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16-04-2009, 23:47
Hi all. I havn't been here for a few weeks. I am surprised LotR section has all changed now. I know there is a post of this but I can't find it now. Sorry for making a post but want to know about this.

I finally got my copy of WotR. Even the guy at Games Workshop says it can't be done, but I have read the rules, and to me, I believe you can have Gondor as evil and take evil allies and Mordor as good and take good allies.

I want to hear your opinions of this. I say why not, I love the idea. I am shure there are alot of people who will allow this if it is made official by GW that it can't be done. It's a good "house rule" if need be.

What do you think of it, one way or the other. I like it, it can add flavour to the game. For people who say it can never happen, if not, then non of the good people who found the ring or Frodo wouldn't have turned then so it is possible for it to happen.

We can say what if Borimir some how got the Ring through good or ill. He took it back to Gondor. Over time he got corupted. Since his soldiers are loyal to him they will do whatever he says. So this is why Gondor can be evil and take an evil Ally. Gondor troops would be thingink :wtf: but will still follow their faithfull leader (in their eyes). Same thing can be said for evil factions as well.

So please explain one way or the other in the rules why it can be or can't be done.

Please send me the link to where this topic has been done before if it is still active. If so can a mod please move this to general so we can discuss how we can have some good with evil allies, games be done with fun and not powergaming.

Lets keeps this civil there is no need to say no it can't be, end of story. That dosn't make a good explanation. Please explain rationally why.

Sarah S
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17-04-2009, 01:16
Thanks Sarah S. I checked, and thought maybe it got deleted. Greatly appreciated.