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19-04-2009, 21:39
See what you all think:

1000 point list
Knight of Umbar
6 Morannon Orcs with shields (gothmog)
9 Mordor Orcs with great weapons (knight of umbar)
3 Mordor Orcs with shields
3 Mordor Orcs with bows
3 Mordor Orcs with bows
2 Orc Trackers
4 Morgul Knights with knight commander

2000 point list
Winged Nazgul - Witch King
Knight of Umbar
The Tainted
6 Morannon Orcs with shields (Gothmog)
9 Mordor Orcs with great weapons (Knight of Umbar)
3 Mordor Orcs with shields (The Tainted)
3 Mordor Orcs with bows
3 Mordor Orcs with bows
2 Orc Trackers (Grishnakh)
Mordor Troll
Mordor Troll
3 Warg Riders with shields, captain
4 Morgul Knights with knight commander
3 Black Numenoreans with marshal

Like Malesteen, I really like the Witch King on the fell beast. It's fluffy, the model looks great plus I think the 2 extra might is massive. Personally, 1 might just isn't enough for me for the full effect of the winged nazgul if you need to get the heroic charge and for the awesome heroic fight. I personally feel that the witch king's effect is nice too. It's not as overtly powerful as some of the others, but not leaving terror checks up to chance is huge IMO, especially on low leadership orcs (especially if your opponent is also using the tainted).

The Knight of Umbar is there to allow the great weapon orcs either to hit stupidly well (with a troll nearby they're S 7. That wounds everything with a D5 or below on a 2+ and D6-7 on a 3+, or I can throw in a bunch of extra attacks with a fight 7). The Tainted's effect is mainly for all the terror floating around as usual. He's also in the smaller unit to let it on the double if necessary, otherwise he can scurry back to the orcs with great weapons or morannon orcs.

I'm also surprised I don't see orc trackers popping up in people's lists. They're not too expensive, but getting close and getting the prowler's rule seems fantastic to me, especially with Grishnakh. Plus it helps to get some stuff out of the way when the horde is scurrying up the table.

Any thoughts?

20-04-2009, 14:17
I think that both lists are very nice and fluffy, very much like my own Mordor at 1000p, though I have two trolls and not quite as many Orcs.

Points wise three companies of Orcs are a little too weak unless armed with bows... but theme wise it is nice.

I will have two 9 companies formations of Orcs and one 3 companies of Morannons at 1500p though.
That's how I like to run with it, elite Orcs in small units, slaves in big... :)

It's just a murder to paint them all...

20-04-2009, 14:24
I find the trackers to be very useful. I used my bowmen as trackers at one time, so I may buy me a two company formation of them later on.

22-04-2009, 00:46
Are trackers metal models? Because that is the only explanation i can think of for people not taking them!

22-04-2009, 07:02
yup all metal