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Sarah S
16-04-2009, 17:00
A recent post (http://warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3478044&postcount=20) has made me consider whether a Hero in a Heroic Duel is able to use the Fight value of a second Hero in the same formation.

I was under the (potentially mistaken) assumption that a Hero engaged in a Heroic Duel used their own fight value, so I decided to re-evaluate my ideas.

Turning to the rules, it does not say that the formation gains the Fight value of Heroes that join it. What it does say is:

If a company led by a Hero is in a fight, the company uses his Fight value, rather than its own, to determine its battle-skill combat modifier, provided that the Hero's Fight value is higher (see page 60).
Note that an enemy Hero's Fight value is not used when working out your battle skill modifier - a Hero's fight value only helps on the attack.
Emphasis mine, page 64.

This, to me, seems pretty clear that the formation doesn't actually get the Hero's fight value, but simply uses it in one, and only one, circumstance - calculating its battle skill modifier (the number of extra attacks it gets).

Since a Heroic Duel is not an instance of calculating the company's battle skill modifier, one Hero would not be able to borrow the Fight value of a second Hero for the purpose of a Duel.

Epic Strike would seem to not be usable for the purpose described by skallagrimsson in the above referenced post, because its rules state:

If a Hero declares an Epic Strike before he fights, his Fight value is increased to 10 until the end of the phase.
page 69.

Since the Epic Strike only increases the Fight value of the Hero using it, it would not be carried over to a second Hero engaged in a Heroic Duel, for the reasons described above.

The Knight of Umbar's special rule would seem to carry over to Heroes in his same formation because his rule allows the entire formation to "use" the Fight value of an enemy.

So on reflection, I believe that my initial position is correct, and just wanted to put this out there and see what other people think about it.

16-04-2009, 18:33
I have nothing to add, other than that I agree with your assessment.

16-04-2009, 20:35
me too.

10 letters

17-04-2009, 20:56
Fair point made in a well reasoned way. Have re-read the Epic strike and i had been confused (i normally am anyway). Thought, when i had been posting, that the Epic Strike applied to the formation rather than the actual hero.

It was my slip - my bad. mind you i think now, from your post, that Mr Umbar Nazgul is extremely dirty.