View Full Version : WoC or DE heavy cavalry force?

22-04-2009, 05:28
well, eventually I'll collect both, but the real question is which one to collect first?

A warriors of chaos army(possibly slaanesh) focusing on cavalry such as knights, mtd marauders and chaos hounds.

easy to assemble since all of the units I'm interested are in plastic and relativly affordable.
good mix of heavy armor and light expendable units.
mark of slaanesh really useful
i played chaos a lot in one form or another over the years...
having to paint the army purple or pink, either will be a nightmare. :P
no shooting what so ever


Dark elves with lots of cold one knights, chariots, and war hydras.
cold one knights affordable.
hydras are cool and effective.
dark riders can be some of the most effective fast cavalry in the game.

having to scratch build or convert chariots and dark riders since the real ones are crazy expensive.
Toughness 3 across the board.

pros and cons for either force

cavalry armies are really cool.
both are scheming/cool kind of evil.
i can paint either of them pink or purple.

I'll be really outnumbered
possible injuries due to pointyness.
can start only one.

22-04-2009, 05:45
do dark elves all chaos players are going magic/cav heavy and its no fun to play with or against.

22-04-2009, 05:51
Chaos are by far the easier of the two to play. No management of stupidity, rerolling panic tests and your horsemen all having the mark of slaanesh to work as perfect baiters or Khorne and flails to hit as hard as most heavy cav in the game. Also, you have access to the very fast shaggoth, unit breaking khorne chariots, dogs and dragon ogres for a lot more variety than the DE cav list.

I'd just paint it a menacing dark steel and perhaps only use banners or mutations as a way to bring colour into the army.

For the mounted DE list, I find it uusually works better as a support list for a dragon or manticore lord than as a straight cav list. Also, vs shooting or magic, it dies in droves.

The Red Scourge
22-04-2009, 06:32
A single chaos knight breaking a full unit of dragon princes and a lion chariot – granted he had a warbanner, but anyway ;)

22-04-2009, 15:56
I would go with the Dark Elf cavalry force, just because it's a lot less common (and therefore more interesting) and because you already play Chaos anyway.

Certainly the Chaos cavalry army is very solid and objectively more powerful, but all-cavalry is basically the default power list for Chaos these days anyway.

Cold One Riders, however are great, and are priced very competitively. I some people just cannot forgive them their stupidity, sure it can mess you up, but you get fear causing cavalry which can re-roll both S6 lance hits at WS5 and S4 mount hits for 27 points. It's a bargain, and in some ways more versatile then Dragon Princes. The banner options for them are great IMO too.

Virtually the entire Dark Elf list is very favorably geared for a fast-attack force as well, from the harpies, to the chariot, the short-ranged but slashy dark lore, and especially the move-and-fire crossbows on the Dark Riders, who can even be equipped as a medium cavalry unit if you want to do something unique. It just seems more fun than the vanilla Chaos heavy metal list.

22-04-2009, 16:54
Dark elf...

so many mounted chaos armies about.. as its the only truely competitive way to play them.

I kaelis ra
22-04-2009, 17:08
Yep immo Dark Elves it'll be a more challenging list to play whit,the new COK are awesome models,there are rumours flying around about upcoming plastic dark rider models(cold one chariot 2 btw),u'll please Lord Khaine :evilgrin:and u have a ready to go fluff background for this type of army becouse iff i recall correctly all mounted battlegroups patroll the northern borders non stop to check iff none off the druchii guard-towers are overrun by chaos.

22-04-2009, 17:10
true, but I think I'll go with the chaos force.

after reading the rumor round-up, it seems like it'll be worth it to wait for the 2nd wave of DE plastics. affordable everything by that point.

so aside from "everybody plays them". What are the con's to a cavalry heavy chaos force? assuming your playing slaanesh/undivided.

P.S you also got to keep in mind I haven't really had a chance to play warhammer since 6th ed first game around.

22-04-2009, 17:38
I think either would be cool. As mentioned, the chaos list is probably more solid, but the Dark Elves would be more interesting in my opinion. I suggest using the Wood Elf Glade Riders for your dark riders. When mixed with warrior and/or corsair parts they look pretty good. Granted, that makes them more expensive, but, if you already have the extra bits, it isn't too bad (not sure whether you do). It also makes them more difficult to put together, but it allows you to make something unique.

If you do go the Dark Elf route, I suggest a unit or two of the Dark Riders with shields. They can be surprisingly effective with hatred. If you build up slowly, maybe there will be new chariots and harpies in 6 months or so if the rumours are true.

22-04-2009, 17:39
Ok if yor playing Slaanesh chaos cavalry it takes more skill then a simple boring done-to-death khorne chaos knight spam.

The advantages are that you have a fast hard hitting army that is immune to all check but break ones. You can also flee this edition with mark of Slaanesh.

Chaos Knights are able to break most ranked infantry in the front aswell so require less tactics then most.

You will want/need 2 scrolls at least to counter spirit of the forge aswell.

22-04-2009, 17:43
actually I last played with a beastmen army when they were fairly new.

I remember getting frustrated since i was the guy who had to teach everybody and try to learn his own rules too. So all of the skirmishing was getting on my nerves.

Now I have the option of playing an established group even though I would have to travel a bit, maybe I could give beastmen another shot.

i lost or gave away most of my bray herds. but I think I still have all of the bestigors and centigor models still.

Also I have most of my charactor models still too. I would just need to invest in a few unit boxes and what not.

man, i miss the old hordes of chaos armies where you could mix and match stuff.

22-04-2009, 17:46
And if you go WoC, you have access to various Chaos Magic. A Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord on disc can zoom around and provide great magic support.

I kaelis ra
22-04-2009, 17:59
true, but I think I'll go with the chaos force.

after reading the rumor round-up, it seems like it'll be worth it to wait for the 2nd wave of DE plastics. affordable everything by that point.
That is a very good point m8 ,i just paint so slow that by the time i finish up my COK and dragon mounted lord the DR's will have probbably arrived :p.Besides i have to admit imm soarly tempted to start a all mounted chaos mortal army myself those new marouder horsemen and the Khorne lord mounted on the juggernaut are amazing immo hehe,on the other hand so is the lizzie's new stegadon (damm u gw:p)