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18-04-2009, 05:27
When LOTR came out i was very weary thinking it would go under like Blood boal and be a specialist game. that was until i got the LOTR magazine. It taught you it step by step and gave you free men each issue. Ranging from very usefull to rather pointless. Once it reached issue 70 or so they ran out of stuss to do as they had revampted the rules and had all ready done the 3 films so they started with radgast and thoses sort of things. the magazine died at issue 91 which gave you sharky (And nor Worm). However my fave thing about it was they gave you some modals mounths (and sometimes years) before they wear avalible to buy in store. A good example was Ugluk givin in issue 16 (Give or take) alongwith Theoded (issue 37 or so) and Gan-buri-gan (isssue 82 or so).
This is what got me into the game as i have learing difficultys andthis slow paced introduction was perfect (nlike my spelling XD)
I was wondering who here had the mag and who over looked it?

Logarithm Udgaur
18-04-2009, 08:25
LOTR was actually what sucked me into the GW hobby, back when the ROTK supplement was released. I have never heard of this magazine, was it available in the US?

18-04-2009, 09:19
It was called Battle Games in Middle-Earth, i'm not sure if it was released in the US, but it did pretty well in the UK. There were rumours floating about a while ago that it may be relaunched again, most likely when the Hobbit is released.

18-04-2009, 16:14
It was the only reason that I kept my interest in LotR. I was very sad to see it go :(
But it has left me with 100+ models to paint up.
Definately the best thing GW have done since I've been in the hobby.

18-04-2009, 17:48
Here in germany, they were only quite popular at the beginning.
I was already playing the SBG for quite a while when the first issue came out. It was considered as a special try-out and was priced really low. I believe it was 2.80 for 12 goblins:D!
I bought the entire stock of every kiosk in my area!
Man, i was so happy at that time:D!
Soon after the uruk-hai and invisible frodo issue, i lost track of it. It was canceled very soon:(.

18-04-2009, 18:34
this is what i think got me into the hobbie. but after 10th mag i jump ship and 40k was calling lol. if they redid the mag i hope for new models not just recut sprues for the mag.

Master Stark
18-04-2009, 23:11
I (obviously) don't have the financial figures for it, but I reckon the BgiME magazine would have been great for GW. It took gaming and LotR out of the geeky GW stores, and put it on the telly and in newsagents for 'regular' people to buy. Very good exposure, and a great way to introduce people to the game.

18-04-2009, 23:38
Not to mention that once the magazine got going the amount of 'hobby content' used to put WD to shame. There was more useful stuff in a 20 page Bgime than in a 100 page WD. All that and a toy to boot.

I only ever picked it up here and there as I hadn't really started playing LotR properly at the time. If only it was re released now I'd quite happily subscribe. Great value and great content.

19-04-2009, 12:18
they also did a far few things like linking about 20 odd battles from all of the issues into a large LOTR campain slit up into 3 parts. It was quite fun but some stuff seemed unfair.
For example if frodo died before you reached rivendale then that was it. also some of the points stuff was insane. It was the Deeping wall sencario and they siad that i had 400 poitns to buy what i wanted but i must inclued Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli and hailr (Or who ever took there place) and they came out of my cost. which ment that i often ended up making up the points value to the good player from helms deep onwards as it was just stupid.
However 1 thing i did like was that you could choice your fellowship but it did imposse some restrictions. For example you coul dhave eaither Bilbo or Frodo as the ring bearer and you had to take atleast 3 of the hobbits. this was brill as most of the time i would leave pippin behind :D. Also you had to choice a "Champion" this could be Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli or Bormoir. this at the start had no poaint but had a far useage. If you chose Gimli then he would get Balin's Axe during the mines of moria stage. Legolas got a specail bow t Lothlorien that allowed him re-rolls for missing and made his bow strength 4. Aragorn would get Anduril at minas Tirith. Boromir would get the banner of minas Tirith at minsa tirith and also Denathor would have his broken mind rule removed (I was so happy about that). Also it changed who came to the aid of minas tirith. Legolas would bring Elf's, Boromir would bring gondorians (or Friedoms), Aragorn wopuld bring the army of the dead while anyone else would bring more rohan riders. aslo if any of you fellowship died then you could replace them at "Safe havens". EG. If Bormoir died at Armon hen you could get Eomer ot join in and take his place.

19-04-2009, 15:09
It was a very nice magazine, but the publisher was not the GW. And it was very popular in it's day:


I learned of this magazine about a year ago and have been slowly collecting second-hand numbers...