View Full Version : [WOTR] 1500pt Defenders of Caras Galadhon

Nu Fenix
19-04-2009, 00:02
In my continuing theme of making hypothetical armies which have a sense of theme to them, as well as trying out some different mixes, I went for Elves this time.

I wanted to try an army which doesn't use an Epic Hero, as with the elite feel of the Elves, a minor hero who leads a Legendary Formation feels suitable in scale for leading the force, but not any of the Epics.

So, after researching who the various characters were, as well as the places they are based on, this is the list I settled on.

Legendary Formations
4 Companies of Caras Galadhon - 405

Common Formations
6 Companies of Galadhrim Regiment + Shields, Captain & Hornblower - 365
6 Companies of Galadhrim Regiment + Shields, Captain & Hornblower - 365
3 Companies of Wood Elf Warband + Longbows - 135

Rare Formations
4 Companies of Guards of the Galadhrim Court + Captain - 230

Total - 1500

Yes they are large Formations, especially as they are Elves, but it means they need to have alot happen to take them down.

Between the defense of the Galadhrim, with the pikes for charge denial, the army should be solid against being hit back in combat, whilst using their high Fight value [7 for Glaives, 8 for Pikes] to increase their attacks back.

I took Hornblowers solely because the points were avilable, and I want to make sure my units get to combat as soon as possible.

So, what do people think? Remember, I wanted to go for a list without using any Epic Heroes, as some names are too great to turn up to a small battle in my mind, whilst the smaller characters are plenty used already.

19-04-2009, 07:12
I'd dump the 2 horns and just take a fortune point - otherwise very solid list - though you might have problems with large monsters or epic characters - just because you have none of your own. Legendary units are great to take - but you should have at least 1 epic to beat back a dragon or 4 trolls + 1 chief...

21-04-2009, 08:12
In my opinion you need more tactical elements in a game at 1500p or you will get surrounded and destroyed very quickly.
I know that you said that you like large formations, but I think that you should have three formations of four companies instead of two with six.

I also think that elves are very fragile (even with Terror) in close combat, so you need allot of missile troops and not be so aggressive with them. I think that a good elf strategy is to use their movement to out maneuver you opponent and shoot him before engaging him while he is weakened. Early in the game your opponent will use all the might possible to make those Terror test, and if they do your expensive elves will die pretty fast in close combat. Especially against enemies with strength four, such as Morannon Orcs, Wargs and Uruk-Hai.

I have not played with or against the elves yet, so take my advise for what it is...

Dragon Prince of Caledor
25-04-2009, 17:31
I think the list is in need of an epic hero :D