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Colonel Marbi Chora
24-04-2009, 06:22
Just wondered what people might think of my backstories. Currently I have written two- they seem a little too "rising star" for me, so I'm sure that when I write a campaign they'll get knocked down a couple notches.

Firstly, Inquisitor Lyrial "Signum" Necar

"Necar? He's a good man. He saved me from a life of meaningless servitude and helped me regain my honor. It's a pleasure to work with him..." - Sergeant Draco Harken, Alpheros 1st Regiment.

"Necar was, and still remains, my prized pupil. He always kept a cool head, even when everything looked bad. Nobody could ever say that he was not devoted to our lord the Emperor..." - Inquisitor Gabriel Titus

"Lyrial always had faith that he was doing the right thing. He was devoted to his cause, even to the point where he would go for weeks without speaking to his friends..." - Interrogator Estella D'angel

"Speak not of him. He's an arrogant bastard, and I'll get him someday for what he's done..." - Inquisitor Ivan Milov

Name: Lyriel "Signum" Necar
Age: 67 Terran Standard
Birthplace: Minaris, Schlachtfeld Nocturna, Belia Solar
Skin: Caucasian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Shaved (Silver)
Occupation: Inquisitor, Ordo Hereticus

Time line (By Age)

Born::: [Deleted]
5 - Admitted to the Schola Prognium after the death of Lord Necar
20 - Graduated and made Acolyte of Inq. Gabriel Titus
23 - Successfully leads a small kill-team in the essential arrest and execution of the Corrupted Cardinal [DELETED] =][=
41 - Responsible for purging of Recognator Cult
41 - Promoted to full Inquisitor Status
44 - Becomes supporter of the Amalathian Movement
47 - Disappears. Rumours abound that he has tuned traitor.
58 - Re-emerges after the victory at Betrayal Gulf, and is credited with gathering information vital to the Imperial victory.
59 - Tested for purity, and passes despite expectations
63 - Executes an anarchist sect that attempts to open a warp gate
67 - Returns to his home world of Lilith to investigate the disapperance of his brother, Lord Valiant Necar.

For many Inquisitors, their events and actions go unnoticed. One of these shadowy servants of the Emperor is Inquisitor Lyrial "Signum" Necar. Born in the late 41st Millennium, his actions are brilliant examples of an Inquisitor.

The third son of Imperial General Vulcan Necar, Lyrial spent the first five years in treatment befitting of a nobleman's son. However, the trappings of a noble life were taken away after the death of his father. Being the youngest of the family, Lyrial was condemned to a life in the army with no chance of his father's fortune. He was sent to the Schola Prognium on his fifth birthday to be trained as a political officer or soldier.

During the fifteen years that he lived at the Schola, Lyrial proved to be a bright child not unlike his father. He took to strategy games with a natural talent, and took much interest in Imperial History. He seemed destined for service in the Guard, and perhaps reaching the heights his father had reached. But it seemed the Emperor had different designs for the child, and these became apparent on no other day then Lyrial's tenth birthday.

When the Schola was celebrating their service to the Emperor, they were joined by none other than Lord Titus, Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. He took an interest in Lyrial upon meeting him, even to the point where he sat down and they played a game of regicide. The game went on for two hours, finally ending when Titus defeated Lyrial after a long game of subterfuge and traps.

Titus gave the child his blessing, and pledged to adopt him as an apprentice if he improved his skills over the next ten years. Lyrial was caught under the majesty of Lord Titus, and swore that he would not fail his future master.

Ten years passed, and each day Lyrial studied and practiced. He grew to the point where he could best the high master of the Schola in regicide in less then thirty minutes, and his swordsmanship was enough that his teacher was forced to concede bouts to him. His shooting was comparable to a trained sniper, and he continued to devour books with an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

A week before his twentieth birthday, a message came from none other than Lord Titus. They ordered Lyrial to forfeit the matches that Titus confronted him with, and to give up any hope of victory.

Lyrial was devastated by the orders, and spent the week in prayer and contemplation in the Schola's temple. When the day came, he confronted Lord Titus and challenged him to three contests- shooting, combat, and Regicide. Lord Titus immediately accepted his challenges, beginning with a shooting challenge. Lyrial barely scraped a win against Titus, and the idea that he was too cocksure and proud began to circulate the crowd that watched. This was only given more truth when he was bested by Titus in a sword duel, leaving both contestants one and one.

Only the game of regicide was left. The two men sat across from each other and began to play, using the most complicated rules and devastating traps. The contest went on for much longer then any of the previous, and finally resulted in a draw. Both Titus and Lyrial were left with only their rulers left and a large, equal pile of conquered enemies. Titus stood up from the table and offered his hand, and Lyrial took it with pride.

Within the following week, Lyrial's small collection of belongings were loaded upon Titus' private gun cutter, and Lyrial left his home for the first time. He would not return for the next forty-seven years
During his time as a servant to Inquisitor Titus, Lyrial quickly rose to his new master's favor, bypassing his colleges to become Titus' confidante. When he was only twenty-three, he was able to assist in the arrest and execution of the Apostate Cardinal …


… and was granted his Rosette at the young age of Forty-one years standard. This was decided when he demonstrated magnificent bravery in the field by running through heavy enemy fire to drag the power-armored body of Inquisitor Titus into cover. He followed this act by using not much more than a lead pipe and a pistol to avenge the critical wounding to his master. Upon Titus' deathbed Lyrial was granted his master's rosette and his blessed pistol Hellroarer. Both were symbols of Titus' might, and he passed them onto Lyrial to continue his work.

Six years later, Lyrial's future took a dim light when he disappeared during a devastating raid against the Inquisition Headquarters on Schlachtfeld Secundus. Rumors passed around that he had been behind the plot, but many were discredited as attempts to sully his name by Inquisitor Ivan Milov, another student of Inquisitor Titus. For eleven years Lyrial was presumed either traitor or dead, along with the rest of his staff.

His disappearance was marked by an upheaval of cultist activity, eventually leading up to a grand battle between chaos forces from both the system and from far places. On the eve before the great chaos assault, a heavily coded message reached none other than Lord Proctor Valiant Necar. Upon the code being broken, the high command discovered that it was a detailed report on the chaos leadership and an accurate estimation of their forces. As well as information on the enemy's power, there were fifteen different strategies enclosed to defeat the chaos foe. At the end there was a single name.


The lord commanders knew that they were heavily outnumbered and outmatched, and adopted the strategies put forth by the mysterious aide. Despite the protests of one Inquisitor Milov, they followed the plans and not only succeeded in defeating the armies of chaos, but in the death of enemy leaders and the crippling of the great enemy in the system.

The code name was kept classified until they could discover who had sent the missive. Five days after the battle, Lyrial Necar was arrested and taken before his brother and a conclave of three Inquisitors- Inquisitor Raphayel Vault, Inquisitor Mathias Faust, and Inquisitor Ivan Milov. When he was brought to court and the proceedings began, Lyrial was immediately bombarded by accusations and threats. Bearing the danger patiently and humbly, Necar waited until the day of his sentencing. When he was called to make his final statement, he stood up alone against the panel and simply said, “My name is Signum. I am innocent of all accusations, and responsible for the defeat of the chaos armada only days ago.”

The judges fell silent, looking towards the Lord General for the verdict.

All the charges were dropped, and the Lord General even stepped down from his podium to hug his lost brother.

Vault and Faust agreed to the Lord General's decision on the spot, but Milov would not be swayed. He demanded that Necar be put under severe purity tests and checks to his moral fiber.

Unable to stop the testing, the other two inquisitors remained for an entire year while Necar passed test after test. After the six-hundredth and sixty-sixth test, Necar was judged to be without taint and free to resume active duties. Since then, Necar and and Milov were deadly enemies, and it has been presumed that an assassination attempt on Necar was planned by Milov, but there was no specific evidence.

Since his testing, Necar has spent his time building up his network of agents and resources. He still spends most of his time in the field, and is currently engaged in searching for his brother, who disappeared sometime nearing the end of the 41st Millennium.

Colonel Marbi Chora
26-04-2009, 18:56
"Stubbon as hell, detailed to a fault, and always good to have in a pinch..." - Draco Harken, Bodyguard to Inq. Lyrial Necar

"Lillith? Oh, she's a fine assistant. She takes her work as seriously as I do mine, and that says a lot..." - Inquisitor Lyrial Necar, Ordo Hereticus

"Lillith? That [explicit deleted] that chased me and shot me in the leg, THAT Lillith?!" - Inquisitor Ivan Milov, Ordo Malleus

Name: Lillith Greyyes
Age: 29 Terran Standard
Birthplace: Mantra, Alpheros, D'main Solar
Skin: Caucasian
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown, usually kept in a ponytail or a bun
Occupation: Enforcer, Staff member of Inq. Lyrial Necar

Time line (By Age)

Born::: [Deleted]
7 - Sent to Saint Benedict's Military Academy
20 - Graduates and is assigned to Schlachtfeld's Enforcer Post on Schlachtfeld Minaris, and put in tertiary command of the fifteen enforcers.
23 - Taken into Inquisitor Necar's staff
29 - Assists Necar in the supression of an Anarchist cult, as well as a Slanneshi cult.

Lillith Greyyes' life has been a typical one of an enforcer of the Emperor. Born near the ending of the 41st millenium, Lillith Greyyes was the daughter to a wealthy farmer on Alpherose. Born on the outskirts of the religious center of the world, Lillith was brought up with great faith in the emperor. When she was around seven years old she was sent to the best school money and economic clout could afford, Saint Benedict's Military Academy.

Having spent her early life as a farmgirl, Lillith quickly adjusted to the military-like life in the Academy. Her hidden strength became apparent after she broke an older boy's nose in a fistfight. Instead of being chagrined, her superiors lauded her success and set her as an example for the other students. A large picture of her was placed on the walk into the headmaster's office as a prime example of a good Imperial student. This only brought hardship upon her, and she soon became used to having to fight whomever stood up to challenge her. She became reclusive, spending much of her time studying and soaking up details of crimes and investigations that the Academy's liberary had.

Slowly she lost her reputation for a brawler, and eventually the picture was taken down. When the other children noticed this they were quick to act. A gang of boys confronted Lillith in the liberary whilst she was reading a treatist on calm and strength by Inquisitor Titus, and she tried to ignore them. The largest tried to take the book away from her, but in a swift movement she had broken his wrist. Ignoring his cry of pain she returned to reading, lost in a sea of knowledge.

When she graduated at the age of twenty she was the fifth highest in her class, and undefeated in contact sports. Such accomplishments guarenteed Lillith a spot in one of the Imperium's most revered systems: The Adeptus Arbites.

Within the year's end she was sent off with a suitcase and the clothes on her back to become one of the ruthless arbites. Upon reaching Schlachtfeld she immidietly reported for duty and was signed on as a street enforcer.

She worked this job for two years, patrolling the treacherous underhive and putting her skills to the test. She proved to be adept with her shock maul, and a relativly good shot when under pressure. Lillith was finally promoted to patrol leader, but her position would soon be left behind for bigger and better things.

When she was twenty-three, the planet was visited by an agent of Inquisitor Lyrial Necar, an ex-guardsman scout known as Draco Harken. He had been sent in pursuit of an Inquisitor who had tried to assassinate Necar, Ivan Milov. The two met whilst in the underhive, both mistaking each other for an enemy. A dangerous game of cat and mouse ensued as the Enforcer hunted the Scout for about a week, finally ending when she cornered him inside an Imperial church.

They did not strike blows against one another in that holy place, and instead Harken took a risk and told Lillith his purpose on Minaris. This was exactly the kind of thrill that Lillith was looking for. It reminded her of her childhood when she read books on such adventures, and the idea of embarking on one was too much to pass up. Lillith agreed to help him, and the two formed a relationship while hunting down Milov. They were able to find his hideout and send it's coordinates to Inquisitor Necar when Milov discovered them, and scrambled the message.

Once again the pair were in a game of cat and mouse, but this time they were working as a team being pursued by death cultists from a redemptionist sect under Milov's sway. Their combined skills helped them loose Milov's forces easily and return to the Arbites Courthouse where they contacted Necar about Milov's treachery. But as they sent the message a single ship was marked departing for an unknown destination, a Rogue Trader Vessel only known as The Maiden.

When Harken left Minaris, he invited her to join Inquistor Necar's staff. Having experienced the exciting and thrilling life working for an Inquisitor, Lillith leapt at the offer and accepted. She left with Harken and met Necar, who was immidietly won over by her buissnesslike demeanor and cold appreciation of facts. She has worked with him ever since, and is often seen working alongside Draco Harken. There have been speculations that they share more than a working relationship, but as Lillith says whenever pressed on it," I have no time for such idle things, because the Emperor never waits."