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16-04-2009, 13:02
okay this is my first list for WOTR normally i would play hobbits but now with this new game they are not wise to play with so here i go. but also i am willing add to any units and changes to the list because this list needs to be a good all rounder but i have tried to do that and this is what i have got;



court of the dead 3 companies (king of the dead)

black vale archers 3 companies~banner~horn blower(duinhir)

warriors of minas tirith 3 companies~banner~captain

warriors of minas tirith 3 companies~banner <--------bormir here

archers of minas tirith 3 companies <---------legolas here

battlecry trebuchet

riders of rohan eored 4 companies~captain

okay so there you have it its abit of a random list but it is partly based on the 3rd movie in the main battle
all comments welcome ;)

16-04-2009, 15:11
Very small companies. In 1500pts, a lot of the big nasties start showing up, and my god will they eat any of those alive in a turn. You don't have a lot to deal with them either - Boromir would have a decent shot at heroic duelling them to death and you might get lucky with a trebuchet but otherwise...

You have a reasonable amount of troops, they're just very spread out. More maneuverable yes, but more likely to be reduced to insignificance by a single turn of blasty death.

16-04-2009, 15:27
I agree... you should merge the two Minas Tirith units into one unit of six companies. No combat unit should be below four in strength unless they are for support reason or to defend small objectives (terrain objects) or missile units.

I would probably drop Legolas (too expensive) and take a Rohan Epic hero to lead their formation, such as Eomer and two more Rider companies. Give them the banner you don't need on the Warrior unit and another 'Warrior of the Dead' company. That leaves you with 20p left. Though I did not count the points the Riders will cost you, so I really don't know if you are within those 25%, but I believe that you are.

You could also switch the Captain to the Archers if you think Boromir are enough for the Warriors. You could also buy a horn blower for some unit for the point you have left, or maybe a Fortune for 25p...