree with the rabbit ears or whatever they call it. But since it isn't finished and your freehands are good I'm convinced that it will look cool once it's painted.
Keep up with the stuff and show us some more chosen!

26-08-2009, 16:40
i was inspired so i worked a bit on these buggers...
that means i have a small update on the chosen...
i tested a colour scheme...and even though they dont look incredibly menacing i think they will match my army...

i'll let you judge...
i took out the metal hero though and made a new champ...
he is the one in the middle..

here are the new models


here is how the unit looks now

and here is the painted fatty

26-08-2009, 17:55
Weow they are really good-looking.. I like how you changed them still, now they look all broad and mean and like a unit you would rather not choose to fight. So congratz to your conversion work and will be waiting impatiently to see those guys painted up :)

26-08-2009, 19:13
well i decided to go with something darker after all...
i painted up the champ...soon i will show something...
i got the theme from the chaos book...i always wanted to do it like that...but i didnt really succeed last time i tried so i figured lets try white...but that doesnt look half as intimidating...so i changed it...
for those that own a chaos book...
its on page 93 if im not mistaken...

or this link: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=400023&pIndex=3&aId=10000005&start=4

then its the second chosen...with the banner..
its not exactly the same but who wants that...
so you can sit tight for that...soon a bunch of chosen will join my ranks and they are gonna look mean

El Aartos
27-08-2009, 18:04
I like the colour scheme on the guys. You can maybe say it's too dark but I like this one as well. Now you can directly see that these guys are different from the rest. I hope to see them thundering across the field soon. The combi with knights and warrior parts worked out really well since they look even bigger now.
A tip for the shield: maybe you can brush the edges of the faces a bit with white. Then they really light up and you can see them a lot better.

27-08-2009, 19:22
thank you Aartos
soon my friend....soon

i have made one picture of this cool champion...
i am affraid it will look as crusty as the rest though..but yeh i cant seem to help that...
the picture isnt as clear as i would like...but i didnt have time to really take a good one...
so this one will do to show what colours i will be using..
hope you enjoy


27-08-2009, 20:06
woah 9000 pageviews...
well i just have to do it...so excuse me...

27-08-2009, 23:44
Weow.. I really hope that as soon as you can catch better light you'll show us another picture of this guy. I really do like the colours on him and I also think that this unit will really stand out from the rest. And like Elazar said maybe you could try some freehands, I'm sure you could make them look good :)

31-08-2009, 00:12
thank you for the compliments

06-09-2009, 16:27
hey hey
i doubt many people will care but here is a small update...
its not for the actual army but more for a list for 3k i put together for some fun games for the future...
i am basicly busy with some finishing the changes i made in my army list...
so the chosen have been added...another unit of knights...and a full block of 20 marauders on foot..
they all just need very little models to be painted before i can post some
so i am going to try and keep you entertained with a picture of my pretty much scratch build shaggoth...
i didnt want to go for the actuall half dragon half ogre idea...but more like a big ogre with some dragon features...
i know it has all kinds of mold lines still on it...i just coated it white so it would look more united instead of obvious greenstuff everywhere...
to stop my babeling...here he is...


Elazar The Glorified
06-09-2009, 16:54
I love it! It's a different take on the Shaggoth idea than GWs but originality is never a bad thing. He looks monstrous and he has that ancient look to him to boot. I think he's brilliant and with some tidying up and a nice paint job you'll have a fabulous centre piece for your army there! :D

06-09-2009, 19:30
Your army is looking great! And I really like this large model. How did you make it?

06-09-2009, 19:52
thank you guys

the shaggoth reprecentative is really a lot of bits grabbed together...
i know im not a great sculpter but im pretty proud of him...

he is made from a spawn torso with lots of greenstuff...giant parts and ogre parts obviously...
and lots of greenstuff...
i just have no clue if he will get a paintjob anytime soon...
i actually think it can take a while...
but thanks for having a look and i hope i can give you an update soon...

06-09-2009, 21:58
That Shaggoth looks really cool, love your conversions on him! =D

And even though you mentioned otherwise I hope you will have some time for him sometime soon =)

11-09-2009, 17:57
small update in the allready so chaos-ish front page..
i hope you people will still like it...
i still have to base them but the painting is done so far...
my first rank of chosen...




11-09-2009, 18:29
I like your choosen very much, and I was always a friend of the tzeentch theme. Will the shaggoth (very nice conversion/idea!) also become a follower of that good?

Nephilim of Sin
12-09-2009, 05:44
I like the chosen, but I think that Shaggoth is looking awesome. Can't wait to see it painted!

12-09-2009, 11:19
thank you guys...

@ mercutius:
i still have no idea...since the shaggoth cant have a mark rulewise and i wouldnt mind not having another blue model in the range...since my orcs are also wearing blue outfits...

@ nephilim...yay...always good to hear from you...
i'll try and find time to do it...but i rather finish the chosen...my new knights and the marauder unit first...since that will mainly be my army i will be playing with..
i tested it now vs my GF's wood elves...
they first had a minor loss and after that a solid win so either im getting better or the army just works...or both ofcourse...im hoping the last haha..

anyway i soon will post a picture of the old unit of knights how they are and the new unit that is ready to get themselves painted up...

thanks again

12-09-2009, 20:00
Your Chosen look quite impressive there. I really do like the colour scheme you gave them, it seems not so standard as many others :)

But I hope you'll give the Shaggoth a try soon :D

13-09-2009, 15:55
small update again..
i still owed you some pictures of the old unit of knights so here goes..


the new knights will come soon

Rabid Bunny 666
13-09-2009, 17:49
That Shaggoth looks damn good, it looks like it would fit in perfectly with the rest of your army.

13-09-2009, 18:54
great stuff there mate i really like ur big guy he looks smart keep it up some awsome stuff here.

14-09-2009, 11:26
Great conversions Breazer! I don`t know how I`ve missed your logs, but thank you for pointing them out for me. While I really like your colour-scheme, I think that your blues could use a bit more depth. I`d give the Asurmen Blue wash or maybe the softest Quickshade from Army Painter a try on a test model if I were you.

14-09-2009, 14:05
thanks everyone

@ durloth: it is also a bit the pictures for some reason...
but very likely i will paint them better over some time...
it is the same with my orcs they get some pimps here and there
banners that get more details...stuff like new characters etc...

@ whitewookie: thanks...that is great coming from you really :D

and as promised my second unit of knights here...



14-09-2009, 15:03
I love the armor on those chosen

15-09-2009, 09:55
The hoods seems like a very good idea and well executed.

16-09-2009, 18:36
thank you for the comments...
i'm going to really turn them into something nice..
and looking at the other logs there is loads of inspiration to be gathered

16-09-2009, 23:51
Great stuff man. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but you might want to shave the mold lines off some of the plastic parts. It'll make the painting that much easier and look much crisper(crispier?)

17-09-2009, 08:12
thanks man...
there where they still are they will go off before i am done painting them
on the shaggoth for instance i know they are on...i only primed the model so it would unify more and you could not see a big bulk of gathered parts

18-09-2009, 13:27
heya man awsome awsome army you got there i love your conversions some really outstanding figures there mate you should be prowed.

26-09-2009, 18:55
well it has been a while since i made an update but i have something again..
even though its not chaos..this has been keeping me from finishing my units..
it was a commission i did...sadly didnt pay as much as i thought so next time i will set a price before i paint...but i really liked how they turned out and so i thought it would be nice to show them in my blog...


26-09-2009, 19:34
Looks good. Its rough painting for money I find, way too much work for what you get out of it monetarily.

26-09-2009, 21:18
i found that aswell one of my mates asked me to do some of his tau and tyranids for him it took about 2 weeks do do his carnifex a few steelers and some suits but its hard work like because you put so much effort into it and like you say mdiscala. its not worth it like but u have done an amazing job on ur DE there mate and the warrios look great very very good indeed keep em rollin out mate and get ur big guy painted.

26-09-2009, 21:36
I agree with mdiscala as well. I think for the effort you did you should have gotten a bit more.
I understand that paying a lot for every model also gets expensive at some time but for all the work you deserve some reward I'd say (looking at commission painters that do for the same price only some basecoat and rough washes/highlights).

Anyways I really like the guys and they look good, you really got a hand for those corsairs :)

Looking forward to more updates! :)

27-09-2009, 00:31
well i didnt mind all that much since i really like the models and always wanted to do them...
i am now surely going to get me a unit of my own to paint...i wasnt that fond of the overal blue i had to maintain...even though i am pleased with the scheme i tried there...
but i didnt mind the money all that much...just a little more gratitude than the owner showed would have been nice...

but thanks for the compliments...
im am almost done with the marauders..so 2 more models left...expect them to be posted soon...same for the 3 remaining chosen they will be build sometime tomorrow im sure...

27-09-2009, 08:06
They look good. I like the banner, I doubt I would put in that much effort for a unit I'm not gonna keep.
If you're getting a box yourself, does this mean we'll be seeing a DE army soon?

27-09-2009, 11:23
perhaps a show army
but dont expect that all too soon...more likely some VC and Lizards

i do have Dreadlord/master waiting for my girlfriend to play, for her first 1k.
but i must admit they are a joy to paint...

02-10-2009, 11:24
awsome man i started out helping my girl friend painting her VC army and now shes better then me man shes got some cool paint jobs. awsome man keep up the brillient work you do so well.

02-10-2009, 12:52
wildberry is also better than me...
you should ask your girl if she wants to post some of her work...im very curious

02-10-2009, 13:15
i think you higthlight well, but, i think you arent mixing the paints, if you mix the blues, and hightlight whit the mix and then hightlight with the tuquoise they will look better.

also i see that you arent using shades, try to give in the depper part of the miniatures some shades, for example mix some black with the blue you used like base, and it will give a lot more deep to the miniature.

sorry for my bad english i havent studied english for a long time

03-10-2009, 11:03
i will take your tips in consideration....
the thing is...im so used to my a bit sloppy style of painting...or well i think rough is a better word...cause i do take out the mistakes...
but i think because of that i could use some smoother improvements...even though there are a lot of highlights on the guys...but we all know pictures kill that...

my next models will look better i think

03-10-2009, 14:36
i am sure you models will look amazing man i think your painting atm is brillient and your conversions are great keep up the great work man and yer we all know the camer makes your figures gain a few pounds:D

04-10-2009, 22:42
i will take your tips in consideration....
the thing is...im so used to my a bit sloppy style of painting...or well i think rough is a better word...cause i do take out the mistakes...
but i think because of that i could use some smoother improvements...even though there are a lot of highlights on the guys...but we all know pictures kill that...

my next models will look better i think

the fact its that if you paint a miniature, first you have to paint the basecolor, and then make the hightlights.

thats what you are doing, but, then you must make the shadows in the deeper part of the miniature.

i use to paint that way, but someone told me to make the shadows and i improved a lot.

so just try to make the shadows also you can use the dark side of the paint. and then hightlight.

with your stile it would be great.

look this


there is a small step by step just to show yoou how the shade thing works

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
08-10-2009, 15:56
Well, there's an easy way of not having saddles on your centaurs: Use the elven steeds from the WE armie.

15-10-2009, 18:54
Well, there's an easy way of not having saddles on your centaurs: Use the elven steeds from the WE armie.

just my 2 cents, maybe you could model like a robe/cape thing to cover that part. or put some picked up casualties, shield holder.

i did some centaurs for chaos knights a while back, never finnished, but the barbed horses are easyer to fix (just add armour).

greetings, nacho

15-10-2009, 22:20
thanks...those are indeed good tips...but on the other hand...i find the contrast the saddle adds quite cool...
besides i usually tell people they were riders on horses before...then tzeentch came along and pretty much turned them into what they are now...

and the elven horses really arent chaos-ish enough...they are rather skinny so that isnt a very good option....
but thanks for the tips anyway...glad you guys are thinking along..

15-10-2009, 22:53
iīm glad to help, i enjoy converting so my brain getīs drawn into that kind of stuff.


26-10-2009, 08:16
Nice army, the are paintd quite well and the conversion ideas are truly great!

I just would do some criticism on the bases. a good looking but unbased army looks much better with sanded and painted bases.

Go on!

26-10-2009, 13:59
It`s noic to see how your skills have progressed over the course of this log.
The centaurs looks really daunting and the explanation that the rider and horse got fused, gives a good explanation for the saddles. You could also place some horrors or something (the old horrors would be great for this I think) in the saddles, as it would both explain the saddles, and link the force even closer to the Tzeencian theme.

Looking forwards to more updates:)

26-10-2009, 21:49
thanks guys..
in the next 4 weeks im going to finish the army as it is now..
im working on some other stuff in the meantime...that being my orcs and a ******** of space marines..
i might post some stuff here but i dont think i will want to start a log for that...
im too big of a noob for that anyway:P

and since this is my main topic i think i should post my orcs here too..
ah who cares...
here is the black orc big boss i made for an upcoming tournament...
he still needs a name though...but i will surely be very noticable since the rest of my orcs is all quite blue...in my sig is a link...last page shows a bit how that looks...

so if you know a good name...surely tell me
my excuses for the lame light..
it really sucked...
will make new pics soon




27-10-2009, 01:22
As you need a name: Mak'it Ded, 'ed 'itter, Rok 'ammer...

Just take something profoundly brutish and remove some letter and replace with ' easiest orcy names ever.

Have fun,

01-12-2009, 09:44
small update for you here...
or well not small...but its not chaos...

when i picked up the hobby again i was still a bit wondering what army i was going to play and me and my girlfriend back then bought us the old empire army box.... but then she started her wood elves and i went on with orcs and chaos...
but after a long time having a small ostermark force that was rather standard we decided to finish it...and that is what i have been working on the last week...
we had to rebase some stuff and patch up quite a lot...but this is as far as we got.... also for the divercity we added some ogres and they are a great add playwise...







my excuses for the bad lighting

01-12-2009, 10:24
Yay, Empire ftw!
Those look great! Is that a converted Warrior Priest on horse? I'd like to see a closer pic of him.
Oh, and powder monkey with clown's nose = :D

01-12-2009, 10:53
Yay, Empire ftw!
Those look great! Is that a converted Warrior Priest on horse? I'd like to see a closer pic of him.
Oh, and powder monkey with clown's nose = :D

it is indeed a converted priest....
very well painted by my lovely girlfriend wildberry
and here you are




02-12-2009, 17:23
soon more to come

02-12-2009, 19:04
Nice WP, not so sure about the SM shoulder pads, but I definitely like the freehanded hammer.

02-12-2009, 22:57
Thanks for the compliment on that one :) I only painted it though - Conversion was done by Breaz.
Just sad that the paint I used left thick marks instead of spreading nice.. even watered down it did that so I had no choice but keep going..

And I hope Breazer will soon go and get some daylight pics of the bunch.. They lost almost all their detail in shading because of the cam..

03-12-2009, 10:44
i will indeed....im currently doing the second unit of knights...that is comming along nicely...and we will soon get another update

07-12-2009, 18:50
i just roughly counted how much i still have standing here and there of the plastic joy that is this hobby...and i counted 325 models out of the top of my head...i think that there can be more and very likely that is so....but i plan to not buy much...just for empire and my space marines....why those two...well empire because i dont want to stop at just one army when im working on it with my girl...the force still has loads of awesome **** to offer...
and space marines simply because they arent playable yet...and i still would like to collect me some stuff to change my armylist once in a while...

so that is shortly what is to show here in this topic for the next year...a lot of stuff...but sadly not that much chaos anymore...
i hope you guys will post a little more here and keep me motivated....
anyway i will change the name of the topic as im not just doing chaos anymore...

09-12-2009, 19:11
really like the way you use your bitzbox, empting it. next phase: scrathbuilding?^^

14-12-2009, 20:07
thank you

even though i get barely responses these days...i still took the efford of updating...



here are the second knights....

and here is my chaos lord on horse




15-12-2009, 20:04
the lord looks nice, except the helmet. lord (expecially of tzeentch) have very ornate and royal/grand helmets, and thats the thing he lacks as a lord.

El Aartos
15-12-2009, 20:41
That's truly an awesome lord dude! Too bad you couldn't finish it last weekend so I could play with it =P
I also like the sword conversion a lot.
For the helmet: don't bother on changing it too much, I like chaos helmets this way and you can see that it's actually a head.

15-12-2009, 20:51
well i think it will stand out as most of my knights and warriors dont have any horns at the helmet...

im currently working on the chaos some more...and giving it a fresh look
i hope it will do what i want and that it will turn out cool eventually

20-12-2009, 15:52
Hey Breazer, thanks again for the comment in my project log, and I totally forgot that I've actually been watching this log for a while now. I knew it had insane potential from the first post, with your converted Ogres and the dude on the Disc...you, my friend, have got some insane converting talents, not to mention some of the most creative use of models I've seen in some time.

I really like your color palette as well, and I think it works perfectly for what you've done. I'd be overjoyed to see your Chaos army sitting across the table from me any day! I'll be keeping an eye on this one...

23-12-2009, 10:50
thank you guys...
the more comments the more i keep going....and the happier i am to post something again....

anyway i have mentioned my renewing state of chaos....and to give you some more info on it i will give you a clear picture of my current armylist that im trying to finish...

lord on horse (the one here above)
sorc on disc lvl 2
sorc on foot lvl 2
exalted on foot

20 marauders
15 warriors
5 marauder horsemen

2 times 5 knights
3 ogres

all tzeentch ofcourse...except for the sorc on foot...

and as i mainly have everything and will generally rebase old models and redo the knights and the ogres i am close to finishing this allready...
after that i will go back to other armies and expand this one maybe...but thats all for later...
right now....i have for you the ogres...



23-12-2009, 12:42
those latest ogres look brilliant, they all look so armoured and nasty as hell!

i have to ask about your bases, if that static grass from GW by any chance or different company cause it looks so nice on the bases.

23-12-2009, 22:19
thanks cragum...that was kinda the look i was going for...
the grass would be a different brand than GW...
its from...the german train building company called noch

23-12-2009, 22:39
Those chaos ogres are really nice, it seems that I can even smell them here where I'm sitting. I'm really glad you went and did som work instead of using the GW chaos ogres, which look ugly, to put it that way :)

24-12-2009, 22:29
thank you
that is quite the compliment...and i know my painting isnt that good...on pictures that only has accent on it...sadly...but i hope i can at least inspire a few people still

25-12-2009, 00:44
Wow, those ogres are great. Nice work. Love the armor.

26-12-2009, 10:53
thanks seville....that means a lot coming from such a good log owner like yourself...

30-12-2009, 18:48
I love Centaurs and find it odd I didn't think of the Marauders. I'm starting up Beastmen soon and hate those claw-feet Centigaurs, so I'll have to try something similar. That and a load of cool heads will come in handy!

Great to see Ogres in Empire too. I sorely hope they bring them bacck as I'd love to do a small Ostland force.

11-01-2010, 22:09
thanks a lot man...
and those comments always help...at least i keep painting

i had a battle with my girl this christmas and we made some pictures...of which i thought i could share a few with you here...

advancing orcs

some empire...lurking to shoot down something on the other side

my never before posted unit of black orcs....


13-01-2010, 23:19
Nice to see your Black Orcs from up close once :)

Weird though that the hill on which the Crossbowmen stand looks like a rather big mudhole now.. Probably caught an unfortunate part of it on the pic.. ^^

14-01-2010, 07:53
Wowsers, what great conversion work. You are creating a lot of very individual and exciting minis here. I love the centaurs and the painting on thie last batch of Ogres is great. The rusty armour looks fantastic. Good stuff!

Elazar The Glorified
14-01-2010, 07:58
Been meaning to comment Breazer. Your Ogres came out great. Really good painting on them. Looks like those dirty empire troops brought guns to a sword fight there! The cheats! ;)

14-01-2010, 09:20
Been meaning to comment Breazer. Your Ogres came out great. Really good painting on them. Looks like those dirty empire troops brought guns to a sword fight there! The cheats! ;)indeed.... poor giant...
he survived the battle though...keeping that whole flank busy by hiding behind a bush.. ghe ghe

but thanks guys...really apreciate your comments

14-01-2010, 11:51
keeping the flank busy? he was just scared.. :P and my flank had lots of other things to shoot ;)

19-01-2010, 08:37
The ogres look brilliant, Breazer. They have kind of a John Blanche-wibe. I only wish you had green stuffed the gap between the body and arms.

21-02-2010, 17:52
Something else for me to subscribe to! Always wanted to do a Tzeentch army, was going to be Beastmen but they can't have marks anymore!