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13-04-2009, 19:01
We recreated the battle for Minas Tirith on the weekend. The forces involved were:


6 Companies warriors with bannor, captin
3 companines warriors

[on the walls of the white city]
6 companines of archers, with Gandalf & Pipen
Avenger Bolt thrower


9 companies of Orc, with captin, ringwraith
9 companies of Orc, with captin, ringwraith
9 companies of moranan orc, ringwraith
6 comanies of warg riders, ringwraith
6 companies of warg riders
2 trolls pushing seige tower
2 trolls pushing siege tower
Witch King on Fell Beast


Theoden King, leading 9 companies of riders
Eoewin leading 9 companies of riders

The Fallen Realms

6 companies of harad horse

The Three hunters

3 Hunters
2 formations of ghosts
27 formation of rangers, arranged in 3 companies consisting of 3 formations each


6ft by 4ft - across one corner was the white city, gate section, 2 towers, 2 wall sections, arranged in a straight line diagonlly placed. Archers, avenger, Gandalf & Pips are on the walls. The warriors are placed outside the walls.
The evil forces were placed on the other side (We're playing across the 6ft table length, using the 4ft edge as deployment zones to add depth to the battle field).
Morder was arranged as:

Orcs: Seige tower: Moranan orcs: Siege tower: Orcs

The witch king was at the rear, the 2 companines of wargs were deployed 20" from the white city (as the advance party).


Though Gondor took the 1st turn not much happened other than the warriors surging forward. The bolt thrower hit a siege tower but failed to hurt it. In response the forces of Morder rolled forwards (Seige towers moving 3D6 a turn) but the witch king held back. The wargs moved to charge range on the warriors but only one company could charge as Gandalf cast a spell to hold the other company in place! During the mele the wargs destroyed 2 full formations of warriors while taking minimal causulties! Luckily the presence of Gandalf on the walls ensured the warriors did not lose more men!

The 2nd turn saw morder march to within bow range of the white city - archers fired volley after volley into the hated wargs, almost entirly destroying one of the 2 companies! The avenger missed once again, much to their chargin, and once more Warg slaughterd more men of Gondor.

The situation looked grave for the defenders, though many warriors still stood before the white city and the enemy the sheer numbers of orcs who hadn't even entered the engagement were overwhelming!
The surving wargs retreated to enable the orcs to charge home, while one of the siege towers crushed 6 brave men of Gondor underfoot. During the mele 3 companies of Gondor finally fell to the onslaught of multiple attacks - leaving only the main company to hold back the tide of evil.
On the walls of the white city Gandalf tried tp instill courage into the shaken troops as they watched in trepidation - a siege tower had made contact with the parapets!! The seige tower groaned as it's massive door inexoribly swung open
"remember that you are soliders of Gondor, a...." And the rest of Gandalfs brave words were lost in the roars of a Mordor Troll barbarically assualting the walls!
Despite Gandalfs urgings the archers lost heart, the troll killing a staggering 9 archers in one swing of his club! Roaring his triumph he lumbered forwards onto the wall, stepping over the corpses.
Outside the walls the situation grew bleak as another tower lumbered forwards and crushed yet more men, but these were soldiers fighting not only for their lives, but for the lives of an entire nation - they stood fast and repelled the attackers!
Hope was fading, the forces of Good were almost overwhelmed - and yet only half of the enemy was engaged!


Theodan arrived to survey the scenes of destruction, rousing his men his charged into the rear of a 6 company strong formation of orcs, his horselords spreading out to engage them - 6 comanies of horse hitting striking their hated foe...wiping them out!! On the right the 2nd company of horselords struck at 7 companies of Warg that had ben sent to intercept them, and they were also wiped out. Siezing the initiative they charged again into the rear of the 2nd siege tower However, they were not so lucky this time round! The trolls killed horse after horse, the surviors fleeing for their lives!
The following turn saw an enraged Witch King charge Theodon with the remains of Warg riders from the 1st company and he roared out an Epic challange! The 2 leaders hacked and slashed but the Witch King was victorious - but unable to kill his prey!
So much for his line from the movie!!

Theodan rallied his troops and was ready to advance to the aid of the white city once more when the battlefield shock once more, though this time to the pounding of a mumak!
Rallying the 2 companies he charged the dread beast with 9 formations of horse, however the mumak trampled them ALL into the ground - WIPING OUT THE ROHORIAN!!!!
Meanwhile the walls of Minas Tirth were slowly but surely being won by the 4 trolls assualting them.
The avenger fired a bolt at a troll, and only by the sacrifce of Pipin did the beast die.
On the killing grounds below the warriors were down to their last company, and the fields belonged to the foe.
However, though beaten the forces of Good had one more gambit to play, Aragorn arrived with the rangers and ghosts!
The witch king fled towards the city to take out Gandalf, knowing that if he were to fall the city would be theirs! Meanwhile volley after volley of bowfire from the rangers destroyed orc after orce, and caused wounds on the mumak.
The enraged beast lumbered forward and in return trampled the 3 hunters to death!!!
The ghosts were destroyed while they tried to bring the monstor down - vows of revenge left unfufilled.

Meanwhile the witch king sought out Gandalf, and despite a desperate defence the White Wizard fell defending the walls of the White city. The attacks of the surving trolls destroyed the remaining archers, but not to go down in defeat a lucky shot from the sole avenger killed the victorious witch king!!!
But it was all for nothing, outside the mumak trampled through the remaining rangers, the few surviors destroyed by charging orcs.


13-04-2009, 19:06
It was an AMAZING game! What really stood out for me was how greatly represented cavalry are. On the charge they destroy pretty much everything, but once spent they are very vunerable to the counter attack! Just how they should be, look back to historic wars of our history, it's exactly how they were.
The game plays like a tabletop verison of Napolionic wars, I'll be interested to play some more games to see how tactical this game will be. So far I'm not sure if it out plays tactics of warhammer (and I'm a warhammer fanatic), but we'll see!

13-04-2009, 21:43
Sounds like a very fun game, and some great rolling on behalf of Harad!

Sarah S
13-04-2009, 21:48
27 formation of rangers, arranged in 3 companies consisting of 3 formations each

So... You had companies of formations of companies?

My head hurts, I think I need to go lie down.

14-04-2009, 07:03
Opps! I meant there were 5 big companies of rangers, each held 3 trays of rangers!
My bad!

14-04-2009, 10:28
I think that you meant that you had "Five" Formation of rangers, each formation had "Three" Companies. I had some trouble following some of that as well.


14-04-2009, 15:49
9 companies of moranan orc, ringwraith

9 companies of morannon orcs would not be regular in a game...but there's no problem using them as you did in a private game!