View Full Version : Warmaster With Naval battles

20-04-2009, 04:10
I'm looking for some rules for ships in warmaster. The rules in the back of the rule book aren't very deep and the ones in the fanatic magazine are hard to come by ( I wish I had a copy but it is no where to be found on the internets :cries:)

Can anyone Tell me the rules or point me in the right direction? I got some Man O' War ships that I'm Dying to use in warmaster.

The Idea that I had in mind would be to have 1000pts of Land forces combined with 1000pts of Sea forces for 2000pt games

4-6 ships sounds about right for 1000pts me thinks. ;)

20-04-2009, 17:18
Try emule. I have found some issues which are imposible to buy in my country

28-04-2009, 20:13
have a look at uncharted seas, its very popular at the mo