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Nu Fenix
22-04-2009, 19:17
Well, I got to play a full game today, with myself using Fallen Realms against a staff member from my local GW.

We played on a 4'x4' table with three groups of trees and some hills along the edge, allowing us room to move but also terrain to hide in or get into a good position to shoot with.

We ended up playing The Field of Swords objective on a Shield Wall deployment, making it easier for us to focus on the game, making sure we can master the rules and tactics of the game.

I can't remember his exact army, but I can recall the following:
3x Dwarf Rangers with Two-Handed Weapons and full Command
3x Dwarf Warrior with Two-Handed Weapons and full Command
3x Dwarf Rangers/Archer Kinband with Bows
2-3x Khazad Guard with full Command
2x Vault Warden
2x Dwarf Ballista
King's Champion

I think there was another formation, but can't remember for certain, as a couple of units were bulked out with proxies as he is still building up the army.

I used:
The Betrayer
The Undying
Knight of Umbar
6x Easterling Cohort with Captain and Morgul Blades
3x Easterling Cohort with Pikes and Captain
3x Easterling Kataphract with Captain
Khandish Chariot with King
3x Spectral Host

If I was tailouring the army specifically against him [this is practice for a tourny next month] then I would have switched out The Undying for Khamul most likely.
Amdur and The Betrayer were deployed with the large unit of Cohorts to maximise their ability with the Morgul Blades, The Undying went with the Pikes and the Knight of Umbar went with the Spectral Hosts [to great use!].

I got to go first, and shocked my opponent at how fast my army can move, when all three Ringwraiths boosted the spped of their formations through Wings of Terror, which when combined with successful At the Double rolls allowed them to move 24" and thus be able to charge on the first turn.
The Pikes moved towards the Vault Wardens, Ballista and Rangers in the corner on a hill, and had prevent the Vault Wardens from moving due to a successful Transfix roll. I had great trouble against them in the previous game, so I wanted to make sure I could hold them off as much as possible.

His turn he tried to move his units into suitable positions against me, with the Ent preparing to flank the Spectral Host, and his King's Champion rushing infront of my Cohort to slow them down.

Since I had no shooting, the Ballistas were able to fire into the flank of my Cohort, killing 7 of them with some normal archery able to kill 2 more and drive me back, but not far enough to prevent me from charging.

The King's Champion declared a Heroic Charge against me, which I decided to let through as I wanted my Might points to be used for more imprtant things later.
Due to how tough he is, I decided to unleash the Morgul Blade to make sure I could kill him. The last thing I wanted was him blocking my access to the rest of his army. In hindsight, I wish I saved it for a combat coming up later!
Whilst the King's Champion killed a few men, thanks to the re-rolls from The Betrayer, as well as some lucky rolls on my part, I was able to kill the King's Champion.

Meanwhile the Spectral Hosts charged the Dwarf Warriors, but were then flanked by the Ent. The Knight of Umbar borrowed the Strength 8 from the Ent, meaning that they were killing everything on 3's due to Spirit Grasp, and even with the penalty of having a flank attack, were able to one shot the Ent, which I was proud of. Unfortunately, their low Defence meant that the Dwarves were able to kill many of them, leaving me with just over 1 company left at the end.

Finally the Pikes charged a unit containing Gimli, who used Epic Rampage and called a Heroic Duel against me, and once I said I was using Epic Strike, decided to also have Epic Strike. Thankfully the duel ended in a draw with neither of us getting a single hit, which was good until the rampaging Dwarves chewed through my pikes, killing an unhealthy amount.

So at the end of Turn 1, alot more of my men had died then his, though both of his monsters were gone, and Gimli had used up all of his Might fighting my pikes, preventing him from Rampaging again.

From then on in I had lost Priority constantly, so was having to question when I would call Heroic Actions to swing it my way.
The Pikes and Spectral Host reorganised themselves but pull back, and made the most of their magic by using Strength from Corruption as an offensive spell, including 4 Vault Wardens killed off, only to have Enfeeble cast to counter the increased Strength. I tried using Sunder Spirit with Visions of Woe many times throughout the game, but between the high Courage of his army and his incredible rolls, they didn't do much for me - Best against Men and Orcs really.

My army was forced to be more defensive now, although the large Cohort unit headed towards Balin, ready for a fight with Amdur.
The chariot and cavalry had held back the previous turn, acting as a counter-attacking force to fill in the weak points, as well as make sure they didn't go into a fight one-sided and risk being destroyed.

The Ballistas rolled well again, taking out more of my Cohorts, which is why I am grateful I took the maximum amount for them, due to the amount of punishment they ended up taking over the course of the game.

In the combat phase I called an Epic Duel against Balin with Amdur, as well as an Epic Strike and Epic Rampage. I wanted to make sure the fight went well. Balin called an Epic Defence, making me wish I still had my Morgul Blades spare, as my rolls against the unit were very poor, even with The Betrayer.
The duel did suprisingly little, with me rolling a 1 and 2, and ended up killing a couple of men from his company.

As I'm typing this it is unfortunately getting harder to remember everything that happened in the larer turns [note: Record during the game!], so I will say the highlights for the next two turns.

I pulled off a Black Breath against Balin, only to duel him with my Captain who ended up winning the duel by 7, and after resolving the duel chart I had rolled enough D3 hits on his formation to completely wipe them out. To say I felt impressed with my rolls, as well as dueling after casting Black Breath [not planned, merely a sudden though during the Fight phase] means I will try to repeat the success in future games.

The chariot died after being in combat for 2 turns, as whilst it gets 8 attacks when charging, the sheer quantity of models left means numbers against me will win. Sending them in as a pair [when I buy a second] or with the support of a unit of infantry will be done in the next game.

During the 4th turn, a pair of 6's from the Ballistas against what was left of my Cohort, a measly 12 models at that point, meant that enough dice were rolled and subsequently hit that my entire unit was wiped out. Whilst I may not be the biggest fan of shooting, some allied warmachines might be a plan for the future.

By the end of the 4th turn, I had 1 company of Spectral Hosts left, and nothing else, whilst he had many more models.

It was a loss, but an enjoyable one, as well as a learning experience.

We both agreed that if we were able to play on a 6 foot table then shooting may be more useful, as he found his bows lacking, as well as allow us to be more tactical with out movement.

I did take some pictures with my phone, which depending on how well they came out, I will upload. They include my losses by the end of turn 1, the position of certain troops, and some others.

Thoughts gathered after this game:
* Having a Ringwraith in each of my infantry units was very useful! The power of their spellcasting, as well as boost to Courage was significant, with The Undying being the only useless ability out of the three, but as mentioned was kept due to trying to have a versatile list.
* Related to the above, the combination of Epic Rampage with The Betrayer is so powerful, and one that more then makes up their cost. I dread to imagine them together in a formation of Half Trolls!
* Having a Captain in each allowable unit, even when combined with an Epic Hero was useful, although costly. It allowed me to be more loose with my use of Might, not thinking how I only have 1 point to use due to a Ringwraith, or meaning that Amdur can do one less amazing thing with it. Paying the 50 points for them to stand besides another Might user felt questionable at times. I'm likely going to keep them, although I do wonder would I be better ditching two of them and having 100 more points for a chariot, more models, an allied Troll, etc?
* My army would work better with either another formation of cavalry and a chariot, or none at all. The Kataphracts cost as much as the same number of companies equipped with Pikes, which I felt were more useful. This may be due to the enhanced speed of the Pikes due to Wings of Terror, which cant be everywhere at once. But having more models to kill with a higher Defence felt like they would have been more useful at times. Nothing but rows of infantry feels tempting and viable, based on my current experience.
* Lacking Spells of Ruin without using allies really does make you think about which spells to cast and in what order. Whilst several people have tried it themself, or read it elsewhere on here, casting Strength from Corruption as an offensive spell, especially on a small but tough formation [such as Vault Wardens] is great because it is automatic hits. Then, if you feel they will still get into contact with you and the boosted strength will be a threat, you can counter-spell it with Enfeeble [as long as you cast it unlike when I failed to]. Also preparing to duel a hero who has been weakened with Black Breath just feels one sided, as it will either weaken them or force a Might point to be spent, which still might fail to resist.
* Dwarves are a very tough army to crack, as they have access to high Defence whilst carrying Two-Handed weapons, which allows them to cut through the enemy whilst taking fewer losses in return.
* When I was tweaking my previous list [see my other battle report] and I was planning to drop the Archers, I was thinking about having 6 Morannon Orcs with shields and a Captain instead, but as I don't own them that is why I went for the Spectral Host. Now I enjoy using the Spectral Host, as when combined with the Knight of Umbar they get even more dangerous, but should be used as a flanking or support force, not a direct fight. Relying on Sap Strengtj to make them Strength 1 is risky, and still doesn't protect you against armies with lots of attacks.

As ever I replan what things I would change in the army, different tactics I would use, and just general things most gamers do after they finish [and lose] a game, especially with one so new where we are all learning.

I hope this is of use to people, in terms of tactics, how armies work, how to be a better general than I, and other things.