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14-04-2009, 00:02

mine: colonel Zukov , commander of the 150th cadian lasgunners (KIA)

killed a chapter master! (with the help of a sm captain)

14-04-2009, 00:05

Had a Chaplain account for about half of a Tau army once. That was certainly amusing.

And a Khorne Lord that regularly cleaves off one of his own legs...

14-04-2009, 00:10
My Generic Greater Demon (of Nurgle) has a loooong running fued with my friends Marneus Clagar model, they've killed each other more times than I care to remember and when a game is going you can predict those two will clash, even if we try to avoid it.

14-04-2009, 00:13
Beginning his service as a mere lieutenant, Colonel Caine of the Praetorian XIII has risen through the ranks for actions such as destroying a half of a marine assault squad and their chaplain singlehandedly, holding the line despite the death of his squad by killing 4 genestealers and wounding their broodlord leader (thereby maintaining a hold on a critical objective), slaying captain belial (that's his name, right? the dark angels terminator guy?) in single combat, and continually showing steadfastness under fire in leading his assault platoon into combat. (he's a lucky model :D)

14-04-2009, 01:21
Grand Master Lusius of the Grey knights

Took out a Bloodthister and 2 packs of Bloodletters singlehanded. Admittedly the opponent had awful dice rolls and I had a habit of rolling high, lol. Though it proves that GK can still slaughter Daemons.

Company Master Gregory Fell held took out a squad of horne Berzerkers after his command squad was wiped out to a man, then went on to take out a defiler.

14-04-2009, 01:38
Warboss Skarfang Brikk-Smasha, Da In-vin-sa-bell!

How Skarfang earned the name Brikk-Smasha. Way back in 3rd ed Warboss Skarfang got attacked by some Necrons. Midway through the game, a Monolith deep strikes in and fires off it's particle whip. The center hole lands right on top of Skarfang, so he must take the S9 hit (Back when he was T4). Luckily, there was a mob of grots in the way. So Skarfang picked up a nearby Grot, counted to three then tossed the poor git into the air, intercepting the Particle Whip and protecting himself.

He went on to charge the Monolith and rip it apart with his Powerklaw.

This past Saturday Skarfang earned the name "Da Invinsabell". Skarfang (who had since upgraded to Mega Armor but kept his Cybork body) was riding around in his brand new Stompa, when a Drop Pod landed behind it and an Ironclad stepped out. The Ironclad hit the back of the Stompa with a Meltagun and rolled a pen 6...followed by 2 more pen sixes and a pen 5. The Stompa got wrecked and Skarfang and his Meganobz got out. He charged the Ironclad, who missed two of it's attacks against Skarfang and while the last wounded him, he made his Invulnerable save then beat the Ironclad into the ground.

He then marched to one of the objectives in mid field, suffering an orbital bombardment or something on the way. 7 S9 AP2 wounds hit the mob of 3 Meganobz and Skarfang. Skarfang took 1 wound, then saved it against his cybork. The turn before he got to the Objective, a Turbo Laser Destroyer shot deviated onto him, smacking him with a Destroyer wound. He saved it.

Upon getting to the objective, a volcano cannon deviated onto Skarfang. A hush fell over the crowd and a loud WAAAAGH! erupted as Skarfang passed the last saving throw he'd take that game.

Tally for that game, 2 Destroyer hits, 1 S10 Dreadnaught hit, and 1 S9 Barrage hit, and Skarfang walked away at full health.

14-04-2009, 01:51
after witnessing the berzerkers tear apart his squad with their roaring chain-axes. Sergeant Tearo threw 2 D6 at the Chaos warriors and rolled snake eyes. He roared his pride for holding his ground before the berzerkers renewed their attacks and tore him apart :(

14-04-2009, 03:43
1st Lieutenant Gallo, Commander of 2nd Platoon, 2nd Ankaran Penitence Regiment.

While fighting with a Space Marine chapter over a misunderstanding about a destroyed statue of the Emperor the Space Marines teleported a 9 man squad of terminators next to his retinue and 10 veteran guardsmen. With naught but 3 melta guns wielded by the veteran squad, no heavy support to speak of, and some guts, he charged the enemy. And proceeded to wipe out all of them with his powerfist, ending with the Terminator captain and him destroying each other.

14-04-2009, 03:54
My Captain Xaviour (Lysander) has destroyed my friends Ork Warboss more times than I care to remember... He can always pass his Invul saves from the mighty Warbosses Power Klaw, but it's failing the armor saves to the Nobs beside the Warboss that's his problem :confused:

14-04-2009, 04:24
Colonel Capone of the Armageddon Fighting 450th stood his ground against a Hive Tyrant and while suffering a fatal wound he was able to bring the Emperors Justice to this xenos scum with some very lucky (on my part) and unlucky (on his part) dice rolls.


None character Exploit:
After throwing everything they had at a Necron Monolith Pvt Smith
with his trusty Missile Launcher took the almost unbeatable machine
down with a single shot.

14-04-2009, 04:34
Two instances come to mind:

In a battle against Chaos the one remaining man in one of my Steel Legion squads used his Missile Launcher to kill Lucius while the heretic was in cover, while the lone guardsmen was in the open, while taking fire from a squad of Noise Marines for three turns, finally succumbing on the third.

In another battle against Chaos a squad was killed to the last man by a Nurgle Daemon Prince. The surviving vox caster proceeded to run home, surviving three bouts of Nurgles Rot, and a couple of exploding tanks, all the while pelting the Damon Prince who was chasing him with Lasgun shots. While that may not sound very heroic, I put a special importance on my Vox Casters so I always like them surviving the fight (even if that means running off the table :D).

14-04-2009, 04:39
Brother Captain Johannes Senger(Lysander) of the Dragon Lords 1st
knocked out more warbosses than I care to count.
3 bloodthirsters, 5 deamon princes, 6 soulgrinders, another lysander, 1/2 an ig army, 4 dreadnaughts, 1 ven dread, 4 necron lords, untold amounts of orks. I'm gonna stop now... I cant remember everything. he's been incapacitated twice in about 20 plus games

14-04-2009, 04:49
One game killed nearly all the Guardsman in a IG army almost single handedly.

14-04-2009, 04:52
Commissar Yarrick singlehandedly taking out 3 Terminators, 7 Space Marines and a Space Marine Captain. Again I repeat, ALONE.

Logarithm Udgaur
14-04-2009, 04:55
Blood Maven of the Pact
A former Sororitus Repentia, turned to the service of Khorne. An adherent devotee to the Blood God, she slew an Ironclad in single combat, after her command squad was shot up. In the next game she fell to a SM captain's honor blade, after taking out his accompanying squad. The SM captain slunk away with a single remaining wound.

14-04-2009, 05:14
IG Junior Officer: The lone survivor of his squad after she had attacked, he killed St-Celestine on the last turn of the game. She had been burning and slaughtering my guards and my greenskin ally orks all game long without ever failing her damn invulnerable +2 save.

Grey Knight Grandmaster: Stopped a DP dead in it's tracks and then proceeded to turn the battle in my favor once he managed to get stuck in combat with the heretics. Yeah for DH force weapons.

Dakka Tyrant: He once wiped out an entire section of the board and he took down some units that would have just massacred the rest of my force, like a trio of penitent engine, a DE lord with retinue and 3 Talos (yes we play lots of multiplayer games).

Flyrant: Well to say the truth he usually gets shot to death or fisted very quickly, but apart from drawing TONS of fire ppower away from the rest of my force he does sometimes shine in combat. He once managed to kill an assault terminator squad with commander that was getting a little to close to the rest of my MCs. The chances of this happening were very slim, but the tyrant prevailed.

14-04-2009, 05:22
Still sounds like I might have a top prize here, My Tau commander (with shield gen and stim injects) got charged by a 10 strong Harlequin squad whom he won combat with and chased them down and destroyed them.

14-04-2009, 05:28
Shas'o Nars'ka Lynu (Cmdr. Stonestrike): Last man standing, 2 wounds left, versus a Necron Lord and a somewhat depleted squad of Warriors (10 out of 16). Outfitted with a Plasma Rifle and Missile Pod, he has to take 3 Warriors out to pull a draw. Only problem is...its not his turn yet and they've just moved into rapid fire range, as well as cover. Warriors and Lord open fire, causing a whole mess of wounds. Manages to make all the saves but one. His turn ends, and allows me to return the favor. Roll to hit: 4 hits. Roll to wound: 3 wounds.

Necron rolls two 2's and a 1 for his saves. And it being the last turn, he doesn't get to make any WBB rolls.

I was proudest of him for that.

14-04-2009, 05:38
Kaayven Shrike surviving five rounds of combat against 5 chaos terminators AND a chaos lord with daemon weapon....without taking a single wound. He killed off all the terminators, and was about to start carving the Lord up like Turducken but then time ran out. Passed about a dozen "Pass-it-or-die" invulnerable saves.

14-04-2009, 06:44
Generally its not my commander that does the heroic action. Not that they don't perform well, they just tend to be place where they are somewhat safe. However my company vets tend to be sent into the worst of worst areas, and come out in once piece, though minus a few guys to be sure.

Now Chaplains on the other hand, they tend to get into some trouble. Playing DA these hardy warriors go into the thick of the worst action for me. Leading the charge with power weapon to the wind. Never to fall back, never to surrender. While the Captain holds the line and keeps the brothers on the field with his Ld 10, the Int Chaplains head into the darkest heart of the enemy.

Like when a term Int Chaplain lead a Deathwing term squad with storm bolters and powerfists including one assault cannon into a light armed squad that was, before shooting 10 man strong with a term Libby. Picking the fight when I knew it would be best the Crusader they were in, drove up, dropped them out. Unloaded TL assault cannon and rapid firing bolters into the terms. Eating down 2 of them, then the terms fire took a wound off the libby and killed another 2.

Assaulting into the Jaws of the enemy, I lost not a single terminator as the Int Chaplain destroyed their libby, and my term sgt hit and wounded with all of his attacks. The rest of the squad cleaning up what was left. All that needed to be said was "Don't send a book worm to do a chaplains job".

Having to that point failed every armor save I needed to make, it felt pretty good to crush his strong point unit. As well chaplains with jump packs leading assault marines to the fray have turned the tide of countless battles over the years.

I even had one who moved to take command of a squad of CC scouts. They ended up crushing some Kommandos and a truck based squad of boys with their ride. Only to be assaulted then by a Deff dread, which attacked the chaplain for over 6 CC turns. That chaplain refused to fail his invuln save. Holding the dread up till the end of the game, and securing a whole flank while even getting in at least 1 glancing hit with a krak grenade.

14-04-2009, 10:40
My Wolf Lord has killed my friends Hive Tyrants and Warrior Squads many of a time. Once passed 13 armor saves in a row to do it.

14-04-2009, 12:05
Not that many from my own armies, aside from the Chaplain making an inordinate amount of invulnerable saves. My Daemons are still to young to have any truly heroic moments from its characters.

My brothers old Word Bearers (old extensive codex):
Dark Apostle ending up alone in the open right in front of an Iron Warrior army, every Ordenance weapon in the IW army opens up on him and he makes all his invulnerable saves, all Obliterators open up on him aswell, most hit, none wound. Model then proceeds to chew up a few squads on his own.

14-04-2009, 13:26
My Chaos Lord of Khorne charged into combat with my opponent's Flesh Tearers (yeah, that was an interesting fight... "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!" "BLOOD FOR THE EMPEROR!"), and spent four turns almost single-handedly tearing apart the enemy army before rolling a 1 on the Bloodfeeder, getting pummeled by 9 Marines, and then punched to death by their Power-Fist-toting Sergeant.

Still, he did better than most of my models have done in the past in that regard. I'm willing to bet a lot of folk have Terminator-armoured models who can make their Invulnerable saves day in and day out and then die when someone attacks them with a sharpened stick. I'm definitely one of those folk.

14-04-2009, 13:52
IG Junior officer Smythe, with binoculars and swagger stick ( and a holstered laspistol), who normally sits back, and directs his platoons firepower.

The platoon takes a charge by Khornate Assulat marines/bezerkers, and this was back in 4th ed, where the boring consolidating from squad to squad was happening.

The combined firepower of the platoon strips the squad away, and so leaves the just the tooled up comander.

So the end of the command squad, The officer, and his faithful bugler (all my officers with Iron discipline have either a CSM shouting alot next to them, or a musician), Charges in - I'm going to miss close order drill- parries the chain axe with his swagger stick, and coolly delivers 3 fatal laspistol shot to the Traitors head.

Morale of the story: If you have effective armour, do not leave your helmet off as it looks better.

14-04-2009, 14:04
I was playing with my Tau in 4th ed and a jump pack chaplain had just slaughtered 3 squads of my FW.
He ends up just in front of my Shas'o who calmly levels his plasma rifles and blows his head off:D

14-04-2009, 17:30
My Traitor IG commander once outflanked my SM enemy, sneaking up at the back and taking out a Whirlwind with his meltabombs. He was also then in the way of a squad of retreating Devastators who then couldn't regroup, and ran of the table.

After that, he assaulted the back of a Land Raider, and blew it up.

Not to shabby for an old man I must say. :)

Thats about 600 pts he was more or less responsible for. :D

14-04-2009, 17:53
Had a Chaos Lord with steed, deamon weapon and mark of slaanesh carve up a 6-man squad of bikers with lord in it, a Vindicator, A deamon prince and full squad of chaos space marines.

While he was doing this he was shot by my 6 obliterators for 2-3 turns.

Oh yeah he survived the battle of capture and control contesting my objective and netting my opponent the game.

Slaanesh must have had an massive boner for this guy.

Had my deamon prince Durga (Mark of Nurgle, Warptime) kill a lot of Tyranid Monstrous creatures (this is what happens when you don't take implant attacks). The vount was two tyrants and two carnifexes in a single game. The carnifexes were not wounded when he charged them.

He is also credited for killing 4 of the 6 eldar phoenix lords.

14-04-2009, 17:56
My grand-master librarian (GK) killed an entire 1750pts chaos army by himself in CC

i teleported him in to do suicide run by killing the enemy bloodthirster

a ton of bloodletters and losts of CSM + 2 defilers later he was still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i had over a thousand points waiting in drop pods + teleporters for him to die

14-04-2009, 18:02
An attached Commissar of mine led a charge into an Eldar Dire Avenger squad, with him he had a HSO with a PW, himself with a PW, 2 Guardsmen, 1 Medic and a Plasmagunner and an attached Psyker. The psyker attempted to use his psychic power in Close combat and roled double 6's, the commissar leaped over 3 Dire avengers, stabbed the Psyker, and then jumped back over and stabbed three dire avengers, the HSO did the same thing! It was glorious and funny.

14-04-2009, 18:30
Blood Angels chaplain and death company roll through most of my IG gunline, stopping at my HSO/Commissar command squad (not at all geared for close combat). At this point, he has two death company blokes remaining with the chaplain.

First turn of combat, the command squad kills the chaplain's retinue, while three of the guardsmen and a wound from the HSO are taken off. The HSO fails his leadership test of on 8, and Commissar Wade Wallace put his laspistol to the Captain's head and offs him.

During the next assault phase, the chaplain whiffs, and the commissar puts two wounds on the chaplain. Rolls of 1 and 2 show on the armor saves, and Commissar Wallace carves up the chaplain.

14-04-2009, 18:35
i Charged the old 3 wound space marine chaplin into 10 fire warriors..

My chaplin did 0 wounds.. then the firewarriors killed my chaplin.

14-04-2009, 18:40
Hopefully this qualifies as a feat of derring-do:

My Dark Angels company master with combi-plasma is advancing on some sisters of battle, who have become too inquisitive for their own good and must be dealt with, lest our shame be known to all.

The sister superior with her squad of celestians (the elite sisters unit with bolters; not sure if this is the right name) jump into a multi-melta equipped immolater and gun towards my master.

The company master levels his combi-plasma and fires. Two hits, two penetrating hits. One destroyed result. 3 Sisters were killed by the vehicle's demise and the veteran sister was sorely wounded. My master finished her off and her retinue next turn.

Pretty bad-ass if you ask me.

14-04-2009, 19:04
Commissar Edmund McRayne.

Soon to be Lord Commissar. With the Mordian 88th/5th Company command squad they hane taken down Chaos Terminator Lords, Tyranid monsterous creatures and Tau commanders. Unit includes HSO w. power sword, 2 guardsmen w. 1 flamethover and CC-gear, 2 veterans w. medic-gear and Company Standard. Other times includet battle psykers and priests of imperium.

Commissar McRayne has a power fist named "indescribable justice" and laspistol. Other gear includes carapace armor and medallion of crimson.

14-04-2009, 19:18
lt jones 2nd platoon 9th company (fighting 5th cadian infantry)

2nd platoon all 55 men charged over open ground a black legion havoc held position 2 squads -8 heavy bolter

well now lt jones now captain jones the new 9th company (because they all got killed at range except him) took them chaos boys down with his mighty power sword in an epic hth melee all 10 black legionarys twisted souls were vanquished to the warp ....shame about the platoon but as we say in the guard thats life....ish

14-04-2009, 19:28
Well not that heroic, but highly amusing. At least in my own opinion.
I and my cousin were couple of years ago playing my SM vs his nids, and my commander knocked a wound of carnifex with the bolter part of his combi bolter, despite needing 6 to hit and to wound, and carnifex having 2+ save. What makes it funny, is that the same carnifex had earlier that turn happily shrugged off fire from full devastator squad, 2 multimelta armed attack bikes and a twin linked lascannon from razorback without taking a single wound. And then, BAM bolter does what lascannons, multimeltas, plasmacannons and plasmaguns could not. Priceless.

14-04-2009, 19:34
I have had my broodlord and retinue of 9 rip through fifty marines and a dreadnought in 3 turns, without taking a single loss to the brood. 13 Games has that broodlord served me has yet to be killed whether I won or lost the game.

14-04-2009, 20:28
My space marine sargeant had his squad whiped out by a dreadnaught, while fleeing he decides to hit the back armour of the dred. with his bolt pistol. no word of a lie 5, 6, 6. dred dies. from that day on he was my prized sargeant, until he died in the next game to a blooming carnifex :(.

14-04-2009, 20:29
I regularly run an Iron Warriors Terminator Lord with a Daemon Weapon. One game I was up against a completely Outflanking Khassaro Khan army and ended up losing my lord's Land Raider to Outflanking Multi-meltas. Over the game, the Lord's retinue of Terminators eventuall all got killed oof but the Lord perservered. On the last turn of the the game he charged Khassaro Khan himself and slew him in a single round of combat! Sweet vengeance!!!!!

14-04-2009, 20:35
Kharn to date has killed two warbosses, ten nobz, and a crapload of necrons.

Basiclus of my Eagle Claws has killed off an entire dev squad and a Nurgle daemon prince last game.

Chaos lord Heru'ur has killed Lucius and a bunch of normal marines.

My Daemon Prince Amon, has killed several Hive Tyrants and Carnifexes, and wiped out a storm shield, thunder hammer Termie squad and their chaplain.

14-04-2009, 21:00
Chaos lord Heru'ur has killed Lucius

Lucius cant be killed, heheh...

Zombie Savant
14-04-2009, 21:21
Rogue Inquisitor Richter and his retinue of Heavy-Bolter-toting fanatics have not only never been completely destroyed in shooting or assault over the course of my hobby experience, but time and time again has their withering hail of fire overwhelmed the sturdiest of defenses.

Where battle-cannons, missiles, lascannons, earthshaker rounds, and all else fail, the 12 faithful bullets espoused from the gleaming beacon of my bastard-traitor inquisitor can strike with not only impossible accuracy (almost always getting 10 hits) but, to put it simply, kill.

This unit is specifically competent versus monstrous creatures and 2+ saves. Daemon Princes of all shapes sizes and inclinations know to stay 36 inches away from this unit.

14-04-2009, 21:56
My Dire Avenger Exarch has killed about 6 Dark Angels bikers, 3 regular marines, and held out singlehandedly against Sammael, Master of the Ravenwing for 3 whole combat phases(epic fail dice rolls on Sammael's part, since the Exarch doesn't have an invuln save to use against his power weapon, but still epic nonetheless.)

14-04-2009, 22:02
I remember a regular opponent I used to play against where we both had some heroic combats, great moments include my Emperor's Champion using his Black Sword two handed (i.e. as a power fist) back in 3rd Ed which used to seek out and slay his characters but soon moved on to cutting Dreadnoughts in half:)

That said his Imperial Guard Colonel was the one who killed a Chaplain in combat then got shot dead, stood up with his Bionics then was killed by his own Griffon mortar shell landing on him, oh those were the days, lol

14-04-2009, 22:07
I can remember my Bloodthirster (3rd ed.) taking out more 900pts. of a 1500pts. Ultramarine army. Alone!

In an other game he stood against a flood of slaaneshi deamons lead by a keeper of secrets. They were slaughtered and the objective taken in the name of khorne!

14-04-2009, 23:54
Chaos lord Heru'ur has killed Lucius and a bunch of normal marines.

Don't you mean the Chaos Lord formerly known as Heru'ur, known known as Lucius, has killed Lucius and paid the heavy toll thereof? ;)

Guess he's not yelling "Kree!" at his men anymore...

Awilla the Hun
17-04-2009, 16:14
Major Sharpe, a Junior Officer with an Honorifica Imperialis, drawing his power sword and cutting down four grey knights, before he and Sergeant Harper were killed themselves with Nemesis Force Weapons striking at the same time.

17-04-2009, 16:46
We were doing a 2 vs 2 match I was space marines and my ally was tau, we were facing off against nids and imps. My command squad fought through 16 genestealers to reach the imp commander, the imp player then threw in a squad of stormtroopers to try and turn the melee, only to have his sergeant fail to cause any wounds with his power sword. After such a heroic melee he was so nobly gunned down by 3 auto cannons.:cries:

Awilla the Hun
17-04-2009, 17:13
Oh, and another one from me: my old Chaos leading days, with my Anti Necron Chaos Marines.

My Golden Armoured Lord managed to survive repeated volleys from sniper rifles, missiles, devestators, bolters etc before charging the scouts and finishing them. By this point much of his army is dead, but he charges a Librarian, and kills it. Then a tactical squad. And then he recieved a charge from every Marine the enemy can throw at him. He survives them, before being taken by a Techmarine's Servo Arm. That was the high point of his career, I believe...

17-04-2009, 17:35
My Warboss charged a Chaos Sorcerer and his 3 termie retinue. Sorcerer goes first and attack the Warboss with his force weapon, landing 2 blows. Fails one and takes a wound, cybork saves the other. Warboss uses his power klaw to rip him a new one, while the termie's power fists only deal one wound (T5 rocks). Next turn, he wipes out the unit for the loss of another wound, and consolidates into a Chaos Dread (4th edition battle), and on the next turn rips that apart too, with the Dread's only successful wound saved again by the cybork.

Then he took a lascannon to the face and died, but hey, it was a good fight!

17-04-2009, 17:38
Back in 3rd ed.

Abaddon and his bodyguard of 9 Lightning claw armed terminator champions are charged by Shrike and a 10 strong wing of his twin lightning claw armed buddies. When the dust settles after a single combat phase of carnage, a seriously wounded (1 wound left) Abaddon is the only one to walk away from the combat. Almost 1000 points altogether wiped out in a single combat!

05-05-2009, 20:52
Beginning his service as a mere lieutenant, Colonel Caine of the Praetorian XIII has risen through the ranks for actions such as destroying a half of a marine assault squad and their chaplain singlehandedly, holding the line despite the death of his squad by killing 4 genestealers and wounding their broodlord leader (thereby maintaining a hold on a critical objective), slaying captain belial (that's his name, right? the dark angels terminator guy?) in single combat, and continually showing steadfastness under fire in leading his assault platoon into combat. (he's a lucky model :D)

he should be awarded the honorifica imperialis!

05-05-2009, 20:55
Rogue Inquisitor Richter and his retinue of Heavy-Bolter-toting fanatics have not only never been completely destroyed in shooting or assault over the course of my hobby experience, but time and time again has their withering hail of fire overwhelmed the sturdiest of defenses.

Where battle-cannons, missiles, lascannons, earthshaker rounds, and all else fail, the 12 faithful bullets espoused from the gleaming beacon of my bastard-traitor inquisitor can strike with not only impossible accuracy (almost always getting 10 hits) but, to put it simply, kill.

This unit is specifically competent versus monstrous creatures and 2+ saves. Daemon Princes of all shapes sizes and inclinations know to stay 36 inches away from this unit.

he is a traitor? inquisitor dont become traitor!

05-05-2009, 22:23
Nightbringer killed baneblade in one assault but got killed in the explosin and enough warriors so I phased out so was a draw.

05-05-2009, 22:30
Captain, 4th ed.

Took on the entire enemy force of eldar and guard in combat.


05-05-2009, 22:46
it was just over 2 weeks ago and I was having a small 500pt game vanilla marines v templars

My Captain, unnamed at the time but christened "El Cap E. Tan" by many present that day, + the remains of a combat squad was charged by one shy of a full squad of CC orientated tac marines (inc sarge with PW)

My squad was sarge, 2 scrubs + cap and in the first round of combat I lost 1 scrub, he lost 1
Next round I lost sarge + other scrub leavin "El Cap E. Tan" v 7 very hungry templars
over the next 3 rounds i killed all but their sarge who finally hit with PW

The very next game he shrugged of a few Kraks to the face and dies of a plasma shot to the butt!

05-05-2009, 23:19
I have alot of armies, but here are some highlights.

Khorne army
Lord with jugg taking out a whole tac squad singlehanded then consolidating into a termie squad and wiping them out.

Kharn destroying two landraiders and three men in his own squad (it doeosn't matter whose blood flows as long as it flows)

Lt Lictor getting two laspistol shots (4th) rules and two wounds on a fex and then finishing it off with his power weapon

Lord Thracian (Chaos Lord) Taking out a squad of warp spiders and then an Avatar and those screaming harlots (I mean banshees) behind it

06-05-2009, 00:41
I regularly detach Vulkan Hestan from the assault terminators unit he's usually leading, so that he may solo-kill entire squads. And you bet he does this with incredible efficiency. So far he has singlehandedly owned entire squads of necrons, imperial guard, gaunts, devastator and tactical marines (the ones without hidden power fists, anyway :P), etc.

On one occasion I let him assault a 5 men death company squad. He killed 4 of them, and the 5th guy died from the No Retreat! rule.

I'm planning to replace Vulkan as my regular HQ with Pedro Cantor soon. Kinda feel sorry about it, even though it'll boost my overall army efficiency. Pedro is so crappy in assault. :/

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