View Full Version : Quick question about a certain model.

Kushan Blackrazor
15-04-2009, 04:55
Specifically, the new Sorceress on a Cold One. For a conversion I am planning, but I can't get out to the LGS anytime soon. I'm having a hard time telling if her body/legs are seperately sculpted from the Cold One. The pictures I've found online indicate some of her clothing or war gear might be part of the cold one's sculpt but can she be mounted convincingly on something else? Thanks in advance.

17-04-2009, 02:11
I am sorry I don't know. I assume its separate but I'm not sure as I don't own one.

17-04-2009, 03:58
she can on a manticore as well or a dark rider

17-04-2009, 07:05
She is separate from the cold one.