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22-04-2009, 01:02
Hi all.

I've made my way over here from the fantasy section because the pretty 40k models have finally over come my reluctance to get back into the game. I used to play 40k quite a bit, and had fair sized 'nid, eldar, and blood angels forces, but haven't played a single game in the current edition (I stopped about a year before it was released)

I'm looking for something different, and fancy maybe a chaos space marine, or sisters of battle army.

I'm looking for a middle tier force, that mostly consists of troops and transports (or other tanks), with a small elite feel to them. Metal figures don't bother me, in fact I prefer metals over plastics in general. Something nice about the weight of a good metal figure.

At this point I know nothing about the current rules for 40k, what people consider cheesey or broken, and what people consider underpowered.

So could anyone tell me a bit about these two armies, the play style with each, and recommend what to buy to get started.

I was thinking for the sisters:
HQ ( not sure what yet, prob a cannoness[sp?] )
3 units of sisters, with transport
maybe a unit with meltaguns and transport for fast attack
a unit with heavy weapons with transport for heavy support.

For chaos:
Chaos lord or deamon prince
4 units of marines, with transports
2 Pred/vind

Would this be any good to start with?
What else would you recommend getting/not getting?
Are all the sisters models metal?


22-04-2009, 01:05
hmmm, let me put it like this:

Unless you're dying for a sisters army go chaos.

Since Chaos is more updated than Sisters as it stands.

Also from as far as I know I think all of the sisters are indeed metal.

22-04-2009, 01:51
Hi there SimpleSquid!

Yes, all the Sisters models are white metal. They are very beautiful. I am a novice at playing the army, I will say that you will find Close Combat perilous and must do your best to keep your foes in your short range band. If you don't mind that, I think you will really enjoy Sisters of Battle! It sounds like you have the Codex Witch Hunters, as you have described the different squads and their transports accurately. Myself, I like the idea of at least one unit of Dominions, that is, 4 sisters with melta-guns in an immolator, as one of my Fast Attacks. For heavy support everyone loves the Exorcist, I hardly hear anyone talk about bringing Retributors in an Immolator. But I like the heavy bolter and multi-melta models, so I might get a squad like that, lol:)

Anyway, I hope one of the Veteran Sisters players posts better and more accurate info for you here. Hope my ramblings helped a little bit.


22-04-2009, 02:49
Hey, I had this same problem with Daemonhunters. If you're a fan of compromising, you could play Space Marines, because they can those 4 squads of space marines and the predator and vindicator. The advantage is that you can take the sisters as allies to space marines.

As far as fluff goes, to make it chaos you could say the armies' superiors have gone corrupt, and they're just blindly following them.

Also, although I don't have the CSM codex, I would assume (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the blood angels play out similarly (what with death company and all), and they're an Imperial army so they can take sisters of battle as allies.

Now you (sorta) have both armies!

22-04-2009, 21:46
I have the Sisters, and I play against a friend who has Chaos, and from my experience I can say that Chaos is quite a bit more versatile. They have troops that follow each chaos god that provide different bonuses to the standard marines. They have diverse vehicles, weaponry and troops. Obliterators can choose between 3 (or 4 I don't recall) heavy weapons to fire on each turn. They are diverse and have potent psychers and deamons.

Sisters are not diverse but have some great abilities. Faith is the greatest thing in the world. You can make a unit invulnerable, can give them rerolls on missed melee attacks, give them rending, or even an extra 2 strength. They tend to be miserable at melee except for their dedicated melee units of arcos, repentias and penitents (witch hunter dreads). They follow the theme of cleansing with righteous fire, so they have a great deal of meltas and flamers available. What is neat is, since you have blood angels, you can borrow units from the Witch Hunters to supplement your force.

22-04-2009, 22:13
If you decide to go sisters, I recommend strting with allied units in your Blood angels and building up to being able to field a pure sisters army. Don't add non-ecclesiarchy units such as stormtroopers and assassins unless you have a burning desire to go =I= heavy rather than sisters - the units in the Inquisition section of the list tend to be over-costed compared to sisters and seriously weaken the sisters main advantage, which is faith points.

enough dont's; DO:

include imagifers in all your units. I can't begin to tell you the number of times that extra dice has allowed me to pull off vital faith rolls.

arm your immolators appropriately. IMO dominions with flamers are best supported by a melta tank, and units with meltas are best supported by heavy flamers. It adds some much needed versatility to what would otherwise be highly specialised units.

purchase a retinue for your cannoness - either celestians in a 3rd Immolator, or put a jump pack cannoness with Seraphim. In general, the sisters heroines are not strong enough to survive on their own, and pending an update you cannot put them in a transport with regular sisters as the =I= codex rhinos only have a capacity of 10 models.

22-04-2009, 22:44
Although I play Chaos I am not a fan so I vote Sist0rs.

Besides, Outsider says they are teh win!

22-04-2009, 23:02
Sisters of battle can assist your Blood Angels. They also are a fun contrast and counterbalance your melee force with close fire support in the form of melta(two in a unit) and/or flamer heavy (one flamer, one heavy flamer) along with cheaper bolters at the same ballistic skill.

If you ever go chaos, I would suggest reading up the codex up down left right and back again, read it five times more and then consider for a few weeks what you want. People scatter themselves merely glancing at the thing, and its not a codex to take lightly since you can build ten backbones with the army when you only need one to support the arms. (By that I mean they buy way too many things, when they figure out what they really want and use very little of it)