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19-04-2009, 11:36
I am a 40k CSM player and recently walked into the local hobbyists to pick up a box of Warhammer Fantasy models to paint and use as the basis for an army. However, after staring blankly at the boxes for about 20 minutes I have to admit I was stumped. So I bought a defiler instead. But anyway. So wich army should I pick? I want a decent reason although I don't really care about playing style. I just want to start an army. I already have the rulebook. And I don't want Orcs or Dwarves. So no Battle For Skull Pass.

Ultimate Life Form
19-04-2009, 11:44

It appears difficult to help you on this one with so little information. It would be helpful to know why you donīt like Orcs and Dwarves? If you really donīt care about play style, then surely every army will suit you? Throw a coin, perhaps?

(Lizardmen! LIZARDMEN!)

Awilla the Hun
19-04-2009, 12:01
How about Warriors of Chaos? I choose warhammer armies on two things: background and "the cool factor". I liked the background of a communist Bretonnia, and I liked the cool factor of whipping giant hordes of men at arms forwards towards the enemy army whilst they praise Stahlist-Talinist thought and wish death to Counter Revolutionaries. So I picked peasant heavy Bretonnians. You're familiar with the whole big men in spiky armour thing, so get Chaos.

19-04-2009, 12:18
Yeah I am sorry for the lack of detail. At my club there are 4 Orcs and Goblins players and 6 Dwarf players so Im releuctant to do them. I have shortlisted it down to Ogres, Skaven, Empire, Chaos Deamons, but I have no idea wich one of those.

19-04-2009, 12:25
Step oneis to have a look at the models. You're going to be painting them after all :)

Now bear in mond that out of the lust of armies you have narrowed it down to, Skaven will have hundreds (literally) of models to paint. THey can be fun to play with though. I also believe they're getting a new book relatively soon...

Empire - a personal favourite, although they can be a bit 'middle of the riad' for some tastes. Be prepared to paint many facesand hands.

Ogres - not many models to paint, and fun to use, but currently not considered to be the most competitive army out there.

Chaos Daemons - again, not hundreds of models, but it's very easy to choose a list that will have all your opponents crying :cheese:

Personally, I'd start off with Daemons. If you get fed up of them you can always make a 40K list out of them ;). Also, for a first army, they're easier and more forgiving than the rest. All IMO of course...

Bingo the Fun Monkey
19-04-2009, 13:20
I applaud Crube for being the first to encourage taking the win-stick army. I say go with what your gut says. Maybe the big evil spiky man in your heart will win out, maybe the dude in pjs with feathers, or maybe even the rat at the edge of your mind's peripheral vision...

19-04-2009, 14:28
it's probably worth mentioning that the skaven army is one of the next up to be re-done, so it might be worth hanging on to see if they change significantly (both model and rules wise) before jumping in, it's why I've not bought any more rats for my army yet.

Crube nailed it really, although bearing in mind that you're new to the game, the Daemons are a bit easy to get carried away with and make super powerful armies with if you aren't aware of the power levels of other races out there, leading to lots of one sided games and accusations of cheese and power gaming!

personally I'd recommend the empire, they're the first army to go all plastic which means you can get a decent sized force for a minimum outlay, they also are competetive in most areas of the game, having solid troops, powerful magic and war machines and a fair few more unusual troop types (mechanical horse, flagellents etc)

good luck with whatever you choose!

19-04-2009, 14:37
Here are some of my favorite armies.

Steampunk rats with lots of cool, extremely potent and dangerous weapons, and also the most self-destructive army. You'll get LOTS of models, and lots of room for different tactics, themes, and unit choices. I love the feeling when my warplightning cannon blast through my entire army in hope of killing a couple of the enemy knights ;), aaaaaah.

Lots of big beasts, and a new armybook. Stegadons, Slann Mages, and Carnosaurs are awesome models, and you can play the army in many different ways since they excel in magic and combat, and can also get a lot of shooting (tho a bit short ranged).

I like the models, and because of the low number of models in the army, it's a perfect to make a unique Ogre-army, where you can convert every model to fit the theme. Also one of the cheapest armies, as the Ogre battalion give a lot of points, and you can convert all you heroes from the Core Ogres.

20-04-2009, 02:56
Having heard everybodys opinions I have decided to go with ogres and buy a small force. If I don't like pure Ogres I can always use the models as mercenaries for another army.

20-04-2009, 04:47
dont get caught into that idea bc i get hasseled all the time about DOW rules with my bulls ppl bitch n moan so watch out ... i say read the army books onlne to see wat u like first