View Full Version : chaos hellblade and other questions.

24-04-2009, 15:48
Alright so next week I am going to the Los Angeles GW store, and theyre holding a few forgeworld things for me, one of which is a hellblade. I know nothing about this vehicle, I dont have the apoc rulebook yet. So my question is, is it any good? How big is it(ive seen pictures that make it look like 3 inches, and others that make it look 6-7). Basically is it worth the 90$ I will be spending on it? Anything else I should be checking out for my chaos army? I have a feeling I am going to be pretty overwhelmed when I get there. (I actually live in nevada so being able to goto an actual GW store will be about once a year.)

24-04-2009, 17:24
Its closer to 8-9" long from tip to tip. Definitely not 3".
Its a flyer, and relatively cheap for one, but its largely an interceptor, good for taking out other flyers. It mounts two twinlinked autocannons, and doesn't have much in the way of options (it can take daemonic possession, but thats it). So it can be used effectively against vehicles with weak side armor and some MCs.

24-04-2009, 17:46
and it looks awesome :D

26-04-2009, 19:03
I've got one and been using it for loads of apoc games.

I've found it to be very useful, especially at its point cost, it's a steal.

In fact I love it so much I bought another one at the Forge World open day recently

26-04-2009, 19:22
How big is it?

It's 10.5'' long x 4.5'' at widest section x ~1.5'' 'deep' at the cockpit section.

Overall, it's a very cool model and one of my favourites.