View Full Version : Warmaster Lizardmen Project (pics)

23-04-2009, 21:19
Hey guys, this is my first lizardman unit (and the second unit that I have painted for warmaster)



I actually like the small scale of Warmaster. Some may say that they aren't very detailed but i beg to differ ;)

23-04-2009, 22:00
lovely job

23-04-2009, 23:11
Nice figures,

I have never paint lizardman but it seems very enjoyable and cool, using lots of colors. Maybe I should get some lizards to free my imagination.

24-04-2009, 16:17
Great work, Ireally like the bases as well.

25-04-2009, 04:21
Thanks for the comments guys. Its kind of hard to find motivation to paint Warmaster as no one plays around here. I'm hoping that bringing two Warmaster armies to the local GW shop would spark some interest and net me some opponents.

I want to use Man o' War ships with Warmaster and am configuring some naval rules that I found in Fanatic magazine #6. The Lizardmen doesn't have a warmaster fleet so i would have to make some custom ships.

Has anybody ever come up with some rules for ships specific to different races? (as opposed to the generic ones found in the warmaster rule book and fanatic mag.)

25-04-2009, 13:48
I like the figs !

For the ships, if you ever go conversion crazy, try to do giant sea turtles with howdas, I would love to see that ! :D

I have a (stupid) question, what is Fanatic magazine and where can I find it ? Is it available on the net ? Warmaster stuff is usually hard to find, so I'd rather ask first before doing useless searches.