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14-04-2009, 07:50
I've decided to finally build the two IG armies that I've always wanted to build. One of them will be a swift desert force. I was going to use Tallarn until I did the math on $40 for ten of them.

I have found a site with a deal on custom heads. They will do shemagh (sp) wrapped heads. The charge is $20 for the sculpt, then $.60 a head. I could have them do 5 sculpts for $100, then buy as many heads as I want at $.60. The initial cost might seem expensive, but $22 for Cadians verses $40 for Tallarn is outrageous. I'd be getting Tallarnish looking troops for $28 for ten. I'd probably still do some Tallarn up as conscripts, vets, or something different from the main troops.

My questions for you guys are:

1- Would shemagh (sp) wrapped heads look good on Cadian bodies?

2- Can you leave off the shoulder armor on Cadians?

3- Does it make sense to spend the initial $100 to then get $26 a squad desert troops vs $40 a squad?

4- Would something different look better for a desert raiding force? I've thought about French Foreign Legion, Afrika Korps, and 8th army knock-offs. I've even thought about some sort of army with rebreathers and goggles.

14-04-2009, 08:11
1. Don't know, it could look somewhat... wrong, I think the body would need some more wraps than just look like straight armour.
2. No, they're molded onto the arms, they could be filed off mind
3. Depends on how many you're planning on having in your army, work this out and work out how long it would take for you to break even over Tallarn.
e.g. 10 Desert Raiders costs $40, 10 Cadians from this site will cost $128, which is obviously much more money, you'd need to order 90 (if my maths is right) of these Cadian conversions to break even.
90 Desert Raiders = 40*9 = 360
90 Cadians = (28*9) + 100 = 352
4. That would be entireley down to you and personal preference unfortunately...

14-04-2009, 08:14
1: I don't know, but I don't think the full on body armour meshes well with a complete lack of helmets.
2: Nope, the shoulder pads are part of the arms. Only the vehicle commander arms don't have them (any vehicle chimera and up to baneblade has 1 or 2 pairs of those).
3: Given that I don't think tallarnish heads work on cadian bodies, I'll have to say no.
4: Catachans? No? Yeah, I thought not, but I don't have any other ideas...

14-04-2009, 09:34
90 infantry models would barely scratch the surface for what I want to do. I guess that's a good deal. Both of you seem to think this would look bad. I was kinda thinking along the same lines. I just want something that fits my concept. Pure Tallarn minis are too expensive and don't really have a variety of poses. Catachans are one of three IG regiments I would never consider. I really don't like the minis. Praetorians and Mordians are the other two.

I think the big problem I'm running into is the shoulder pads. I don't think the shemagh heads would clash with the chest armor that much. Of course if I bought Eldar/DE/Dogs of War/Empire/Brettonian arms and did a weapon swap, I'd be getting close to the price of Tallarn troopers. That defeats half the reason why I would do the conversions in the first place.

Cardalian Swamp Stalkers done up in desert colors might be the route I end up going unless I find some bodies that would fit with the shemagh style heads. I really wish GW would do some sort of uniformed light infantry in plastic. I'm talking about something like the old Cadians. If they did that, then a simple head swap could radically change the look of the army.

I'm still open to suggestions. If anyone knows of some bodies that might fit, I'm willing to try.

What I'm trying to accomplish as far as the theme of the army goes is a desert wind theme. The army will have artillery and tanks to back it up. However, the strength of the army will be from fast moving valks, RR, light tanks, and chimera borne troops. I love the valkyrie models. I'm also a big fan of both GW's and FW's Tallarn RR minis.

14-04-2009, 12:41
Might not look to bad if you go for a kepi instead of the head wrap. But that's more of a French Foriegn Legion feel than a Lawrence of Arabia feel. I do agree that the head wrap will look somewhat out of character unless you go for the Sihk style head wrap, which is more eastern than middle eastern

14-04-2009, 13:38
i have a full army of kepi mordian guard (no tanks). they look awsome very beau guest (sp). They look spot on like French Foriegn Legion and it fits the desert theme. Im about to put them up on ebay since i have 2 other IG armies and a daughter getting ready to go to college.

14-04-2009, 13:45
What if you were to use catachans and model on robes or shawls or whatever (sorry if I have offended anyone, I honestly dont know the names for the clothes) to cover the bare arms and chests? That could easily be done with small strips of cloth painted and hardened with glue. That combined with your heads could make for some nice desertish models and each one in your army would be a one of a kind due to the vagaries of the cloth.