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19-04-2009, 02:51
I have thought of creating an all out imperial 10 thousand point army.

I have a 5000 point Ultramarines army and have started a 2000 point black templars army.

I am going to add two IG super heavies to equal 1000pts.

I was wondering what army should I add, Grey Knights, Witchhunters, Imperial Guard or another Chapter of Space Marines.:skull::chrome::skull:

19-04-2009, 02:55
Go tanks! Just get a bucketload of guard armor to add to the big force you already have.

Khornies & milk
19-04-2009, 03:07
I agree, go with Tanks, especially as you already have tons of Infantry so you need to balance that out with armour.

I have 5K of Death Wing and that's balanced with 5K of Armoured Company (including SH's).....works well.

19-04-2009, 05:54
Well it sounds good.

The way that the army is really designed is in 4 lines.
First line = Fast Attack
Second Line = Troops in vehicles
Third Line = Ground Forces
Fourth Line = Defense and heavy weapons

So if I add a defensive imperial guard platoon then it should be pretty balanced.

Another question to go out to all those Veterans of IG.
What Vehicles and other heavy weapons?
We're talking about 2000 points of IG and two super heavies.:skull:

19-04-2009, 07:30
I;m a Guard player so this may sound strange:D...But go for the WH/SoB; 'cause all your army is elite. Take some exorcists and some Sisters in Rhino's and you'll have an elite army.

19-04-2009, 08:39
It's a good idea but I wanted to have some guard.
It also fits with my view on guard. (Stay back and shoot everything before they get to use.)

19-04-2009, 08:45
IG are a must. I reckon you should put some sisters of battle in too.

19-04-2009, 08:52
So do you think that I should have the super heavies and do 1000pts of IG and 1000pts of SoB

19-04-2009, 15:05
No, just add Guard. You have Ultras and Black Templars, you need Guard. They are always trudging along behind the Marines ;P If you split it up, you'd get less big IG guns. And that's never a good thing.

19-04-2009, 16:52
JUst add a EMPEROR BATTLE TITAN (http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2440056_NEW_Imperial_Datasheet_-_Emperor_Battle_Titan.pdf) You'll be a few thouand points over but Hey that dosen't matter.

19-04-2009, 18:39
So do you think that I should have the super heavies and do 1000pts of IG and 1000pts of SoB

If would be possible I would choose smth like 2000pts IG and 2000pts SoB. This will give you a mass of infantry supported by HW teams or an armoured force with mech infantry (you can take up to 9 tanks, some Sentinels and a Platoon in Chimera) and also another elite reaction force of 2000 SoB (w/Rhino+MM+MG).

20-04-2009, 13:56
So do you think that I should have the super heavies and do 1000pts of IG and 1000pts of SoB

Could add in just a single squad of SoB - bodyguard to a ministorum priest or something.

20-04-2009, 14:20
I'd go pure guard. Make sure you get the 'Imperial Guard Shield Infantry Company', for defensive lines, on my coordinates and scheduled bombardment.

That comes to about 1000 points with 80 guardsmen, leaving you space for more infantry, or several squadrons of Leman Russ.

24-04-2009, 09:54
I have decided that if I do this army then I will have:

5000pts of Ultramarines
2000pts of Black Templars
2000pts of Imperial Guard (Range and Defensive weaponary)
2 Superheavies

24-04-2009, 18:18
You need to add air power/defense and some serious firepower to your forces.

you do not appear to need anymore troops.

a warhound, a couple of hydras, a squadron of vendettas (with some troops to fill them up - they're cheap...), 2 vultures or thunderbolts.

or add a warhound and 2 thunderhawks. ground pounder (with turbo lasers) and 2 flying d strength weapons (plus transpo for 60 troops...)

or a reaver and a warhound. that'll handle the bad things the others will take...

Your apoc force needs D strength weapons...

some d pies can make

24-04-2009, 19:15
IG troops.

Armor + heavy weapons + objective holders and grabbers.

I'd go with a combo of foot sloggers, some vets/storm troopers in valkyries and some Leman Russ variants.

24-04-2009, 22:56
Tanks, lots of tanks. Keep adding them until you rin out of space. 7k of marines should give you a hell of alot of troops as it is. If you need more troops later, add some IG, but tanks are always useful in Apoc.

24-04-2009, 23:02
Slightly off topic but if I was making an Imperium force I'd probably leave out the Space Marines. That's not just because of my opinion of them as an "easy to play" army, but because they are so rare I jsut wouldn't expect to see it. If I wrote a "themed" apoc army it'd be:

An Inquisitor Lord with a Retinue
2 Squads of Sisters and a Cannoness
Some Grey Knights to Teleport in late (but only if the enemy was using Daemons)
2 Squads of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers
Lots of Imperial Guard

Robby Moonscape
17-05-2009, 17:34
Very Nice:)

Col. Tartleton
17-05-2009, 19:02
Not that this will help you or anything since you already have 8k points of marines etc.

Yeah, if I was doing 10k points of Imperial troops it'd be roughly this break down:

(Supreme Commander) Inquisitor: Approx 350

12 man retinue and a Valkyrie

Schola Progenium: approx 1,200 points

Commissar Lord and seven squads of tooled out stormtroopers (attached one modeled as Cadet Commissars)

PDF Troops:

Infantry Company: approx 3,000 pts
(About 400 models)
6 Full Infantry Platoons: Each are under 500 pts tops plus a tooled out company command

Armored Fist Recon Company: Approx 2,000 pts
(about 120 models +13 vehicles)
12 Armored Fists +Command Salamander

Field Artillery Company: Approx 1200
6 Quad Guns (6 Vehicles, 6 Artillery, 30 Men)
3 Heavy Mortars (3 Vehicles, 3 Artillery, 15 Men

Guard Troops:

Drop Troop Platoon: Approx 700
(3 Valkyries +25 Models)

Drop Troop Platoon: Approx 700
(3 Valkyries +25 Models)

Drop Troop Platoon: Approx 700
(3 Valkyries +25 Models)

Plus some extras

That would be what an average force might look like, a combination of a ton of pdf, a bunch of guardsmen, and a sizable block of Storm Troopers.

Its like 700 men and 41 vehicles and artillery. I can't imagine a table it would fit on, but the number of men alone would win battles. Thats an unachievable paper rate of fire of like 1400 lasgun shots a turn... Die Marines Die!

22-05-2009, 06:34
But see a whole turn of this army would take a day