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23-04-2009, 23:28
I've had a few gameso with the following list, it has done quite well, and a list that I'll be using quite often.

Khamul, 6 Easterling Kataphrakt Cohorts. Total 335pts.

4 Easterling Cohorts, Pikes, Captain, Banner Bearer. Total 225pts.

6 Easterling Cohorts, Captain, Banner Bearer. Total 265pts.

3 Easterling Archer Cohorts. Total 105pts.

2 Easterling Archer Cohorts. Total 70pts.

Grand Total 1,000pts.

The list is quite simple to use, and has a lot of tricks it has. The Pike unit is very useful at making an enemy think twice about charging, where as the other Easterling Cohort is very keen to get stuck in and unleash a lot of hurt. I prefer Khamul and his Kataphrakts to ride up one flank, where they can really hurt the enemy, also Khamul's Essence Leach is best used with the Kataphrakts, taking 2 hits down to one means a Kataphrakt stays in the fight, but an Infantry enemy model dies. Many times I have charged in and done no damage, but managed to use Essence Leach to win the combat.

Going forward witht he list I'll be adding some more Archers, and the Witch King on a Fell Beast, plus some useful Fortunes to make it up to 1,500pts.

Any thoughts?

Nu Fenix
24-04-2009, 00:43
It is always good to see another Fallen Realm army list, especially one built around Easterlings.

Due to the constraints placed on the distribution of the box [and other boxes], I feel it does force the army to be built in certain ways.

In an ideal world, I would advise dropping both of your Banners for more men. The reason is, when charging, the re-roll won't matter alot of the time, and the Captain can always up the roll with Might anyway, avoiding a dreaded 1. Re-rolling Panic I have found less useful, as a 1 result is the same as a 5 or less as long as your formation isn't below half strength. Otherwise, all your re-roll is doing is increasing the chance of you being Steadfast on a 6.

If the models were available, replacing the Banners for another two companies of Cohorts would be my main suggestion.

Depending on theme, and availability of models, switching the Archers into Haradrim with bows is better, as you get Poisoned Weapons for the same Shooting value and 5 less points.

When you do increase the army, whats made you pick the Witch King on Fellbeast?
I ask because others seem more fitting thematically, and from a rules perspective is it for his increased Fight and Might, plus tactical flexibility with his ability? Or is it because you like the model, as that is often the reason for its inclusion.

Including another Epic Hero who can join your units, Amdur or another Ringwraith, would be good for supporting your army, and allowing two of your units to get the benefit from increased Fight and Courage, possibly more if Amdur or certain Ringwraiths.

I personally wouldn't take more Easterling Archers, but this is because elsewhere I have commented my own opinion on shooting and how I find it sub-par, whereas boosting your melee side would never be bad.

As it is so far, I can see why it has been doing well, as I have a similar base for my 1500 point list, although I own less Kataphrakts.

26-04-2009, 21:03
Sorry about the delay in reply... I think I was swept in the outrage over the Empire Greatswords.

I take banners as I find the re-roll of charge distances very useful. The amount of times I've been 2" away and rolled a 1, and then have to sit and watch the enemy get the charge on me is very annoying.

I've chosen the Witch king for 2 reasons. I love the model, and I'm well known for failing my courage tests at a very crucial moment.

I do like my Easterling Archers, and I'll be adding a Banner Bearer and Captain to the biggest unit, that will also be 'beefed' up.

I may take either Bale fire Arrows, or give the Easterling Warriors with swords and shields the cursed armour of Urdun, defence 8 is very useful.

I may be getting my hand on some cheap Haradim plastic models, so I may have to expand into a 1,500pts Haradim force.

Nu Fenix
26-04-2009, 21:36
OT - I saw the Greatswords price and was shocked myself! You can buy them in metal currently for only a few quid more!

Back to topic - That is understandable, though since a Dragon Knight costs as much as the Banner Bearer does, you could have burnt off a Might point to make the 1 into a 2 for example. But, with this game there is no set one way to build a unit, and for that I am grateful :)

The Haradrim would be good for a flanking force, and whilst they're easy to kill, at least it means your Easterlings aren't being shot.