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20-04-2009, 07:12
I'm agonizing over which army to start WFB with. One of the armies I'm really looking at is Wood Elves. They have good movement, good shooting, a lot of character, and they won't offend my wife by having them like Skaven would or the Undead might. This isn't about choosing the army, though.

My main concern with Wood Elves is their heavy reliance on skirmishing infantry. Obviously I could try just working it with cavalry and using Eternal Guard and Treekin as anvils, but since it's more difficult to fit Eternal Guard in than Dryads, I'm curious to know how to use skirmishers effectively without available anvils.

Any thoughts, suggestions, and tactics, that I could consider for this would be great!

(P.S. And yes, I know about Asrai.org ;) ).

The Red Scourge
20-04-2009, 08:02
The secret is combined charges and hitting the flanks/rear. Also when you're fighting ranked infantry hit them with those units able to negate the rank bonus – such as glade/wild riders, treekin and treemen.

Beware that wood elves do not excel at prolonged combat, small unit sizes and low armor will quickly lead to losing combat, so you need to take out units on the charge and make sure that they break.

Its quite simple really. You move and do not engage the enemy untill you're sure to win the fight.

NOTE: We have one of the better anvils in the game, a stubborn treeman can hold up a unit for quite a while, while directing S6 blows at enemy characters :)

20-04-2009, 13:53
If you look at our skirmishers, Wood Elves are not that bad off.

Dryads - WS4, S4, and 2 Attacks. Against very basic infantry with WS3 and To3 they are 3+/3+ and with as much as 14 attacks vrs. 5 models it is rare that you opponent gets an attack back. If they do get charged or have attacks coming back at them they are To4 with a 5+ ward save(most of the time). Usually the things that get charges against them do not have rank bonuses to overcome and rely as much on wounding CR as Dryads do.

Wardancers - Charging in with Storm of Blades and 7 Wardancers means 21 attacks at WS 6 and S4. I've charged lightly armored troop blocks of 30 and watched half of them vanish. My friend who runs a gaming store continues to shake his head at one of the local WE players who refuses to play Wardancers because they, "yuhknow... dance... how gay." guy also thinks they suck otherwise because he lets them get charged.

Against my friend I charged a unit of Night Goblins in the flank, despite the nets I broke them in combat. I then overran into a block of orcs with his general(who happened to be on that flank). My Wardancer Champion managed a couple wounds on the To6 general and then was slaughtered. The others stripped over a rank and a half off the Orcs. Despite his overkill, ranks, and banner I won the combat by 1 and he broke. I didn't catch him but ran into yet another unit of goblins.

Basically, one unit of Wardancers threw his line into total confusion. His comment after that one was, "Yeah... Wardancers suck... but not for the guy using them. Don't show (so-and-so) how to use them. I'm perfectly happy not having to face them when the others play Wood Elves."

WE infantry is very much a Glass Cannon, but as long as you pick you fights you should be good. Then again, we have a LOT of tools to allow us to pick our fights. Skirmishing, Magical Movement, Magical Terrain Movement, Anvil unit in Treemen, Marchblockers allowing us to slow parts of the enemy advance, and more.