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Magos Saphentos
18-04-2009, 08:47
Hi all, i've decided to start making bat reps of my LOTR SBG + WOTR games so i'm gonna make it into 1 thread so her goes the first rep

This is 1000p game, shieldwall deployment, just kill them (far easier) unfortunately due to constraints the board was empty (I have no terrain) :angel:

The force lists

Elven havens

Glorfindel LOTW
3* Wood elf warriors+full command
3* Wood elf warriors+full command
3* Wood elf warriors+bows

the army

Fallen kingdoms

The betrayer
4* Corsair raiders+shield+ capt+bo’sun
4* Corsair raiders+shield+ capt+bo’sun
4* Corsair raiders+bow
3* Corsair Arbalesters
4* Morgul knights+capt+banner

the army

Fallen kingdoms won the roll for deployment and choose to go first
They deployed across from left to right
Archers, morgul knights (the betrayer), warriors, warriors, arbalesters
Left flank
Right flank

The elves deployed from left to right
Warriors, archers (legie), glorfie, warriors in a clever refused flank


Turn 1
The corsairs chose to go first the two central blocks trying to move up at the double and succeeding, with the corsairs moving along to fil the gap. The archers move up full
Knowing the elves cloaks would prevent any shooting then came the morgul knights and the betrayer who started off with wings of terror cast at level 1 (not a 6) (are you scared), moving up and failing the at the double move. Damm.
The elves move next, Glorfindel moves up infront of the corsair warriors 9” away so they couldn’t charge him and proceded to cast light of the valour on the corsair warriors in front but the captain resisted with a 4 on the will of iron roll, he then cast immobilise on the morgul knight who failed to resist but passed the strength test on a 1. The elves then moved into a line behind glorfindel. That was it for moving
End of movement

Shooting all the corsairs had either moved full or were more than 12” away with that good began. The archers led by legolas started by shooting at the morgul knights, with 30 shots wounding on 6’s, 30 shots and 7 wounds later 3 knights were gone and they were driven back 3 YEAH.
End of shooting
You can see the caulaties in the picture below
Charges+combat began with the evil force being too far away to charge. This turned over to the good with glorfindel trying to charge he rolled a 6 using might for an unstoppable charge and made it in easy. The corsairs passed their terror check and prepared for the attack. 15 attacks later and 4 dead corsair they attacks back began and failed imeadiatly not even getting a chance to roll on the very hard to kill table (only 1 thing can be said EPIC FAIL- new epic action). The corsairs rolled a 4 on panic and passed courage
End of combat

Turn 2
Evil stole priority again this turn and rolled courage for the disordered formation passing easily. The betrayer began agan by casting wings of terror (are you scared yet) on a 3. He then successfully passed his focus and cast sunder spirit on the wod elf archers which legolas resisted on a 6, the final spell was transfix cast on the archers and this time legolas failed to resist and for the effect a 6 rolled. It was time for a courage test a -3 and what was rolled a 1 and a 2 EPIC FAIL. Those archers could now only sit there and do NOTHING. The right hand corsair warriors moved up but failed their at the double due to glorfindels presence. The arbalesters moved up full and the archers moved up half so they could shot any elves that moved up to protect their archers. With that moving moved over to the good side. The right hand warriors moved up to counter the right corsairs. Glorfindel moved up to the archers flank on the way over he cast light of the valar on the morgul knight having no effect and then trying to cast immobilise on them which they failed to resist but they passed their strength test. The lefternmost elven warriors moved up at the double to place themselves between the archers and the morgul knights
End of movement
Evil was the only force to have any shooting 28 shots later, 9 dead and a 2” drive back this was the result
End of shooting
In the charge phase both of the elven warriors attempted to heroic charge, the betrayer and the righ captain both attempted to counter. Good won the roll off so the charges would be alternate. The leftern elven warriors charged the morgul knights unstoppably. The right corsair warriors failed their courage test to charge, the elves then counter charged unstoppably but the corsairs managed to pass their courage test this time. Finnaly glorfindel charged the flank of the archers who failed their courage test.
End of charge (pre combat)
In glorfindels combat he got 14 attacks resulting in 9 kills and an epic fail in return leading the corsairs needing to pass a panic test did so and passed the resulting courage test. The elf vs corsair combat, the elves got 35 attacks causing 12 wounds, 18 attacks back caused 8 kills. The corairs pass panic check on a 4 and loss 1 more from courage tests.
In the morgul elf combat the knights cause 2 wounds and the elves strike back with 20 hits killing 2. The knights passed their courage test and stayed there.
End of combat

Turn 3
This turn the forces of good stole priority, glorfindel charged across the board behind the corsair warriors to face the flank of the arbalesters. The only other good move was the archers moving up to face the other archers and the right warriors moving back to protect their flank. Glorfindel cast light of the valar on the corsairs and failed to get an effect from immobilise. Evils move the corsair warriors moved up to threaten the elven warriors on the right. The betrayer cast wings of terror (what about now) and his formation ran up behind the right elven warriors and the archers moved forward again.
End of movement
Good shooting killed 9 archers and the evil return fire killed 4 of the elves protecting the archers
End of shooting
Charging, the 2 good elven warriors charged unstoppably and glorfindel flanked the arbelesters, in return the morgul knights rear charged the leven warriors.
End of charge (pre combat)
Glorfindels 14 attacks killed 6 EPIC fail and the attacks back failed to even slow him down. The arbalesters failed the resultant courage test by 1. The wood elves in the flank got 17 attacks killing 9 leaving 18 attacks back wiping the elf warriors out. In the final combat the morgul knights struck first with 15 attacks killing on 3s and killing 10. The remaining elves allocated their 2 attacks on the morgul knights doing an EPIC fail. The corsair warriors carried on to wipe them out.
End of combat

Turn 4
Priority returned to the forces of darkness. The betrayer started it off with another WINGS OF TERROR (BAAAHH) cast on a 2 and then failing the at the double roll. The corsair warriors moved up to surround the elven archers using at the double to get close enough. In the elven move glorfindel moved around to the flank of the knights and the archers moved to protect their flanks. Glorfindel then cast light of the valar on the morgul knights which they could resist and got a 3
End of movement
IN the shoting the evil kicked it off with 16 shots at the elven archers killing 5. The elven return shots killed 15 of the raiders reducing the final company to 4 making them flee never to return
End of shooting
The corsair waqrriors failed to roll high enough to charge and glorfindel made it into the flank of the cavalry, killing 1 after 2 points of might EPIC FAIL. In return the evil side get no attacks and pass the resultant courage test.
End of combat

Turn 5
Good forces stole priority and glorfindel rode to the flank of the corsair warriors knowing there was no escape. The archers turned to face the other archers. For evil the morgul knights moved next to glorfindel and the archers moved up again.
End of movement
The elves let rip with 25 shots at the corsairs killing 9 and driving them back and inch. The returning 7 shots killed 5 driving them an inch back.
End of shooting
Glorfindel charged the corsair warriors who failed their courage. This resulted in glorfindel killing 10, the attacks back having no effect but they pass the resulting courage test. In return the morgul knights charged the elven archers killing 6 but the elves struck back simultaneously wiping the knights and wraith out.
End of combat

At this point we decided to call it due to time constaints, on kills the foces of good won due to having over 500p left to the 200 of evil

Thanks for reading

20-04-2009, 11:33
Seems like the battle was just getting going ! :(

Were you playing on a bed ? cant imagine anything more annoying than not playing on a hard (stable) surface.

Magos Saphentos
10-05-2009, 20:09
kk so after a few weeks off from WOTR yesterday i took part in a WOTR tournament at my LGS unfortunatly only 1 other person turned up so we went straight to a final. these were the lists

1*goblin warriors
1*goblin warriors

THe knight of Umbar
The shadow Lord
The betrayer
3*morranon W/ shield
3*goblins W shield
3*warg rider W/ shield

He won deployment and deployed from left to right
Warg riders, gobos+lurtz+betrayer, morranon
I deployed
dragon, gobo+durburz, gobo+gollumn, balrog

Turn 1
HE goes first everything advance not in range for magic,
I move dragon up at the double to the flank of the warg riders and the balrog moves up and casts bolt of fire, tremor and shatter shields on the morranons, the captain uses all his might to resist and fails, they lose their shields permenantly and suffer 5 casualties, the balrog then at the doubles back
The dragon charges the flank of the warg riders and wipes them out

Turn 2
I win priority and move the dragon behind the goblins, the balrog moves up and magics the morranons again reducing them to 1 and a half companies. IN his move he moves the morranons out and with both ringwraiths in that unit cast black dart first causing me to lose all my might and 1 wound counter. The goblins turn around to face the dragon who is also black darted first losing its might and no wound counters (i love hard to kill table). After this all the ringwraiths fail their focus rolls :skull:.
Charging the dragon stalls and the balrog charges unstoppably, The goblins then master their fear and charge the dragon. In combat the balrog kills 10 reducing the last comapny to 4 wiping them out. The dragon then killed a respectable 8 winning combat easily.

Turn 3
i win priority and magic his goblins to death with the balrog

End of the game
i lost nothing (1 wound counter on Balrog) he was wiped out

What a pointless game, he was never gonna win and my force was absurd oh well, if only GW could sell LOTR it might not b a 1 game tournament :D

Nu Fenix
10-05-2009, 21:03
So you made an extreme force with two of the angriest monsters available, admitted your force was absurd, and yet wonder why you only had one opponent ;)

Were there people who saw your army and felt they wanted to now start WOTR, or were put off by seeing such a force? Because I know which camp I would be in.

11-05-2009, 01:43
Yeah dude, I have no sympathy for you, only for your opponent. That is a horrendous list.


14-05-2009, 09:38
Like your reports man. Keep it up:cool:

18-05-2009, 18:53
How many points were you playing? Wasn't your list 1005 pts?

And yeah, your list was *************. It's not even that competitive in a 1k necessarily, but it makes for really uninteresting games.

Although the other guy must have not had many models, as he had 5 characters and only 9 companies in 1k. I think Knight of Umbar and Lurtz would be more than enough, so he could beef up to 6 companies of morannon, and at least two formations of warg riders...

19-05-2009, 17:40
Yeah to be fair I think I seen the guys strategy if it had worked. lurtz uses Assasin shot on Balrog, Balrog is now Resi 1. Hit Balrog with 3 Strength of Corruptions and that could mean one dead big beasty. Works on Dragon too I guess but makes him more evil. Sadly I am guessing you were facign a relatively inexperience player. He used the highest focus level magic first meanign he was pretty much doomed for magic and by all rights wasted it. Yes your list I grant is evil but be wary their are foes who can easiyl disect armies like these.