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21-04-2009, 17:55
Hello folks,

I've been away from 40k for a few years and have just familiarised myself with the new rules (some are good, some just as abusable as before, hoho). I am a bit confused, however, about which armies have had their codexes updated, as I'll need to, obviously, get hold of them before playing again. I'm interested particularly in Imperial Guard and Chaos Space Marines.

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21-04-2009, 18:42
GUard are getting updated in may and csm I don't know. If you are getting gaurd get the igaurdsmen boxes soon 'cos they are going down to 10 men perbox not 20 (i think)

21-04-2009, 18:46
Thanks very much. Does this mean that for the time being I can use the old codexes with the new rules with no problems?

21-04-2009, 19:48

CSM were re-done middle of last year - so you are looking at another 2-4 years before they see a revision I'd say.

The IG are indeed due for a new book in May, and you can get a 98.7% accurate summary in the Rumor section on here.

Seeing as you are returning to 40K - I'd reccomend just using the time from now till May 2nd for building, or painting, or re-reading the main rule book. Last thing you want to do is use the old IG rules for 3-4 games, then have to forget everything about them when you get the new Codex. ( The new IG is different enough that it's going to feel like a new force rather than a little tweek here and there. )


21-04-2009, 19:51
Chaos has had a new dex pretty recently. I suggest going to the Gw site look up the codici and see which cover art you recognize.

21-04-2009, 20:09
Thanks very much. Does this mean that for the time being I can use the old codexes with the new rules with no problems?

The official GW line is that all the codexes currently in print are compatiable with 5th Edition.

That said, there are widely acknowledged demarcations between some codexes because armies from some codexes released before 5th edition came out seem to have balance or play issues, not to mention are not as actively supported or available. Below is where I believe the demarcations currently exist.

Codexes that seem to work fine with 5th ed. (excluding the new IG codex for the moment) even if released during 4th ed with good availability.
Space Marines (only true 5th ed codex released to date)
Orks (Widely considered the army to beat right now)
Daemons (Not widely played in 5th ed, but was last 4ed codex released before 5th came out. Itís WFB cousin is widely considered to be the top tier army in WFB)
Black Templars (One of the few older codexes that seemed to have benefited from some of the changes to the Universal Special Rules in 5th ed.)

The following codexes are 4th ed codexes that while still compatible, are harder to play under 5th because of rules changes that nerfed some of their advantages or made some of their special rules and war gear moot or obsolete.
Daemon Hunters
Witch Hunters
Blood Angels

The following codexes that are sometimes referred to as 3rd or 3.5 ed codexes and appear to be unbalanced or very difficult to play with other than using a very specific cookie cutter list
Necrons - nerfed significantly in 5th and limited choices in army builds make it a very predictable army. Many people do not like playing against this army because of the lack of variety. Whatís funny is I think this is a good starter army as its limited choices and emphasis on shooting (an itís easy to build and paint to boot!) allow a new gamer a chance to get their feet wet.
Dark Eldar - Older than dirt with numerous references and rules that are moot or obsolete, yet strangely can still be competitive (if for no other reason that it is such a rare sight that the DE player gains an advantage due to other player's ignorance about the army).

The following codexes have issues that prevent them from falling into one of the above categories
Dark Angels - Designed with 5th in mind, but considred very inferior to the current Space Marine codex given its higher point cost for same troops and subtle but important differences for same war gear, and lack of access to new space marine vehicles/abilities (Land Speeder Storm, Thunderfire Cannon, LR Redeemer, etc.) However its unique builds still offer some interesting oppurtunties such as Ravenwing, Deathwing, and Doublewing builds. Though I used to play Dark Angels myself and love the fluff I really could not recommend this codex to anyone unless they are intent in running one of the special builds.
Space Wolves Ė Old 3rd ed codex that is officially out of print but because its rules refer you to the current space marine codex has been able to hang on longer despite the lack of a new edition for some time. New edition rumored to be coming out this year. Note that while the codex isnít actually available from GW an extensive range of models are still available.

Again, take what I say with a grain of salt as not everyone will agree, especially those of us who are very loyal to some of these older armies. Also, a good player can be successful with any army and ultimately many people base their army choices are a variety of factors such as the design of the models and the fluff with the rules being very much a secondary consideration. Others also make the deliberate choice to stick out from the crowd and play an army because very few or no one else in their area play the army

21-04-2009, 21:31
4th edition chaos codex I already have, meaning I must have misjudged the time at which I stopped collecting- This is good news, as I'm familiar with them as they are there. Wonderful.

Worries about this new IG 'order' thing. Tisk tut tisk.