View Full Version : Sinlge or Dual role MCs?

20-04-2009, 17:42
i was just wondering what sort of tyranid MCs people use.
single or dual role?
as in 2 CC weapons, 2 ranged weapons or one of each?

what do you prefer?

20-04-2009, 18:00
dont play tyranids myself but you are more likely to see single role MCs, a multi role MC is usually regarded as wasted points, if he's shooting hes not using his fancy CC upgrades and vice versa

20-04-2009, 18:07
Multi-role anything normally perform worse than single role units.
It's true for infantry squads- you don't want to have to buy CC and ranged upgrades, as one of them will always be wasted,
it's true for tanks- you specialise it to do one job, and do it well, be it kill hordes, kill armour, or transport stuff,
and it's true for MCs- they're either closing into CC at maximum speed, or standing back and shooting.

The few exceptions to this rule tend to be severely under priced, such as 6pt Orks that can outfight most things, and outshoot most things...

20-04-2009, 18:09
I prefer dual role. Gives him something to do for the first two/three turns when he isn't in combat. Sure, you can't run, and I haven't played 5th a lot with my Tyranids, so perhaps this really is a big sacrifice, but I couldn't run in 4th either so I'm not sure if it's that important.

I think pure shooting MCs add very little over a single ranged weapon MC. Some for close combat. You only boost either one a bit. Taking both gives a healthy dose of fighting AND combat.

edit; in addition, dual-role is nice for take-all-comer lists, as you can do (but don't excel at) both combat and shooting, it makes the MC very flexible.

20-04-2009, 18:10
the one place that you will see dual role carnifexii is when someone tries to put a barbed strangler on an elite 'fex. Barbed Strangler and Scything talons is generally a nice build - 5th scatter rules mean that the blast is going to hit SOMETHING and if your opponent dislikes those large blasts at range, he'll close the range at which point the scything talons will come into play, which get better if the carnifex pack is being shepherded by genestealers with feeder tendrils.

*edit* sorry, I'd recommend taking both. the only reason that i changed to the Barbed Strangler\Scything Talons was that I played an army that managed to stay out of range and shoot me to pieces. The fact that I didn't run was partially my fault, but the fact that it was DE meant that had I run it probably wouldn't have made much difference. If you play opponents who prefer to play at range, use the Strangler\Talon ones, and if your opponent prefers the close range firefight, take the dakkafexes\CC Fexes.

20-04-2009, 18:56
I usually go single purpose for my heavies and if I decide to take and elite fex instead of two groups of warriors I go dual purpose with the strangler and talons.

He is cheap so I use him to advance up with my HT to give my opponent a little more to worry about and give my sniper fexes a little more breathing room to do their job. He also helps give the HT some needed support and makes an opponent second guess charging in on the HT and guards. Devourers are nice on an elites but the strangler is nasty also and quickly in range compared to the devourers.

So far he has only failed me once by missing in a grotesque manner and rolling box cars on two die and dropping his template on a group of scuttling stealers. My opponent had a good laugh until his chaos dread opened up on the back of one of his plague marines squads that was barely in range and he managed to kill three of the remaining 5. We both sucked rocks that game. :p

20-04-2009, 19:10
Currently I use talons and barbed stranglers on my HS fexes, but that's because I like the looks. To be honest, I find them terrible in close combat, they just can't win combats against squads with hidden powerfists and they won't win through attrition either. Against Orks it's twice as bad. I'd say pure shooty fexes must be a lot more effective.

20-04-2009, 21:12
i am thining about making some BS/ST elite fexes. but im unsure if a dual role heavy fex would be any good