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18-12-2005, 00:41
(as previously posted at DakkaDakka)

Hi all,
I'm building a Hirst Arts/Castlemould city board for 40k and need some advice.

The city is supposed to be a religious centre and not destroyed in any way by war. The board is 1.20 meters square and will feature 8-10 houses (made of syntetic plaster).


On the picture above you can see the board so far. It will have a short road leading in, a "car" park (?) and stairs up into the centre.


I'm also considering having a narrow "sunken road" through the middle of the board - with stairs to important places.

18-12-2005, 01:05
Here are some photos of the city as of today:


18-12-2005, 01:07
Added a place for sinners (as suggested on Dakka)...

18-12-2005, 01:09
Here's a pic with minis - so you can see the scale:

Do you think an airfield/landing bay would look out of place within the religious city???

Now I need more suggestions on how to make the city more 40k Gothic and playable (City Fight, Necromunda, 40k and Kill Team).

Please help!


18-12-2005, 01:59
Hmm, it looks good so far. I dunno how to make it more religious/gothic, ect. Perhaps a statue of the Emperor?

The Machine GoD
18-12-2005, 02:27
May I recomend you try not to make the streets square. It makes the game more fun and balanced.

18-12-2005, 03:12
It's a neat project, I think. :)

I would suggest:

1) Break up the line of sight in the city - twisting streets generally are more fun than broad, straight avenues in a city fight.

2) Ruined buildings?

3) Placement of what level buildings where. It's often a lot of fun to have a few good 'sniper' positions in a city with a commanding view of the board. However, that comes with the caveat that the sniper positions shouldn't be perfect - they have blind spots that allow a crafty opponent to take them down.

4) For Gothic, I think you would certainly want to get more vertical, more statues and monuments, fountains, gargoyles on the sides of the buildings, finer stonework. Gothic architecture is all about light, airy stonework - high ceilings, thin walls and the use of slim columns and flying butresses (and lots of them). I think in particular, the fat columns aren't really that appropo for Gothic - Gothic styling used narrow columns and more of them. Using fat columns is more of a Romanesque thing. (Historically, the Imperium under siege would probably gravitate more to Romanesque style but that's an entirely different arguement.)

18-12-2005, 04:33
Do you think an airfield/landing bay would look out of place within the religious city???

nope, it would look really cool, blending the whole gothic feel with the tech-y feel

i say go for it

18-12-2005, 06:43
Those buildings look great! You have a lot of money to be able to leave two valkyre flyers lying about. Are you using the both as wreckages?

18-12-2005, 06:53
cool stuff
keep them coming

18-12-2005, 09:11
Thanks for the input.

>statue of the Emperor
Yep. That would be nice. Although I have no clue of what to use representing him...

>twisting streets
I have tried to make the streets so that they are offset to eachother - but I admit having an even more chaotic street layout (and non rectangular houses) would of course be better...

>sniper' positions
Yes. I have elevated points in the church - but I might just add a sniper-ish tower on the other side of the board.

>two valkyre flyers lying about. Are you using the both as wreckages?
They are just unfinished - and will not be permanent parts of the terrain (although they are supposed to be able to land in the landing area).

Keep the feedback coming.


18-12-2005, 09:21
>Ruined buildings?
Nope. This will be an city fight board *without* ruins.

>more vertical, more statues and monuments, fountains,
>gargoyles on the sides of the buildings, finer stonework.
Yes. A lot f work ahead...



18-12-2005, 09:22


Need even more ideas.


18-12-2005, 09:54
Fantastic work. I think it needs more height, especially for Necromunda games. Maybe more division of the buildings to create internal rooms.

The Heresy Hellhounds look a little out of place as Imperial decoration. It also looks a little too pristine and mediaeval for a 40k city. If you've seen the forgeworld ruined pieces (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/cityfightterrain2.htm)then they've got viewscreens and control consoles set into the walls. I'd add at least a few bullet holes and scorch marks here and there even if you aren't going to go full blown ruins. Things like a landing pad for the sacred complex would make it look more SF, especially if you try something like the Anaphelion base pad (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/landingpad3.htm)with the raised area to create more levels. If you took the landing pad level up to the average roof height of the other buildings it'd be easier for a flyer to land as well as creating an area underneath the pad for real "underhive" atmosphere.

Those LotR statues look good. Look forward to seeing an update.

18-12-2005, 10:33
I see this huge open quarter of the table. Idea:
Massive 4-storey building in there. Maybe with next storeys smaller that the previous, to make for some 'platforms'.

The glade wanderer

18-12-2005, 11:38
Based on the feedback so far I have been thinking some more regarding the overall layout...
How about something like this???

Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
18-12-2005, 12:15
Instead of the statue of the emperor, How about a Giant space marine statue like in dawn of war. I'm sure that would be easy to get. THis is very nice keep up the good work.

18-12-2005, 14:49
Any chance of a tutorial on how you made those buildings?

18-12-2005, 16:05
>Any chance of a tutorial on how you made those buildings?
Basically it's just blocks made of synthetic plaster using Hirst Arts moulds (highly recommended).

To speed things up I also made my own larger wall sections (combining blocks and making a RTV silicone rubber mould).

You can see a section (pink) in the following pics:

18-12-2005, 16:28
Which moulds did you use? Do you just fill them with plaster of paris?


18-12-2005, 17:08
I've got a few suggestions, and also a few questions for you, but first off, I'd like to say, awsome board! :angel:
On the second picture you posted of your board (on the first page), there were some strange hounds in the background...What are these hounds from, and what are they called?
Also, where did you get that huge pile of skulls from? :skull:


Here, if the link worked, you should see the outlines of your board. If it's still possable, you should turn the buildings on the board so that they are going diagnoly across the board, instead of up and down. This will create a better game, and make the terrein for of a feature in your games, instead of just looking nice but getting in the way.
The black lines are the table edges...

If you wanted a big statue of a Space Marine, I'm sure the Inquisator range could do something for you. Failing that, try using that character Apothecary holding a chalice really high. He's not big, but he looks good as a statue.

Mike :skull:

18-12-2005, 18:48
>Which moulds did you use?
Basic Block Mold #40, Gothic Church Mold #54, Bell Tower Mold #55, Tomb Mold #56, Roman Temple Mold #62, Octagon Tower Mold #63, Cracked Floor Tiles
Mold #203, Clay Tile Roof Mold #230

>Do you just fill them with plaster of paris?
I didn't use plaster of paris (to brittle for my taste) I used (rather expensive) synthetic plaster (dries to almost resin specifications. I would recommend using something like that or dental plaster.

>strange hounds in the background
Chaos hounds from http://www.heresyminiatures.com

>turn the buildings on the board so that they are going diagnoly across the board
Would have been nice - but unfortunately impossible 'cause this board is just one of many interchangable ones (all with the road/highway through the middle).

>big statue of a Space Marine
Not that found of them. Might look for something more SOB though.

18-12-2005, 18:52
Looking good, Magnus. I love the shrines and suchlike. I would, personally, caution you against much in the way of "tech", given the environment: this is the ecclesiarchal sector of the city (possible just on the fringe of the vast cathedral quarter...) so the tech will be unobtrusive so as to permit the humble pilgrim better to contemplate the divinity of the Emperor.

However, the churchmen cannot do without their "comforts", so I DO suggest some (hot water?) pipes, street-lighting and the occasional power lines. Should be pretty simple to drop in and several companies make good 28mm streetlights.

Off-topic, by the way, the expression "Inq28" has now spread widely through the UK Inquisitor community. Given that, as far as I know, you were the one to coin it, I thought you'd like to know...


18-12-2005, 19:06
How much did you spend then? well over $200 by my reconing.

18-12-2005, 19:52
>Do you just fill them with plaster of paris?
I didn't use plaster of paris (to brittle for my taste) I used (rather expensive) synthetic plaster (dries to almost resin specifications. I would recommend using something like that or dental plaster.
Have you a trade name for the synthetic plaster?

18-12-2005, 20:15
Robey: Always a pleasure hearing your comments.

>How much did you spend then?
Ouch, don't even wanna count. It would be as if asking "How much have you spent on miniatures during the years?). A few hundred $ on moulds and *a lot* of plaster. But then again - with the moulds I can make several city boards.

>Have you a trade name for the synthetic plaster?
Unfortunately not - it has been repackaged/rebranded with a simple Swedish label.


19-12-2005, 19:00
Have you a trade name for the synthetic plaster?

Excalibur and Die-Keen are two that are recommended that have near resin properties. Hirst Arts has several reviews of casting materials for the U.S. and Overseas Linky (http://www.hirstarts.com/casting/us.html).

19-12-2005, 21:22
>where did you get that huge pile of skulls

21-12-2005, 16:19
Outstanding job first off.

I also have been building a city board and would like to ask. How has the molds held up to the syntehic plaster? I have some and have been afraid of using resin in them or any other harsh chemical.

22-12-2005, 06:36
Synthetic plaster is (probably) very similar to ordinary plaster. I have both white and black of the synthetic stuff - black leaves stains (on hands/tables/moulds) but the white handles like standard plaster. Cannot see that it has affected the moulds in any way (except for the stains).

As for resin - read the advise at HirstArts.com. Bruce Hirst speaks of how resin works in his moulds - but that the moulds tend to age/dry faster due to the chemicals.

22-12-2005, 06:52
They recomend using dental plaster, i dont have any molds just read about them. Looking good i liket ha lack of ruins, not every city in the imperium would be ruined.

22-12-2005, 07:33
A few notes on your board: although the buildings themselves look fantastic, it looks very much a fantasy/Mordheim board rather than a 40k one. Here I would second what precinctomega said - no need to go over the top, but a power line or two, maybe some futuristic-looking torturing device for the sinners (Tesla coils come to mind), that kind of stuff would hit the spot. Then a wall console here and there, plus a utility pathway for the servitors (maybe also a service area for them to stand-by?) to move goods from the airstrip to the storage. That would be quite enough, methinks.

23-12-2005, 18:19
Not to found of power lines. I have tried it before but the power lines/phone wires/clothing lines looked good but kept getting in the way when playing so I ditched them.

As for torturing devices, consoles and pathways - great ideas. Will add.


23-12-2005, 20:42
Not to found of power lines. I have tried it before but the power lines/phone wires/clothing lines looked good but kept getting in the way when playing so I ditched them.

Could have them so that they were removeable during play, so you could leave them on for display and take them off. You could have a slot made of balsa wood and have the lines attached to a flat piece which can be slotted in. Something like this (excuse bad drawing! :P):


edit: if it doesn't show, Clicky (http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y192/Thoume/diagram.jpg)

14-01-2006, 20:37

The board as of today:


14-01-2006, 20:38
I've tried to make the roadblock look fancy, yet strong - and added a small wall etc.


14-01-2006, 20:40
Wow :eek: now thats what you call a gaming table ,all i can say is that its a work of art :)

14-01-2006, 20:55
oh my word, that is terrific. all i can manage to do is stick some pringles cans to a piece of foamboard and spray it grey! lol.

looks really nice, very classical there, reminds me of the lost city in the anime "castle of cagliostro"

14-01-2006, 21:20
motherfu**ing hell (excuse my mode of expression :evilgrin: )
that's what i call a city, very nice, very, very nice, i'm really jealous :cries:
keep it on *every thumb up i can get*

old guard
14-01-2006, 21:53
That is simply superb, I understand the comment earlier by some one that its more WH than 4o K but (without knowing your intentions) you caught the 'scale' of a 40K city as its described in some of the fluff without it being overwhelming and unusable. As bits of 'high tech' details go in this will set a standard.

Bravo sir.

14-01-2006, 21:56
Thanks for the positive feedback.

Here are some additional photos (of the stairs):

14-01-2006, 22:06
... and to show that I really appreciate (and use) most of the feedback/suggestions you have given me so far:

Someone on this forum suggested adding SM statues:

Also, I tried to add "bits of high tech":

old guard
14-01-2006, 22:09
Is that the old limited editions BT emperors champion you have used as a STATUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it did'nt look so good that would almost be sacrilege.

By the way (and I cringe at the fact of criticising) is it me or is the right hand side of that FW Tallarn builing pissed?

14-01-2006, 22:28
i love it. Keep up the good work

14-01-2006, 22:29
>Is that the old limited editions BT emperors champion you have used as a STATUE

Yep, and I plan to add more statues of famous people (i.e. limited edition minis).
I have quite a few - as I have collected GW stuff for a long time - buying lots of cool stuff that I have no real use for (I mainly play IG, AA and Tyras). Thus I thought it be a good idea using ltd SM as statues ;-)

>the right hand side of that FW Tallarn builing pissed?

The board is a W.I.P. and that house is just temporarily placed there (not even painted or anything.

15-01-2006, 02:26
This is one nice looking table! One question, are you going to add any "stain glass" to some of windows of the buildings? Maybe you could depict a famous battle scene or something. Better yet, some graffiti or pop/counter culture billboards/icons/slogans may be cool as well.

15-01-2006, 07:53
Regarding window glass:
Although I'm considering it (I have even downloaded a lot of suitable pictures) I'm not sure. Coloured windows add realism (unless used in a ruin - when they look out of place) but also prevents LOF and H2H/exit/entry through those windows. As with power lines it's a balance between looks and playability.

Unless anybody has an idea of how to do removable windows?

15-01-2006, 09:57
>turn the buildings on the board so that they are going diagnoly across the board

Even though it was impossible to do that, the tip was a good one so I've added one such building:

15-01-2006, 10:51
I love the trees and urns. They make the place look genuinely "lived in", like the citizens have only just left. I might well yoink those ideas. Of course, this would also make a terrific Inq28 board, too, but I'm sure you've thought of that.

15-01-2006, 11:16
This cityfight board will be very cool. About the stained glass windows couldn't you just put them in and for rules purposes they aren't there? (maybe the thing even smashed through them?)

17-01-2006, 15:06
This looks amazing... and that while I was wondering and searching for ideas myself... I am certainly going to use some of your ideas...

Thank you for sharing this!

17-01-2006, 18:49
You gotta make at least one huge stained glass window for a marine chaplain or bloodthirster to break through.

As immortal said, just could them as not there, as most people beyond grots are capable of breaking glass.

17-01-2006, 22:09
OK, I'll add windows.

I will, however try to make them removable.


17-01-2006, 22:16
Guess the windows could be used in a house rule - the first shot/attack shatters the glass (I remove it), leaving the target unaffected.
This way it would be harder to assault people inside buildings (or shoot in/out) + it would add some strategy to defending houses: "- should I take the first shot or not?".
Could be fun ;-)

17-01-2006, 22:40
Add some imperial propaganda posters on the walls and maybe some gun pits or incampments to shoot from.

21-01-2006, 19:11
Here we go again....

I wanted a landing pad - and didn't afford the one from ForgeWorld - so I made one myself.

I used a plastic flower pot, stuff from the Platformer and Hexagon sets, plaster and rustall.


21-01-2006, 19:14

21-01-2006, 19:15

21-01-2006, 19:16

21-01-2006, 19:18

21-01-2006, 19:19
In the end it turned out quite OK.
Not as nice as the ForgeWorld one - but not bad for a few hours work.



21-01-2006, 19:20
Wow! Cool pad, good work on that one,I will coment the rest of the city later when i have some time.

Edit: maybe a waltway in stone from the pad to the road?

21-01-2006, 20:29
the lord of the rings statue is a good idea, and i would personally cast that to reproduce for your city as well (1 piece mold would work and make a vent at the top of the head)

and it looks extremely nice so far.

also you mentioned a statue or something, what about the saint figure of the sisters line, the winged sister. paint her up as a brass or bronzed statue would look good. and also help get away from the midevil feel.

what did you used for the table bed? the concrete looking surface.

is the table battoned to keep from warping ot bowing during moving it?
and are you going to even be able to move this table once done?

22-01-2006, 03:45
Awesome dude! One of the best 40K gaming tables ever. You have truly captured the atmosphere of 40k. I would live to play on a board so gorgeous.

22-01-2006, 07:42

that table looks sooo damn awesome!!

I'm going to go smash down all the inferior terrains i made now!


Hideous Loon
22-01-2006, 08:23
Wow. I really like your little project, as it shows how much one can do with molds, and nearly-only molds. As for improvements, I second the walkway between the landing pad and the parking lot. However, it shouldn't be made from stone, but the same type of metal things that you used for the pad.

22-01-2006, 08:44
>the lord of the rings statue is a good idea, and i would personally cast that to reproduce for >your city as well

Yes, I have already a mould (2-piece) in production.

>what about the saint figure of the sisters line, the winged sister. paint her up as a brass or >bronzed statue would look good. and also help get away from the midevil feel.

Good tip. Will add.

>what did you used for the table bed? the concrete looking surface.

An 1.2m square piece of plywood (smooth finish - doesn't chip or scratch tables, weather resistant - will not warp, expensive ≈ $40) covered in Repair Filler (to which I add small amounts of black synthetic plaster to produce different shades of grey + PVA glue to make it stick to the wooden surface and make it more flexible).

>is the table battoned to keep from warping ot bowing during moving it?

Nope (not yet anyway).
This is my third board using the same table type and I havent had that problem before - not even with "Salem", a desert city (completely covered in sand/gravel).

Also, I expect the extra levels (made of standard quality plywood) of this board to stabilize it enough to prevent warping while I move it (and it aint that heavy - 20 kg ?).


22-01-2006, 08:58
The board is in it's final stages of the "building phase", I will just add a ForgeWorld house (at the top of the stairs) and then start working on the "detail phase" - adding all sorts of posters/banners/tortured sinners/statues/X-ray devices/whatever - while trying to keep the larger deployment areas rather clean.

In the "detail phase" I will also go over it again with a paint brush, improving some parts (the statues etc.) and adding small amounts of colour to other pieces (like warning stripes and coloured cables on the landing pad).

22-01-2006, 10:17
That is simply a masterpiece. I'm so impressed. It's not just the beauty of the modeling itself - though that is certainly brilliant - but the forethought and creativity. Amazing work. I'll watch this thread with interest!

22-01-2006, 13:01
It´s coming along nicely.

I like the new pad, but I think it is missing a vital part. A cargo lift. It would seem logical to have some sort of platform that can be raised up so that heavy stuff can be loaded onto the carriers. And why not add a few landing lights as well? Just a thought.

22-01-2006, 17:24
This is my third board using the same table type and I havent had that problem before - not even with "Salem", a desert city (completely covered in sand/gravel).

is there a thread on these tables by chance? or pics at least?


22-01-2006, 17:27
Awsome! That board looks great! I love the rust effect on the landing pad.

Hideous Loon
22-01-2006, 17:58
Orcdom, I cannot seem to remember (using searchy is cheating!) such a thread, but there's no reason that there cannot be one.

22-01-2006, 18:49
i try to follow the painting and terrain forum and havent seen it is all, so i didnt figure there was one, but asked to make sure.

Hideous Loon
22-01-2006, 19:42
Whaddya say, Orcdom? Shall we pester kendoka enough for him to put pctures of his other two Cityfight boards?

22-01-2006, 20:41
i would be happy just to see pictures of multiple positions of the completed board. but if there are any work in progress shots, i would be eaven happier.

22-01-2006, 20:56
Yes please let us see them, please...

22-01-2006, 21:00
Not bad. But personally I wouldn't have used those two columns you've placed in the middle of the board, they look out of place as well as out of scale. Nor are they appropriately "gothic" enough.

The buildings aren't bad, but perhaps a little squat for buildings that are supposed to look like monumental, gothic buildings. I also would recommend that you add a floor or two to some of the buildings.

Also, if you find time, you ought to look up gothic medieval architecture in books and on the Internet. Pointed arches and statues alone dose not make a gothic building. That chapel of yours looks good and properly gothic, so I would produce more of those.

22-01-2006, 22:18
>it is missing a vital part. A cargo lift.

Yes, I agree
- but I have two ForgeWorld Power Lifter Sentinels + an Alien (Ripley) Power Lifter and it would be a shame not using them...


22-01-2006, 22:30
"Salem" was posted on DakkaDakka (but somehow got lost in the Warp).

>put pictures of his other two Cityfight boards?

No pestering needed.
Once this board is done I will definitely put up pics of the other boards (both WIP and finished).


I have some older terrain at my homepage:

11-03-2006, 18:41
Here we go again...


11-03-2006, 18:54

Me and my friend David (in ze first pic) decided to add a platform to the pillars - and ForgeWorld Sabre searchlights at the top of the columns.

We also built a speaker tower from bitz and plaster. The main reason to place at this spot was to protect one of the statues, I kept hurting myself - and bending the sword.


11-03-2006, 18:57

I will add sewers to help my tyranids in infiltrating the board ;-)

11-03-2006, 19:03
Forgeworld stuff in the alleys:

The updated church (with FW gargoyles and statue):

11-03-2006, 19:06
most awesome!

shaping up quite nicely! :)

11-03-2006, 19:07
A small garden:

A few of the elite guards that protects the Forbidden city:

11-03-2006, 19:11
I added some cargo:

That's all for today.

11-03-2006, 19:30
Suggestions?! Just keep doing what you've been doing and it'll end up perfectly :D

11-03-2006, 20:41
That's just breathtaking... Really most perfect and when making perfect more better, it can backfire and scuttle the whole plan... So what's well plannned is better made, IMHO... But for that cargo transport theme, the FW Arvus Lighter would fit there nicely.

11-03-2006, 22:11
OMFG, damn. you must have a lot of dedication to build such a thing. That is amazing.

11-03-2006, 22:31
Suggestion: Finish it, then give it to me ;)

Well this board turned out alot better then i thought it would in the beggining.
Well done!

11-03-2006, 23:28
that tin roof on the church is pretty good. pretty close to a real tin roof (most sheet tin is 2 ribs wide tho for your seams). looks great none the less.

are the vines made of a heavy thread? if not how did you do them?

the palm tree, how is the trunk done? and what is the top from, that is one of the best palms i have seen. esp if its a scratchbuild.


12-03-2006, 06:44
Just a quick question: where did you find the romanesque pillars, of both sizes? Ive been trying to find something like that in the US to no avail...


12-03-2006, 10:18
>are the vines made of a heavy thread? if not how did you do them?
They are real plants, modelling material from http://www.barrule.com/workshop/.

>the palm tree, how is the trunk done? and what is the top from,
It's just a plastic "flower", came in a flower pot. $4. The green top repainted to remove the fresh (plastic) feel.

>where did you find the romanesque pillars
The larger ones are candle holders ($2, garage sale), the smaller ones are plaster - made with a mould from from Hirst Arts/Castlemoulds.

12-03-2006, 10:37
Awesome work.

However, I have a strange compulsion to smash a Titan into it. Something so pristine is just asking to be smashed up by the Imperial war machine.

12-03-2006, 11:12
wow thats awesome! hw did you do the leafes?

12-03-2006, 11:48
Excellent work! It just keeps getting better and better. I am also interested in how you added the dried leaves? How did you glue the individual leaves on? Is it bark chips or what material was used?

12-03-2006, 14:03
Keep on it, Magnus - I'm learning so many tricks from you and from this project. Of course, I'm scaling them all up by a factor of 2 for my GDUK 06 Inquisitor table...



P.S. You may like to swing by Precinct Omega again, sometime. I've updated it with some new stuff at last. No pics, but lots of rules.

12-03-2006, 20:40
>...how you added the dried leaves?
The dried leaves are just birch tree seeds collected in my garden + crushed rose pepper corns. I add drips of wood glue to the table and then pour a lot of my leaf mix on top. When the glue is dry I use a brush to remove the excess material.

>...smash a Titan into it...
Actually, I would love to do such a table (i.e. a similar board with most of the buildings crushed by a wrecked Titan whose remains still lay among the ruins). Too bad ForgeWorld doesn't sell Titan bitz and/or miscast parts.

>...I'm scaling them all up by a factor of 2...
And you're calling *me* insane.
Would love to see your "GDUK 06 Inquisitor table".


31-05-2006, 01:45
allright, kicking into gear and bringing up a hopefully not dead thread. and you have had time for more work (i hope) is there a finish product yet?

there is alot of stuff i liked on this board and ideas i liked and have since used some of, esp the hirst molds.

p.s. oh and in case you havent seen it yet check the "Mining Colony" link in my sig.


Quin 242
31-05-2006, 03:38
Based on the feedback so far I have been thinking some more regarding the overall layout...
How about something like this???

If you were to be the sorry bastid who got the misfortune of being deployed on the quarter with the Parking lot and the landing pad.. It'd be a bad day... Since it's off in a corner with all that flat space I can guarantee that as you play games you will find that entire quarter being ignored by players as a kill zone. I'd suggest putting any flat spaces in the center or next to a tall building. Placing some features for one or two units to hide in or behind.

The table looks amazing and I'd love to see it in action but that one corner is gonna get underused :(

01-06-2006, 17:20
>is there a finish product yet?

And I am already halfway done with the next board.
A fortified (IG) desert mountain pass partly destroyed by tyranid spore chimneys.

>check the "Mining Colony"

Really nice looking board.

Hideous Loon
01-06-2006, 17:39
How do we know that you are telling the truth, when we don't have piccies?! Skärpning!

01-06-2006, 18:04
Pics will probably surface somewhere on the web, really soon - även om du kanske måste anstränga dig lite för att hitta dem...

god octo
01-06-2006, 18:32
in the parking area, you could add ruined cars and vehicles for dening LoS.

01-06-2006, 19:53
Instead of the statue of the emperor, How about a Giant space marine statue like in dawn of war.

Probably quite doable with an Inquisitor scale marine?

THis is very nice keep up the good work.

Agreed. Me jealous. :cries: :( Actually, its VERY inspiring! :D

01-06-2006, 22:16
i hope the pics appear here since alot of us first, dont either speak sweedish to visit those forums and second, dont visit alot of other forums, and 3rd, please!!!!

01-06-2006, 22:54
Regarding terrain boards (done, wip and upcoming).
I have *a lot* of terrain on smaller bases (square modular Necromunda/Cityfight stuff) - but I didn't feel they were good enough. So I started building larger boards (1.2x1.2m).

1. "Gate 13". A city wall with a opened port section. Pavement on one side of the wall and a authumn forest with a small creek on the other, some desert. A road leading through the middle. Done.

2. "Salems Lot". A desert village, mexican/middle east style, in a desert. Square houses (like in the WD SOB battle report) and a nice fountain. A road leading through the middle. Done.

3. "Forbidden city". A religious centre/city (all buildings intact) constructed mainly of Hirst Arts stuff. A road leading through the middle. Done (but I will add some COD terrain pieces, like surveillance cameras and lamp posts).

4. "Desert Pass". A desert with a wide mountain pass on one side. Heavily fortified with removable roof sections revealing control rooms. Lots of FW stuff. Tyranid spore chimneys bursting from the ground have wrecked the place - but no other signs of battle damage (I will mainly play IG vs Tyranids on my boards). A road leading through the middle. W.I.P.

5. "Bridge over Trouble Waters". A ruined city with a broad canal (full of nasty ****) running through it. Steep walls down to the water surface. A nice bridge over the canal. A road leading through the middle. Upcoming.

5. "Downtown". A ruined city with multi storey buildings (will steal some ideas from the "Cityfight 30x24 for Warps!" thread). Foamcard houses with details (windows etc.) from the COD-terrain (I've got the big box). A road leading through the middle. Upcoming.

6. "Imperial Courthouse". A partly ruined *giant* house with multiple rooms and several storeys, covering around half of the board. Made out of Hirst Arts/COD stuff. Actually no road through (this is ment to be one endpoint of my boards when placed in a row). Upcoming.


(I have 12 ones planned, ranging from a city at one end through desert sections and a tyranid infested powerplant in a jungle at the other end).

Quin 242
02-06-2006, 00:31
Please post any of the terrain you have done.. I for one am in awe of the level of detail that you have in your boards....

The leaf litter is just the icing on the cake on this board... but the tarnished metals and sewer grates etc all ad to a VERY cool space to play...

Where do your boards go when you are tired of them? ;)

11-04-2008, 20:33
Wow! What an amazing table! This one is turning out great just like the other one you did! I can't really think of anything to improve the table, seeing as it has basically every detail imaginable. Keep it up!

12-04-2008, 01:14
A work of art! Fantastic!

12-04-2008, 01:43
Please look at dates guys, the last post was on the 02-06-2006! I got all excited for nothing....

12-04-2008, 02:56
?? that's wierd, when I saw this it was at the top of the projects, but my message was the first one....sorry about that guys

12-04-2008, 08:52
Well I'll subscribe to it anyway. I can use some of the ideas when I finally get round to making my CoD board. Kendoka has also done another board since - here's the link for those who haven't seen it;


13-04-2008, 08:58
i do like the fact your making full buildings ,but for game play ,wont it drag out a bit as it will have alot of twists and turns ?

16-04-2008, 06:45
Dosen't feel like a city at all, more like a small outskirts town...

20-04-2008, 11:26
I love it. One of the coolest tables I have seen in ages.

25-04-2008, 17:51

where did you get these from? did they come from the Hirst Arts trays?
if so, what numbers? I love the column statues along with the stand alone japanese lantern one and the old man.

I must know! *shakes fist*

28-04-2008, 00:18
where did you get these from? did they come from the Hirst Arts trays?
if so, what numbers? I love the column statues along with the stand alone japanese lantern one and the old man.

I must know! *shakes fist*

If I am correct, the statue of the man is from the Lord of the rings terrain set

02-05-2008, 13:33
I can't believe I have missed this thread!!!

I am absolutely in love with the speakers on the pole! I know it sounds silly, but that is my favourite part!

Other than that, the whole board of course looks pretty amazing! It feels very chapelish, so Forbidden City is a good name for it! It kind of feels like it would be the home of a Sisters Church or something! Really nifty! And keep up!

04-05-2008, 01:37
Hey, I've been thinking about getting some moulds of my own.
Im thinking about some fieldstone ones or gothic.
which moulds do you recommend me to get to begin with?
I know I should get one kind of wall mould and one floor mould.

04-05-2008, 18:48
really cool reminds me of some of the maps on call of duty 4 modern warfare

05-05-2008, 12:52
I'm going to need some moulds as well, any suggestions for 2 story buildings? Looks great. I especially like the statues.