View Full Version : Where to get flying bases?

23-04-2009, 16:14
I have broke and or have missing a bunch of eldar flying bases. I can't seem to find them anywhere for sale. Does anyone know where I could get some or a subsitute?

23-04-2009, 16:19
The WarStore sells em:



23-04-2009, 17:14
ebay great for everything

23-04-2009, 17:18
you could make your own out of CD/DVD's and plastic tubing?

Gazak Blacktoof
23-04-2009, 17:26
GW sells them in packs - or at least they used to.

23-04-2009, 21:03
there is a good alternative if you want to do a little legwork.
Go and get transparency sheets, lay them out sideways, measure up the side to the desired height of the skimmer, and cut. then get some tape, tape the ends together to whatever diameter you want, put it on its side so that it doesn't roll around and place your skimmer atop it. I initially suggested this to a DE player because his skimmers wouldn't sit right on the flying bases, and have been converting my own slowly ever since.